Saturday, 31 October 2015

Relics Nuem & Monthly round up

So October has been another busy month paint wise, and mental gaming wise!

Painting wise apart from the bits I've done for Rob I've managed to finish off my Nuem force for relics, finish off the Ramos starter set for malifaux and do a Bahaus starter set for warzone, I did mange to lose a trooper some where so no doubt he'll turn up some where!

I decided to paint the Nuem in a colour scheme that I've not seen before that wasn't the usual metals and bronze either, I've had a few people compare them to knorne colours and I suppose I can see where they are getting that idea from but it didn't cross my mind when messing about with them in the begining.

 I've also managed to get finish off my Ramos crew and hopefully will be getting a game in at Weekend Warlords at some time in the future, no idea what I'm doing with these but I'm sure I'll pick it up fast!

Also to add into the end of the month I've got the endo's sorted out for terminator so that I can playing games of this in the new year,

So onto the pledge...

Bought - 20
Painted -86
Differance +66

Another banging month and managed to survive another month in the Surviour series! No idea what to plan for Nov as no doubt work will be busy and with Crisis in the first week it could be a busy month with picking up various odds and sods

However its could be some Arcworlde stuff that I picked up....

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Panzerfauste - Survival of the migets...

With the Panzerfaust kickstarter entering the final fortnight, I was chatting to Rob and we arranged a playtest of the mass battle rules over at Lemington Spa gaming club.

After doing the usual Anton and getting slightly lost and driving around for a while giving myself a tour of Lemington Spa, its a lovely place with great looking buildings!

I'd managed to have a read through the initial draft of the rules...


and most of it made sense so I was looking forward to actually getting some geek time in and trying out the rules,

as an added bonus Rob blasted me a copy of the initial draft with nation rules so I have a very quick mooch at these before getting to the club, as a first draft Rob's really been burning the midnight oil with these and has made great progress, when they are ready I'm sure Rob will release these to the masses!

I'd heartily recommend giving the basic rules a try and sending some feedback over,

So the Dwarves and the Gnomes were going head to head, 

The terrain looked spot on so was happy with the overall look, 

Rob kindly dug out his original panzerfauste models for us to use, and I've never seen them close up and they looked spot on, really well painted,

We tried out a few race rules which gave a distinct feel to both sides, and the gnomes dug in within cover were real tough cookies to shift! Which basically involved me swearing at them alot!

so the mighty Grenadiers advanced towards the Gnome lines, movement being in CM was a bit weird to start off with however I soon got used to it and wasn't a problem at all,

Terrain is handled quite easy with light cover giving a -4 off you movement and -2 to ranged shooting, heavy cover is -8 off movement and -4 to shooting so nothing too taxing on that front,

It wasn't too long before shots were being exchanged between the two forces, and with being able to pre-measure none of the guessing if you are in range is needed.

I did have a little trick up my sleeve and deployed the fallschirmjager on a pre arranged turn three, however rather than the usual deep strike / rapid deploy these crazy nutters come in on a condor...

A pretty good landing...

And yep that's a paper air plane! superb little rule and was a good laugh! 

The squad deployed and gunned down a unit of gnomes, however it was at a cost as a brute unit was quite close and it wasn't long before that strode in and started giving the FJ a kicking!

as part of the end of turn sequence each squad makes a guts roll and depending on certain situations that occurred during the turn this will give positive or negative modifiers for the roll,

If you pass then all is peachy, If you fail then your guts roll will drop by one point and this in turn will affect your guts save, (this is roll 2D6 and get under your guts to see if you survive the hit, some weapons have anti-fodder so you take the number off your guts and roll under it) if you fail and its a critical failure then your guts drops by two!

With the amount of fire and casualties that the gnome unit took from the FJ they decided to head back to the pub and did one! the following turn ironically enough this happened to the brute and his guts dropped to a reasonable 7! the one sided fight suddenly looked alot better!

so whilst the FJ were tieing up the right flank the rest of the infantry continued to march towards the gnome gun line, a few bits were starting to drop from various units on both sides until the dug in gnome unit opened up and I couldn't roll a guts save and lost five out of seven hits that I took!

As the unit had took an exceptional amount of damage I was lucky enough to have the commander within the unit and managed to pass my guts roll!

Time was not on our side though and we had to wrap up the game however various bits within the rules were ironed out and suggestions were taken on board, I'll look forward to the next session,

Massive thanks to Rob and Allan for the session!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Panzerfaust terrain painting guide - Mushrooms & houses!

When I was over at the Derby show earlier this month I was asked by Rob if I could some terrain for Panzerfaust and gladly agreed,

I was given a bag full of mushrooms and four buildings to sort out and thought I'd do a "how to" as I was going to try and paint these without the use of an airbrush unlike my last lot of mushroom terrain.

So the raw materials that I was handed...

These are test casts of the buildings that will be up and the right hand one is unlocked at 25K,

a ton of bits via fenris models, lovely to work with.

So I washed the resin and stuck them onto 50mm bases, the inserts are from warbases that I've used before, really useful as you can have a variety of terrain that you can swap out buy simply buying 50mm bases and sticking what ever you like on them just base them the same!

I had some ebay specials turn up as well and will fit in nicely and give it a bit of variation!

So onto the guide to painting a ton of mushrooms with minimum effort!

I started off with a grey car primer that I get from halfords, I use this as my go to primer after a suggestion from Adam on mountain of metal painting studio

I then gave it a quick coat of army painted bone, now the trick to this is not to "undercoat" but to dust coat it building up the layers, so that the spray hits the model in a direction that keeps the grey in the shadows.

I then did a light coat of white, then got some blu-tac made these into balls and simply stuck them on the mushroom, remembering that where the blu-tac is placed will be where the while will remain, I'm sure you could use round stickers if you wanted smaller spots.

I then sprayed with army painter red from the top of the mushroom so that I don't get too mush over spray on the stalks

then its just a case of simply removing the blu-tac and adding the detail, I did this by painting the spores and cracks with a off while and then simply doing a green wash,

however at this point I hadn't given the stalks a soft army painter wash,

so a couple of hours work of work and they were sorted, Rob was happy with them so all is good!

It was then onto the houses that I'd been asked to do, I started with a grey undercoat, then a bone covering for the base coat of the plaster

I started with sponge painting the big surfaces them grabbed a cheap brush and stippled and dry brushed the walls,

Then it was onto the details and start making it look weird and pretty at the same time!

Isla well being Isla wanted to get involved as well and I gave her the bases for the mushrooms to keep her amused!

So after a bit if a hardcore session I managed to to get the buildings to a reasonable tabletop standard, The way that I did the white spots on the mushroom roofs was I cut a three different circles int a bit of paper and simply sponged the area then once it was dry gave it a touch up with a normal brush and it was sorted! 

So with some basing done I simply had to wait for them to dry and I could deliver them!

overall the building are really nice, solid resin so gamer proof however no idea on the price point as it currently stands.

I'd told Rob that he was 9 stands short of the bases that he'd given me so I got these on the when I arrived,

so exactly the same based up and all that jazz, however I was going to simply matt varnish seal them give a soft wash and then simply base, however Rob wanted me to do the same as the previous batch so it was a rinse and repeat,

the only thing that I did differently was I used frog tape Frog tape to cover up the stalks as the red would be going all over the place.

And that's it nice and simple, the masking and blu-tac takes a little while but the finished result is well worth it.

The golden question is what other colours would you think would look good?

Friday, 9 October 2015

Panzerfáuste - Kickstarter is GO!

A while back I was talking to an old friend of mine Rob and mentioned a personal project that he was working on that caught my attention....

So after explaining what it was about I knew if this ever hit the streets I'd be on board from the get go, Time passed on by and pictures started to appear of the models that were going to be released...

yep that's right WW1/2 with a fantasy twist, the whole idea of British orcs made perfect sense, and this had me hooked from the very beginning. Then if that one image wasn't enough more and more started to appear...

But is wasn't just the orcs that floated my boat, the Gnomes and Dwarves were looking very very cool indeed!

Prior to the kickstarter going live I kept my ear to the ground with regards to any info I could get on this up and coming system and discovered that it was developed by a couple of chaps called Steve & Matt a fair few years ago with a skirmish level of gaming and a few months ago this episode of chilling wargamers appeared on my feed....

So getting my head around that I was watching Rob on the internet the amount of info that Rob gives is brilliant and a good overview of what the plans are for the future.

I found the e-zine on the website and had a read of that, and discovered a stripped down version of the skirmish rules, so go have a read.....


this only fuelled my geek fire and whilst I was waiting I was already thinking of a demo type board that I could come up with, after some brain storming with Mr Smith a trench board was decided upon and it would involve the Orcs commandos raiding the Dwarves command bunker.

However I'll be posting more on that later once I've managed to get some progress on that.

So if you've got to this point and are still reading head on over to the kickstarter page and have a mooch at what is going on, and its funded so its stretch goals all the way now!


My biggest dilemma is what faction to go for as I liked all of them! 

so in the words of the beastie boys.......