Wednesday, 30 September 2015

End of month update - no more bloody arabs!

Well its been a banger of a month!

finishing off the KOM Arab army for battlemasters earlier in the month, the after the madness of finishing those guys off I've been mooching about and painting stuff that I've had kicking about for a while.

I was going to jump straight into another fairly big project with either lion rampart Koreans or bolt action Japanese, however I didn't have the energy to paint another big army batch style so I've been doing the following bits...

So I picked up some more warzone starter sets burning the demo credit that I had earned though all that hard work! 

But to get the motivation of painting some warzone was waining, so I set up a "pledge" on the warzone page using the same kinda format as the one on the mantic madness page and managed to get a few people on board and the work that has been produced has been fantastic!

the new cybertronic infantry are so much better compared to the old guys, all I've got to do is sort out the 2 Diana's and they are sorted! 

whilst I was in warzone mode I did a test paint for the Bauhaus and these are superb models, so I'm looking forward to getting some paint on these guys next month, I'll be going for a snow style base so that'll be something that new I've never done before! 

Over on the relics facebook page they have a monthly painting compo and I've used that to finish off the last bits of my Brits and start on some more the the Nuem, I'll do a separate post with the nuem once I've done a few more bits and bobs, 

Other bits that I've worked on was some malifaux stuff, I picked up the Ramos starter box ages ago and played a game over at dice devils and this has ignited my passion for malifaux I've played bugger all games and I figured a starter set would be the perfect place to learn the rules and suss out the crew.

the models were a right pain in the arse to stick togeather, but they are worth it! So I'm hoping to get the other bits done from the box set in the next couple of weeks

So onto the pledge...

Bought - 5 models!
Painted - 132

Difference + 127

an absolutely stonking month for the pledge so as I'm now approaching the end of the year looking back on the last 8 months I've only had one month that I've not finished in the black.

Averages are looking great so far -

bought - 38.2
painted - 73.4
difference + 32.5

and actual totals are looking mind blowing...

bought - 344
painted - 734
difference + 390

All is good in the world of the Anton!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Warhammer world - Road trip with the GC!

A couple of months ago during the summer holidays I decided to have a proper daddy & daughter day at warhammer world, I've seen plenty of pics from around the net so thought it would be a good day out,

I took a load of pictures and could have spent hours in the place.... 

The rhino went down a treat! 

first things first into the bar for lunch! 

and managed to get the GC to take a rare picture of me! 

so after pudding we hit the model halls, the GC got in for free I handed over £7.50, 

the big displays were superb and bought memories of past games days flooding back, bearing in mind that most of the game days that I attended as a staff member I was either badly over hung or in most cases still half cooked! 

Soooo many models! 

I found the 30K stuff and the third legion still holds a place in my heart.. 

So that hive tyrant... 

is in the top left corner of this pic... 

when I saw this I was grinning from ear to ear! 

I really liked these guys, not really looked at them before, nice sculpts and as expected painted very nice! 

well it'd be rude not to take some pics of the angels,

The GC was constantly on the move so much visual stimulation to take in! 

all the big boys toys! 

eyeing up the guard display.. 

out of all the knights this one took my fancy colour scheme wise

and I thought the guard pictures were cut and pasted.... 

we went into another room and was presented with this! 

the scale of the display was mind blowing! 

this was my personal best... 

models everywhere! 

so after that it was the turn of the Eldar... 

The GC discovered the necrons and was well impressed!! 

and wanted them all apparently... 

I remember looking at the chaos fighters and bombers many a time on the forgeworld website but didn't realise they were this big! 

tons of sexy orks! 

nice shanty town, black hawk down type table 

the angels take on the necrons, and yep the GC went bonkers! 

various "little" displays 

some real classics were on display, 

I remember looking at this one for ages as a kid wishing I could paint/convert to this scale and after all that time it still looks brilliant 

so some quick room shots for an idea of how much stuff is actually in the model rooms

a tad batter than mine! 

The GC getting up close and personal! 

and helping me take pictures.. 

as lizardmen are my chosen faction for AoS, I've snapped these for reference however my paint scheme will be different,

the price of a small car... 

the yellow must have been a motherfucker to paint! 

I've always like the eldar titans, from back in the day when I used to play epic! 

and the AoS display as the game had only been released a week of so before the models were from the basic box set, still looked impressive! 

the golden deamon winner for 2015?

and the open category winner!

so over all it was a cracking day out and the new lay out is great, if you have young kids or big kids then its a nice geeky day(ish) out however the ticket price for the model entry is a tad high, fiver sure 7.50 humm...

the other good thing was that the black library and forgeworld shop had loads of stuff out and it looked like every type of forge world model was there to pick up, without the bonkers postage! 

however I was surprised that you had people playing in the main hall with unpainted models, would have never happened in my day!