Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mantic Open day 2014

Well its that tine of year again and the Mantic open day was upon us, I decided to wander over and pick up my copy of dreadball extreme and check out any new bits and bobs that I could spot, 

I stuck my head around the door of the dreadball torney, looked nice and "snug" in there!

So the main room quite a few bits to look at,

Just because I thought it was cool!

And one of the many demo's happening though out the day

Some more popular than others

Always been tempted buy this but doesn't quite tick the box....

Mel the Terrain tutor, had a good chat with Mel and really looking forward to some of the projects that he's got planned, it was quite surreal as I watch him on you tube during breaks at work!

A different twist on Mars Attacks, really simple board however really effective looking,

and from the other end the trailers look spot on,

The USMC and the transports, Cooper picked up some of these so will be interesting to see how they look next to the spectre stuff,

the robots are quirky looking and the wrecked saucer and cars are really nice, I was talking to one of the mantic guys than they were kickstarter only, which is a real shame as they would look great in a number of systems,

huge multi levelled deadzone table,

a nice and simple racing game that gave Dan a great idea that we can do for a few shows next year

I've seen most things in my years of gaming, never a chap wandering around with a packet of crackers...

So onto the good stuff, Dungeon Saga stuff, loads of really nice models to look at,

Over all the look is really nice so I'll be looking forward to this landing summer

the infamous plastic forgefathers,

Some new 3d printed terrain, this will probably be part of the revised version of deadzone,

Dreadball extreme teams

more dreadball extreme models!

the some of the more funky mars attacks stuff

The greens for dungeon saga, really nice sculpts and should be great to paint up

Another view of the monster table,

Some of the concepts that were being shown on the day,

After painting the asterians for deadzone an army containing some of these did make me smile...

Then I spotted this, I like the top views for the shape something that breaks the norm,

the enforcers flier looked crisp as well

I've not seen this art before, maybe a hint of a future project?

And back to the real world, a deceit sized game of kings of war 2nd Ed that was played throughout the day,

the deadzone board that I've seen in various pictures, It was nice to actually have a good look at it, very nice and some thing that I'd love to have but don't have the space/patience to do.

Only one game of dreadball extreme was being demo'd during the day which was a shame as the table was consistently packed!!

Fresh off the printer absyall's and very nice they look too,

I managed to jump into a seminar and Jake was chatting about various bits and bobs, most of the questions were based around Dungeon Saga and some of the bits that Jake was talking about sounds great and I can see it being played an awful lot!

And that's the Mantic open day 2014, Thoughts on the day...

the building is far better than it used to be as its no longer derelict, however that meant that space was a premium and the amount of people wandering around made it difficult to look at the games and get involved, I think Mantic need to take a leaf out of Warlords book and upscale.

I'll more than likely go back next year if I'm given the opportunity to pick up either Kings of War second Edition or Dungeon Saga,