Friday, 30 July 2010

Month end update July and the great debate....

Hi folks,

well another month is coming to an end and its time for the update, I managed to get a couple of sneaky bonejacks painted up that I picked up on Tuesday and popped them in the local shop on Thursday as they came out this week, I used to work for the "evil empire" a long time ago and painted new releases give people an idea than a picture on a box or a computer screen, in this case the size differance between the old school versions and what will become the "norm"

So the two ripjaws...

and the differance in size

quite a big differance personally I do like the new resin one though, good crisp detail, and dead easy to put togeather!

now the big debate is do you prefer the old or the new??  I like the new myself!

however.... I've just spotted these little monkeys....

Apart from woohoo! these are going to be awsome for my chaos/blacktemplars!! 

So onto the "pledge"

it been another tiptop month with the paint-a-thon at spencers place at the start or the month,

Bought: 31 (most of those black templar bits)
Painted : 61
Differance: +30! not bad at all!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

And normal service is resumed.....

Alrighty so my back is back on track thanks to copus amounts of pain killers and recommended regular movement..

So I decided to have a dance round a field at the weekend to various bands and ended with the prodigy blowing the place away! 

So if you loooveeee the prodigy then have a gander at this Clicky Click it'll make your hairs on your back of your neck stand on end!

So now you've had a dance around your room on with the plasic crack!

I've been a busy busy man chipping away at the last remaining orcs & goblins for the fantasty army that is yet to be played with!

So some boar boys, really nice models to paint,

And the view that I'll see!

now the spider riders where a bit of a playabout I've done most of the orc & goblin army quite dark and evil looking but for these guys I figured something a little differant was needed,

now the colours for the spider riders I've painted for some pratice and overall I'm happy with the way that they have come out,

Now Chris  popped me a text the other week asking if I fancied playing some advanced space crusade, and as I've never played it I decided to give it a pop, now I was asked to bring my chaos down so that we could proxy them as normal marines, but I realised that I actually don't have a non-legion chaos marine squad!

So after a little thinking I remembered I obtained a shag load of prebuit emporers children armed with bolters and other odds and sods, so started banging some paint on those, all I've left to do is the plasma coils on the plasma pistols and gun, and the eyes,

I picked up some ciematic effects from armourcast a while back and decided to pop it onto one of the normal marines and I like it looks quite cool but not too stupid!

Now recently a friend of mine that I've known for a while is slowly becoming intrested in the hobby and actually picked up some bits and bobs for hordes, the only previous painting that Jay has done was for flames of war (15mm WW2) and it wasn't a massive amount and was a bit overwelmed with the 28mm scale and how to paint it etc..

So I was asked to help/coach him in painting, so the first model that he decided to buy was a blitzer and a bouncer from the trollblood range, the blitzer was a bugger to put togeather, but it wasn't long before he was finished....

so most people start on a "normal" size model but not Jay dives in feet first with a huge monster! now I've always been shite at doing skin, so most of the skin was playing about and seeing what Jay liked,

now the bouncer is my eyes is much better, the skin tones and highlighting look good and the metal looks pretty nifty too, last night when Jay poped over to the shop he'd picked up some fell blades and was cracking on with them without any guidance from myself which was good, hell he'd even picked up some brushes and extra paint so that he could do them at home!

A far cry from when I told him that I "played with toy soldiers" with him giggling taking the piss and the like!! all I need him to do is pick up a rule book and the conversion to the dark side will be complete my dark apprentice!

So the question to the masses is...

Looking at what I've shown Jay so far what would be the next step in improving his actual skill or technique?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Time to sell your soul.....

Well doing my usual mooching about the net and finally forgeworld have updated there death korps any list so that it fits in line with the current guard codex..

kreig rules

now this is only the infantry list but hell its good enough for me, now this has really got my juices flowing with regards to getting some very nice models and destroying my bank balance in the process... however these little sexy monkeys are coming out...

now personally these look spot on to me and I'll admit I'm tempted to pick up the shock troopers for the rank and file and the heavy weapons etc.. from forgeworld in fact you could get a squad and then use them as unit leaders etc..

now I know I normally paint at the speed of a thousand leaping gazelles but I pulled a muscle in my back at the start of this week and its quite painful to sit down and stay still, which is a bugger as I work in an office and I enjoy painting so much! so I carn't do half of what I'd normally do hence the lack of pictures etc.. but hopefully normal service will be resumed once I'm better.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Shiney new models? Na must be the relentless......

well its been a while since I've seen anything catch the old eye on the advanced orders page for 40k and boy oh boy we're in for a real treat!

Well these are sweet as shame there £32 for 3! jesus riding a bike thats pricey!

then I spotted "traitors of chaos" I nearly jizzed in my pants thinking it was some new models for the legions but no...

The classic's re-released now its a shame you carn't get them on there own... but £20 for 4 hummm.... might have to pass on that and see what happens towards christmas aka Chaos Legion Codex, my source is telling me that plastic thousand sons and death guard are to be expected as well as the defiler is to be jigged about with? not too sure how as its a fairly off the wall model at the moment! and Mk1 landraider kinda like the forgeworld one that I picked up a while back is expected to be seen as well, now I'm gonna see what happens on this front but my source has been fairly decent so far so we'll see....

And the other mutter from the gutter is that GW are going to be doing another "blackbox" release like space hulk last year as its the year of warhammer it'd make sense for it to be warhammer quest, mordhiem or necromunda, my money is on quest though great game would shift thousands of units and its all about keeping the share holders happy! which isn't a dig at GW but makes perfect business sense!

what have you guys heard? ought or nought??

Monday, 19 July 2010

What to do....

Hey up all!

Today's post is about temptation....

you know what I'm talking about that favourite tab on your firefox is briming with websites that you mull over now and then thinking shall I, shall I start yet another army or system??

The thing that made me think about temptation is I've moved my gaming stuff down stairs so that I can get the spare bedroom ready for the mini-me, and the amount of stuff that I rediscovered was shocking, everything from a cowboy gang for legends of the old west to a biker gang for infinity that I played with once!

So after lugging stuff around today I've decided to strip back on the random systems that I've picked up over the last 14 years...

but then I find things like..

and not only is it quirky and differant but actually quite funny!

and then the bad people over at nottingham do things like....

so the question to the masses...

if you could only have one army for each system what would it be and why....

My choices would be:

40K - Chaos (no surprise there)
Fantasy - Orcs & Goblins
Warmachine - Cryx
Hordes - Skorne
Flames of war - Germans

Anton's quote of the week....
Thou shalt not refer to the Machine Spirit as "Cruise Control"

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Blood Angels & Imperial Guard Battle report

I've been playing against a chap from work called Steve for a while now and we tend to have some of the most obscure games that I've ever known, and as we had arranged a game I decided to snap a few pic's on the old phone and post up the battle report...

Now I decided to take a bit of a risk when it came to what army I was going to throw at him next and decided to dig the imperial guard out of the attic and see what would happen, So after looking at the codex a couple of hours before the game and working out how the infantry command structure actually works I came up with the following....

Company Command,
Commander with power weapon,
Regimental Standard
2 Plasma Guns
Nork deaddog

Infantry Command
Autocannon Team

Infantry Sqd 1
Grenade Launcher

Infantry Sqd 2
Grenade Launcher

Infantry Sqd 3
Grenade Launcher
Las Cannon

 Hvy Wpn Sqd
3 mortars

Hvy Wpn Sqd
3 mortars

Infantry Command
Auto Cannon
Power weapon on the officer

Infantry Sq 1
Melta Gun
Power wpn on the sarg

Infantry Sq 2

Power wpn on the sarg

Infantry Sq 3
 Grenade Launcher

Hvy Weapon Sqd
3 Las Cannons

Hvy Weapon Sqd
3 Las Cannons

Hvy Weapon Sqd
3 Missle Launchers

Hvy Weapon Sqd
3 Missle Launchers

Hvy Weapon Sqd
3 Missle Launchers

Bane Wolf

So just over 1500

Steve on the other side of the fence bought along the following..

Command Sqd
Tactical Squad with heavy plasma & plasma gun with drop pod transport
Vanguard Vets
Sanguinary guard with priest attached
Death company with jump packs
2 units of assault marines
2 dreadnoughts with plasma cannons

So as it had been about 5 years since the guard had even seen the light of day this was going to be an interesting one....

Ok so Table Quarters and Victory points... my favourite combo!

I've some badly taken pics via my phone,and the maps are explained at the end

So the set up

Yup I'd adapted the classic gun line that had served me so well back in the day, question is would it work against the flying lady boys....

First Rank

Second Rank

Third Rank

Hiding in the corner!

The "assault" group!

and on Steve's side of the board

Blood Angels Turn 1

The drop pod came down but was slightly off target and the "Lord of the Cheese" stepped out, the tac marines moved through the ruins and the dreadnoughts nudded forward and sniped at the command elements with there plasma cannons, the assault marines made a run for it and the death company did the same,

Imperial Guard Turn 1

The "assault group" advanced forward and I threw my first speedbump into the fray...  I managed to get bring it down on the dreadnought but failed to do any thing with 6 lascannons & 9 missile launchers! it didn't bode well!

Blood Angel Turn 2

So the LoC came flapping over with his wings of cheese, the van guard vets declared heroic intervention but scattered too close to the sausage sqd and died in a deepstrike mis-hap! The LoC then made them pay by kicking them all in the spuds and then moving back into cover.

Imperial Guard Turn 2

So the banewolf and infantry support moved round, and the next "wave" moved forward ready for the mincing machine to hit the gun line, I managed to immobilise and destroy the heavy plasma on one of the dreadnoughts as well, I blasted the bejesus out of mephistion and reduced him to one wound! but the world famous shooty guard army wasn't living up to the expectations that I'd hoped...

Blood Angel Turn 3

So the Sang guard decided to show up and the assault marines lept over the building ready to take on the banewolf, the command sqd at the back shuffled forward so that the priest could give the guys in cover feel no pain, and the death company leap forward, the LoC took the bait and charged the next wave and despite the banewolf needing 6's to hit two melta bombs took it down. 

Imperial Guard Turn 3

So the LoC down to one wound the gun line effectively boned I had nothing to lose and decided to go for it! so the remaining infantry sqd and the command squad decided to gang up on mephistion like a bunch of bullies in the play ground, and the infantry from the assault group made themselves ready to speedbump the assault marines and the sang guard but not before blasting them on the old rapid fire and causing nothing much apart from a laughing steve as the priest gave both squads feel no pain!, the other dreadnought finally decided to keel over and die and the LoC ripped though the command squad leaving just the boss man and nork alive! But Nork did the business and he went down finally!!

Blood Angel Turn 4

Well the assault Group was jumped on in combat and the death company hit the remaining infantry squad, the plasma guns from the tactical marines then took out the last lac cannon squad, and the last remaining assault squad decided to show up and scattered back away from the guard.

Imperial Guard Turn 4

So the Company commander and what was left got in against the death company and only the commander and his body guard walked away... a few pot shots from the missile launchers at the tac guys and that was about it really,

Blood Angel Turn 5

So the assault marines jump on top of the hill and showed the guard what Int 4 can do and the san guard took out a mortar squad, and the tactical marines shot the commanders body guard,

Imperial Guard Turn 5

The company commander moved back and looked defiant in front of his line, and the other dreadnought decided to explode after a the missile launchers shot at it again!

End Game,

So I got my ass well and truly handed to me on this on, with a wopping 11 Kill points to the Blood Angels compared to my 4,

What would I do differently? Well the Sausage sqd I would have held back along with the banewolf and let the angels come to me, also the death company wasn't using the rage rules which I only remembered whilst typing this up so Steve needs to learn his army rules!

One of the guys asked me if I enjoyed the game, to be quite honest it was a walk in the park for the angels, I need to play some warmachine really I'll have a fighting chance at that game!

Now the only reason I did this report was to test run the battlechronicler now its a good bit of kit and I like it so I'll be posting more up as I play! Give it ago you won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Time to repent.....

Well for those that know me in the flesh and follow this blog will know that I've sold my soul to chaos for a long long time now, but I've seen the light recently and decided to repent my sins and start a black templars army,

I've had a few people give me the "eye" normally followed by there no good the codex is out of date all the usual stuff, but I'm the man who plays with Eldar, Deamons & Chaos so I'm used to having sub-standard codex's but I manage to make them work (most of the time)

Now the plan for this is to encourage Spencer to get his ass into gear and paint his force and for me to have something different to paint apart from chaos as I've done quite a lot recently and fancied a change....

So I had an "idea" which normally makes my bank account scream!!

This idea involved the new blood angel sanguinary guard and one (yes one!) sword that I wanted from the sprue (I'll show you the idea at a later date once I've found the other bits) but I didn't want all of the other bits go to waste so without further ado....

You start with......

and after a bit of messing about you get.......

Ok so the legs from the blood angel box with the angel type icons removed and where needed a purity seal banged on top, front torso from the black templars upgrade box along with the bolt pistol & shoulder pads, the huge power sword and the funky jump pack from the blood angel box, and the head is from maxmini the steam knight helmet set.

I'm going to use resin bases for the whole army from dragon forge so that should put the "ohhhh" factor when people see the army and if they all go together as nicely as the assault marine then I'm onto a winner!

but the question to the masses....

Is it any good? and what would you change etc..?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Orc & Goblin update

Well once more its been a productive couple of weeks, I'll explain....

Spencer aka Spencers Blog texted me the other week asking if I fancied going round him on my days off for a painting session, which I jumped at the chance, so in the space of two days I managed to get 19 spear armed orcs done and most of the black orcs including two leaders ( which I finished off this week), so this only leaves the spider riders, the chariot and a couple of leaders to sort out and we'll be there!

So the completed spear armed orcs,

The completed black orcs, I'm going to get a couple more boxes to fill these guys out to about 20/30 strong I've a feeling that I'll be shot at quite alot before getting into combat and with the new rules of the second rank fighting I might as well make full use of it ;)

And a quick shot of what I've done in the last 6 weeks, I've even
impressed myself with this lot depending how much I enjoy 8th Ed Fantasty I might break out the high elves that I started a while back!

But onto the actual army list for the Orcs & Goblins....

Black Orc Warboss - Heavy armour, Killing blow, +1 Attack, Reroll misses & +1 strength first round of combat,

Orc Shaman - Lvl 2, +1 to cast
Black Orc Big boss - Battle standard bearer 
Black Orc Big Boss - Heavy Armour, Shield, +1 WS, Str, Int
Night Goblin Shaman - Lvl 2, Staff of sneaky stealing


Orc Boys (25) Addational choppa, Command upgrade
Orc Boys (25) Spear  & shield, Command upgrade
Goblin wolf riders (10) Spears & shield, Command upgrade
Spider riders (10) Bows, Command upgrade
Night Goblins (25) Spears, nets, Command upgrade, 3 fanatics
Night Goblins (25) Spears, nets, Command upgrade, 3 fanatics

Black Orcs - (30) Shields, Command upgrade - Banner of butchery
Boar Boys - (15) Command upgrade - Waargh Banner 
Orc Boar Chariot - extra crew

I'll need to pick up a box of night goblins, Orc boys to fill out the units, but I'm in two minds about the boar boys and black orcs...

so that little lot comes to 2900, I've a feeling that I'm going to need more core though as I've only spent 1210 points when it should be 1500 points for 50%? but we'll see once I get my hands on the rule book come Saturday, if that is the case I'll drop the black orcs to unit size 20 and the boar boys to unit size 10 that should free up some more points for some more core,