Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 An Overview of the year...

And its a farewell to 2015!

As I take you though the summery of the year remember to keep your arms and legs in the car at all times....

Arms in the air! 

January -

So I started the year with a "master plan"

The Master Plan

We'll re-visit that later on!

The Scars decided to run a painting comp where you pledged x models each month and for those who don't make it get booted out of the compo. I started off with some skinnes for spectre

During the month I dusted off my 28mm French and stomped around in a huge game arranged by Ed,

And I cracked out some deadzone zombies for good measure!

February -

The month of love sent me back to school with an airbrush course over at barwell body shop and went from knowing nothing to painting a stug!

I've done a few other bits and bobs with the air brush over the year but due to me being a twilight painter I'd get bludgeoned to death by Nadine if I airbushed at night!

Feb was also the start of one of my biggest achievements geekwise with the Arab Kingdom of men kicking off,

March -

My next wave of deadzone rocked up and I added more to my enforcers,

and played the final deadzone campaign game down at the club,

April -

The dreaded month of Salute....

I took Isla over to the WMMS and even though it was a long day she enjoyed it!

I had a bit of ponder over the amount of systems that I collect as well...


The blog went dark due to the Salute project and the NDA's that I signed up for, however the result of the work was quite amazing!

The table was rammed all day funnily enough and it was requested quite a bit by different shows which I was more than happy to wander over and play the game with willing people,

May -

So after the mentalities of Salute I decided to have a chill and flex and picked up some bits from Macrocosm

I also decided to bite the bullet and tackle the Icarus for the brotherhood, I'm not normally imitated by a model but for some reason this one did?

So in the words off Ross I "manned up" and went balls deep on this one and came out on top, really chuffed how it finished up

June -

So after just about recovering from Salute it was time for expo and this was the biggie with regards to AVP pick up from prodos...

Well the less said about that the better really....

however the KOW KOM arab were rapidly gaining momentum...

and what started off as a "cool idea" turned into a monster....

The Mordhiem campaign!

July -

It started with a show over at Stafford, Not bad shame it was dead due to the weather!

Funnily enough the AVP demos were going back to back all day, and the stand that near the demo table sold out by the end of the day!

The KOW KOM army was starting to swell in numbers and Sharad was getting quite frothy about it all!

August -

Matt from Evilbear wargames put his new models up for sale and I was in there like a tramp on chips....

The mordheim campaign also kicked off and plenty of action was going down!

Also gave me an excuse to paint my lizardmen that were never gonna see the light of day as Age of Sigmar was quite franky a bullshit release,

September -

So battlemasters came round and the quality of players was insane, I got my ass handed to me every game but had a bloody good laugh, I managed to snag best painted which was really nice as well!

As a brucey bonus Ronnie from mantic wanted to see them and nicked them for an up and coming KOW supplement!

So after hardcore the arabs I took the GC out for some geek time and ended up at warhammer world,

I wasn't expecting a great deal however the displays were top notch and if you get the chance go have a look around well worth the 7 quid,

The GC liked the pretty metal mans....

I also finished off some relics stuff I had kicking around for a while,

October -

The demo team hit the Derby show like a spetnaz assault team and we cranked out a demo board within 2 weeks!

This month also bought this to my attention...

it also gave a great opportunity as I was asked by Rob if would like to paint some bits and bobs for him, the obvious answer was indeed fuck yes....

and I had great fun doing these....

Just to mix it up a bit I hammered out a Nuem force for relics as well!

November -

After far too long I managed to get a game of Antares in with Nick,

Previously we'd done quite a bit of play testing and it was nice to see the final product in full swing!

I also in a moment of madness decided to "fund" the panzer bear for Panzerfaust!

A quick trip over to Antwerp for Crisis as well for good measure!

Rob the producer of shiny things and Lee with his god like driving

We (Lee!) planned it better this time round and we got the opportunity to go to the airborne museum, the things I read and watched made me feel very very humble...

and then in true Phat cats style we had a jolly good game of cards against humanity!

The show was outstanding and the final roll out of the AVP board went down really well...

And because we are completely bonkers we did the Aliens event at the space centre which was bloody good fun!

December -

So in the traditional manner of the Anton I ran a big game of Terminator for the guys at the club and that went down very well,

in all honestly it also game me a reason for me to buy a 1/50 T-80!

I also started "another" project!

and was handed another great bit of terrain for panzerfaust!

And that's the year complete!

so lets have a look at the initial goals for 2015...

Paint up the Specture stuff,
Build a 3x3 specture table,
Finish the Hordes Everblight force,
Kings of War, Kingdom of Men Middle East theme, at least 3 units,
Crescent & Cross Saracens,
Martian Front Humans

So I managed two and crashed and burned on the rest! not a particularly good year for "goal setting" I'll give this another crack for 2016 but will concentrate on 3 things so that I can chop and change with other stuff,

But on a positive note I managed to stay ahead of the game with the pledge and really surprised myself with this one...


Painted 139
Bought 57
Difference + 82


Painted 1038
Bought 453
Difference + 585

So I absolutely nailed the 1K target I set myself in November and managed to buy less models than the previous year, in fact that's two years on the bounce I've reduced the amount that I've bought not too sure why though!

Stats wise the blog is doing fairly well I've managed an average of nearly 4K of views per month and I've not been that on the ball with updates, I need to get back into the swing of a fortnightly post really.

Systems wise it was a rock and roll year of gaming with the following coming into my possession...

Planet fall - Never played
Macrocosm - Never played
Worsung - Never played
Godslayer - Played once
Guildball - Played once
Judge Dredd - played a few times
Arcworlde - played once
Terminator - played a few times
Home raiders - not played
Frostgrave - played a few times
GoA - played a few times
Wasteman - not played

Its not a particular pleasant picture with what I'm picking up and not actually playing, maybe I'm more of a "painter" than a gamer as I do enjoy splashing paint on models and the gaming is a added bonus!

The Future... 

Well who knows!! the Anarchy will be entering the 7th Year online which isn't bad considering I started this just to track the chaos warhound!

I'm pretty much burnt out on kickstarter after a couple  of backed projects didn't quite goto plan and are either dead in the water or 12+ months overdue, I've also got boxes of stuff sitting in the attic where I've not touched the stuff that I got as "freebies"

I want to get more gaming done during 2016 and going to see a few people I've meet over the years and roll some dice outside of Leicester, so a bit of planning should be that well under way!

Painting wise I've no doubt I'll go from strength to strength with the all scars re-booting the survivor series for 2016 with loads of newbies stepping into the arena with the Anton, can they go the course though! And The Phat cats quite possibly the best gaming club in the Midlands also doing a monthly challenge but rather than simply mimicking the scars each month will be themed, and that will push me out of my comfort zone!

Any way enough rambling I've the GC to amuse with various age inappropate toys and games, So thanks for making it this far and putting up with me for the last 6 years!

The Fallen.... 

This year we lost Alpha, The boss man of the Gordon's and I'll miss our chats about anything and everything, A true gent and he welcomed me into the family like his own son.

Well it'd be rude not to put this mix in his memory!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Panzerfa├║st More terrain!

After I did the last lot of buildings that I did for Rob, It's been fairly quite on the panzerfaust front for me as I've been distracted with various other bits and bobs,

However Lee swanned into the club a couple of weeks ago and gave me something quite "special"

its a snail house! As soon as I saw this I was "ooohhhhh" with the excitement of how cool it is then I was "ooohhhhh" with how the bloody hell was I gonna paint this!

So I started with a blast of grey primer, This is now my go to primer colour, black was used for years and after a tip from Adam. well worth a try,

applied some basic colours after much discussion with Rob with the look that he was going for 

part way through the basing, 

and with the PVA still drying, it was done and dusted! 

really nice detail on the model, really simple to paint and takes washes and dry brush really well.

For some reason painting the snail house unleashed the inner terrain maker and I decided that I wanted to make some scatter type terrain for the village that was growing,

I started off with a washing line and well,

after some feedback from the guys and girls on the terrain tutor facebook page, the next line that I make will be baby wipes cloth rather than tissue paper.  The well came from dungeon saga, I had doubles of the terrain pieces so figured it was going to a good cause!

And in the usual Anton manner it kept snowballing....

I picked these up from a bargain bucket at gifts and used some of the army painter barbed wire and these were done in record time, just need to put some flock on this lot,

and it didn't stop there...

after getting some fences from rendrea I threw this lot together in a rapid turn around! 

lots of fences for various layouts

and the finished field, really happy how this has come out and as I've donated this to Rob for the greater good I "might" do another one for myself, 

So earlier this week I nipped the snail house, fences and veg patch over to Rob and I was asked to do some more bits for him which I jumped at the chance, and these were handed over...

So I've a snail breeding house to slap some paint on,

rather than simply painting it, I've posted on the Panzerfaust facebook page to see how the masses would paint it, and once I've a few selections then the one with the most votes will be chosen with Rob's blessing of course! 

and the walls that will be released as well, note the  snail shells within the wall which is a nice touch!

I did also get some other "bits" but these will follow in a later post before the end of the year ;)