Sunday, 8 April 2018

Chillcon & The pledge!

Well once again the Leicester Phat Cats were on the road bringing models to the masses and in this particular case it was Chillcon Sheffield,

So this was the second year of the show and we were kindly invited back up. This time round we managed to snag two tables and with Lee and Pete running Blood and Plunder on one table and some of the guys from the Phosphex Party running a 30K on the other.

So the 30K boys doing the windmill with the about 2k's worth of man dollies! 

Gentlemen start your engines.......

Stay in formation and follow my lead.... 

So whilst the 30K table was blowing the crap out of each other on the other side you had Lee once again doing the business with his stunning looking table. 

A selection of flags that Pete did for Lee's ships, for some reason Jihadi Ali has a particular fetish with these? 

So it wasn't just the Phat cats two tables, the variety of games was really good with something for everyone!

A very British civil war game using the black ops rule set

8th Ed 40K 


Horizon wars, didn't get a chance to really look at this but it had mechwarrior style robots! 

now this one was breath taking, a massive walking dead table the attention to detail was mind blowing! 

I had a really good chat with the guys running the table and they were really sound guys! 

In the second room this one drew my eye straight away mainly due to the massive Gargant in the middle and as I'm waiting for the Ork codex this made me a little hard! 

the theme of the game was a deathrace orky themed game where each player is given a kit and they convert it up as the see fit and then arm it to a home grown rules pack, 

some historical type stuff didn't really get in to see who was slapping whom

The next table to that I was "oooohhhhh" was the madmax type game, the car conversions were mind blowing! 

this reminded me of Freeway fighter cover, I bloody loved it and the game quite rightly got game of the show! 

Some SLA action going on, can't wait for this to rock up, Still waiting on the KS rule book sadly!

again another table that looked superb! 

a great looking sci-fi table again not sure on the system but the overall look was good. 

And the usual "haul" not a massive amount as I'm trying to cut back on too much random crap, I've a feeling that Salute this weekend will be similar! however I'm going with only a couple of items that I'm looking for so god knows what could happen!!  

So onto the Pledge!


Bought 43

Painted 50

Differance +7

its a postive but thats all matters! I've been blasting through necrons with the release of forgebane I've managed to snag a number of the necron half of the box, basicly I'll never need any more wraiths or immortals!