Thursday, 31 December 2009

Laters 2009!

Well as its the last day of 2009 I figured I'd have an update and think about what I've done this year,

So the update part first, The 1st Fire Prisim is done par the decals however the golden question is... should I put a few tradtional black lines on the hull?
I'm in two minds if I should as it looks quite nice and how on gods green earth would I do a straight line?

So the Fire Prisim....

And the last squad of the jetbikes, just some cleaning up to do on the red where I've been sloppy, the spirit stones and the decals to apply and the job's a good un!

So thinking about what I've acheived this year?

Well the biggie has to be the warhound! I'm still impressed I managed to get it painted and not be doomed to a half finished project! (like the chaos mamonth many many years ago!)

Doing over 2k's worth of nurgle what started off as a "objective" squad for the thousand sons has became its own beast on its own! including the worlds most expensive landraider!

The phoniex from the flames aka the Eldar! I've had these guys for a long long time!! and only when I asked one of the guys what would he like to play against did Saim Hann get considered, Ok so the first game was a white wash but with a little reading and talking to various people I've kinda got them sorted I just need to push them upto 2K so that I can play a good size game with them,

Warmachine, I've not played this system for such a long time and the local shop running the torney and finishing 3rd was quite good, I just need to plot my revenge against the 1st & 2nd placers ;)

And Whilst we're on the warmachine front finally getting round to getting some of the cryx painted! I need to make a huge dent in that pile of unpainted lead!

Ambush Alley, I managed to pick up the main rules all the way back in March from Salute and get most of the 15mm fellas painted for both the British Army and the insergents,

And last but not least my final year as chairman of the Phat Cats, after 7 odd years I've decided to let some else have ago at it, however how will I get my scenery fix now!

Hope you all have a nice one tonight and See you in the new year

Thursday, 17 December 2009

And they keep coming.....

Well so far I've managed to stick to my no toys till the Eldar & Chaos are finished how ever I did splash out on some new brushes I saw a review by the guys on beasts of war via you tube and they seemed quite good, So when I was down gifts for geeks I asked Ross if he could get them in and they've been out for ages!

The entire Army Painter "wargamer" range!

So Far I quite impressed with them, so will replace my aging winsor & newton brushes nicely

I've been quite productive on the eldar front and finished off the Seer Council, I've spent a little longer on these guys than the normal jet bike guardians and they alright, not too sure about the weapons but they'll do in the mean time,

Group Shot

So with this lot done the eldar now have left...

2 fire prisims
1 Falcon
6 Jet bikes
5 Vipers

so not a great deal left really, I'm going to hold fire on getting any more bits and bobs for the army for the time being as they are an alternative to the chaos boys so won't be used a great deal really.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Live from the factory.....


the 12 Jet bikes are done....

Now there is one missing I dropped the box with the flying bases and one of them broke so I'll have to dig about for a new plastic stem..

so I've decided to crack on with the seer council the last squad of jet bikes and a fire prisim that should keep me busy for a couple of weeks!

I've also decided to splash some paint on me cryx now going on how long the last lot took me this should be a walk in the park!! assuming I get time to sit and paint with all the festive drinking that'll be kicking off next week (after payday of course!)

and I found this whilst looking around on my painting area, a tzeentch lord I converted a while back but never got round to painting so I'm gonna get him finished off!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Must Resist the resistance.....

Well after sundays fab warmacine torny at gifts for geeks I've the love for the cryx once more!

I suppose the amount I painted in a such a short amount of time helped as well and they got quite a few "could I have a look" comments which always nice,

I even popped down to the new warmachine Wednesday and played a quick 450 points against a really nice chap (name I failed to find out) with his troll bloods, as he'd only been playing about a month I didn't wanna use the skarre bomb on him that would have been total filth! so I took the warwitch and and some odds and sods, I also got the chance to field a pair of pistol wraths that I've had for ages but never done anything with!

So I've splashed a bit of paint on them and all I need to do is base the little monkeys and the job's a good un!

I've also decided to try and finish off SHOCK HORROR what I've got for the following armies....


2 Forgeworld Dreadnoughts
Termi squad
Deamon Prince
5 bases of nurglings
nurgle style rhino - pretty much like the successful landraider

Saim Hann...

3 squads of jetbikes
the council of dooommmm (farseer & 5 warlocks)
2 fire prisims
1 Falcon
4 vipers

Now this is the intresting part I'm going to TRY and hold back on buying anything until these bits are done! With the looming nid codex coming up this might be a problem! however lets see what I can get banged out in the meantime!

I'm gonna crack on with the 12 jetbikes that are "nearly" there then see what takes my fancy after that!

So the Pistol Wraths....

I tried to keep it quite dark as the army as a whole is basicly undead i.e. not nice people!

I started these on Monday night (I think) and got them done quite quick, they look good for table top and I'm happy with that!!

Stay tuned... Can Anton stick to his guns and resist the urge to buy more models?

Saturday, 28 November 2009

And now for something "differant"

So its been a while, and I've been cracking on with the my Saim Hann eldar army,

I've managed to get a squad of 6 guys done, and neary another 12 straight off the back off it,

How ever I was reminded by Ross on Tuesday of the looming warmachine torney this coming sunday! Well out the window goes the eldar I'd best get my butt in gear for the torney!!

So decisions decisions..... Khador or Cryx....

I went with Cryx.....
Reasons you might ask?
1, I've not used them for ages.... there a good laugh to play with
2, I've a 7 min time limit per turn I need some thing simple(ish)
3, They have some of the dirtiest combos out there....

So this is what I'm taking....

2x Nightwretch
Necrotech & 2 scrap thralls
basic unit of bane knights
basic unit of bile thralls

only problem was that the Necrotech wasn't painted and I didn't even have the bane knights or the nightwretch's!! I picked up the missing bits from the shop and finished sticking them thursday night, sprayed them friday morning and tada! the army is done!! 6 knights 2 bone jacks and a single chaps in about 4ish hours not including fag breaks and general loafing around!!

so enough whaffling onto the pics....

The Family Shot

Bane Knights, lovely to paint, bastards to stick togeather!

2 of the three bone jacks, I might do the green engine glow on the nightwretch (thats the one on the left)

The Pirate Queen herself, with the best weapon in the game... Great Rack! LOL

Skarlock, when this was released a long long time ago the fluid motion of the model was brillant!

the legendary "4 hour" bane knights!! from undercoat to based!

bile thralls, these guys WILL ruin your day!

the scrap thralls I did ages ago but not the Necro tech...

and thats ya lot, I'll see how this lot goes down on sunday should be a giggle, well for me anyway I might get moaned at alot for what these little buggers can do ;)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Path of the Seer is a dark road....

Well I've been doing something that Ive been advised not to do many many times before... Thinking!!

After the shocking game against the guard with the Flying Elven Circus (known now as FEC) and spending many many minutes looking at blogs to do with these toughness 3 hells angels, it seems that more is less?

Right one converted Farseer with his mates,

the "family shot"

The boss man himself, dead easy conversion for Farseer Buck and his buddies...

Shining spears upper bodies,
Shining spears exarch pole thingy for the back of the bike
the sword arm on this chap was from the autarch
and thats it!

Looking out side it appears that the powers that be don't want me to get these painted as the weather is pants! I might have to deploy the brolly!

So HQ for FEC is now...

Farseer  - Jetbike (doh!) Doom, Guide or fortune? not sure
Warlocks x 5 Jetbike, 2x singing spear 2 witch blades (one not sure about), Powers are.. 4x destructor 1x enhance

points wise no idea but it'll be pricey!

now I didn't think of this myself! and add that with the fantastic blogs/tactics from  (some real dirt on this one!! jesus wept! LOLOLOL)

I'm sure my next game will be much better and I might actually be able to make Chris sweat! aka suneokun which is Chinese for "I love mortars" you've never guess it ;)

any way before I go off on one of my sarcastic but harmless tangents the Pimped up ride for Typhus is nearly done! as long as I can keep away from COD MW2 I'll be fine but it is bloody good!!

Overall I'm quite happy with it I didn't want to screw it up and all that but after the success of the titan I decided to go for it and the conversion part of the land raider I did to chill out after work, I don't feel its OTT but just enough to prove that its nurgle!

If anyone knows of any decient "how to greenstuff" site then point me towards them, I want to work out how to do screaming faces onto flat surfaces as jolly and nice as that sounds! LOL this might be for my Slannesh  eldar!

I still need to the little bits like the eye's where the lights are and finish off the weathering around the tracks but thats a 5 min job if that!

Cheers for reading!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Feel the RAGE!

Now normally I'm quite a jolly guy who kinda lets life just roll along and all that kinda stuff however sometimes when it comes to gaming it doesn't always go to plan!

Lets use tonight as an example.....

Campaign night down gifts for geeks, Myself and Ross playing as chaos against Jack & Mark with Marines & Guard, it all started going wrong when I managed to kill my own bikers in the first two turns as the went flying  across a trench line with a multiude of ones being rolled by myself!

Ok that was wounding but surely that would be the end of my bad luck?

No was the simple answer to that!
The missle launchers from the havocs shooting frag went all over the place again some nicely packed guard weapon teams, I was trying to let that go and now worry too much about the return fire and thought well the good old vindicator will slot a few mofo's for me...

But lady luck was having none of it and decided to scatter miles away from what I'd shot at!

and the bad rolls kept coming!!

Now the question is how do you keep your spirits up when everything you touch or roll goes tits up?

Monday, 9 November 2009

Well I’ve been slacking good and proper after my recent paint-a-thon, I’m gonna blame it all on Jay for sorting out the xbox live thingy for me!!
However I’ve managed to get the landraider done and dusted so just over a fortnight to go from half stuck together to fully painted is not bad at all,
All I’ve got to do is weather the tracks and I’m thinking of getting some of the MIG pigments so I can do some rust effects on parts of the landraider, i.e. use it as a test bed ready for the nurgle style rhinos that I’ll be getting to give the army some speed!!.

I'll get some photos up soon once its all done
In the meantime I’ve got the following left…..
2 squads of death guard
2 dreadnoughts
1 deamon prince
5 nurgle terminators
1 nurgle sorcerer
I’m so close to finishing what I’ve got I can smell it!! And it’ll be the first time ever that I’ve managed to get all my stuff painted without buying more stuff!!
So the whole army will look something along the lines of….
Deamon Prince, Mark Of Nurgle, Wings, what ever power is funky!
Chaos Terminators 4 man squad 3 champions with lighting claws, 1 normal bloke with heavy flamer, mounted in a landraider
Chaos Terminators 5 Man squad 1 with Reaper autocannon, the rest with various weapons
Chaos Terminators 5 Man squad 1 with heavy flamer, the rest with various weapons,
(I would like to get the two terminator squads mounted in landraiders but at 70 odd quid for each landraider I might have to pass on that!!)
Chaos Dreadnought
Chaos Dreadnought
Deathguard 7 man sqd x2 flamers & Powerfist champion
Deathguard 7 man sqd x2 melta’s & Powerfist champion
Deathguard 7 man sqd x2 Plasma’s & Powerfist champion
Deathguard 7 man sqd x2 Melta’s & Power weapon Champion
Deathguard 7 man sqd x2 Melta’s & Power weapon Champion
Deathguard 7 man sqd x2 Plasma’s & Power weapon Champion
Deathguard 7 man sqd x2 Plasma’s & Power weapon Champion
(now I know I’ve one two many squads for the normal 6 troop choices so I might disband one squad and bulk the others up to 10 a piece)
Fast Attack
Nothing!! So options:
I’m thinking of here is bikers with the mark of nurgle taking then up to toughness 6! The forgeworld conversion pack and some random bits and bob sound work grand!! I’ve even been looking at the ork bikes to use as chaos bikes as 10,000 years in the eye of terror you not gonna have “standard” looking bikes! Or doing death guard surfing on a wave of nurglings, think of pirates of the caribbean when the black pearl is going through the desert!! But I might have to look at making a master model for that and casting them up for personal use only of course!
Heavy Support
Havoc Squad 5 man with 4 melta’s
It’s a tad light in this section so again not too sure maybe some predators a nice opportunity for some funky conversion work or some of the forgeworld droney things they are classed as heavy support with death guard in the army but not sure if they’d be any good but would be something different! 

so once this lot is done and dusted, I'm thinking of getting my khorne done and dusted! I've loads of berserkers!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Going in country...

Well its been a strange few days,

I've managed to run out of Tin blitz and as I tend to do most of my painting late into the evening I've put the landraider on hold, but it's looking nice so far though,

My xobox is online thanks to Jay and his "real mans" drill! so if you wanna play gears 2 or operation flashpoint dragon rising then my gamer tag is evans970

I was having a mooch about on tabletop wargaming news

and came across battlefront are going to be doing 15mm 'nam rules/range, this is a breath of fresh air for myself as I picked up some flashpoint rules and models ages ago but the company ceased production so that was the end of that!

but with this little lot coming out should be intresting times!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Back to normal size models....

Ok, so the titan is done and I'm trying to resist the tempation to pick up some more forge world stuff or a new box of models as I tend to do a completey new army or system!!

I wandered down the Club last night as I'd arranged to play Ben at Privateers Press Monsterpocalypse, I'd picked up a started set and a couple of boosters and got a fairly balanced mix of stuff I could use.

I'd read the rule book on the throne (as most gamers do! Hell one guy I know even has dice to he can test load outs for various systems!) and got the general idea of what was going on,

The game itself is quite a good laugh and I ended up throwning Ben's Monster into a nuclear powerstation and watching him melt!

If you can look past the collectable factor of the game its a nice pick up and play for a break from the doom & gloom of there is only war!

Since cancelling my World of Warcraft subscription (shock horror to those that know me!) I've been on a painting-fest and managed to pump out some more death guard that I'd half started a while back,

Family shot, This is the second squad that I'd won from that ebat auction ages ago!

Who'd thought it a chaos marine with an orky weapon looks cool! 

Converted Flamer, two in this squad done very clear I might add!

The rear with his tanks of dooommm.....

Powerfist welding champion

 Detail on the banner, I've never been any good at free hand but this'll do!

Whilst waiting for the inks to dry I was having a bit of a nose around in boxes and the like and found the landraider that I'd bought for typhus, the old grey matter kicked in and it wasn't long before I was rooting through the various bits boxes that I've got.

I wanted the landraider to look nurgley how ever I didn't want it to look stupid! and my personal view on spikes is that too many look shit!

Since these pic's have been taken I've added some green stuff to it to make it look a bit more deamony but kept it quite low key as my green stuff skills are basic, I'm toying with the idea of using some razorwire that I found and putting to the left of the main las cannons kinda like an anti-infantry thing and for something differant??

Anyway I'm gonna move my car before it gets a parking ticket!