Friday, 22 May 2015

Warzone Icarus ready for deployment....

As soon as the Icarus was available for order from prodos it was in the shopping cart and paid for you could blink....

When the model rocked up I was really happy with it and couldn't wait to get in on the table and strafing the unwashed masses, however I wanted to have it painted though and that's where I hit a slight snag as I wanted a certain look for the Icarus.

And in the usual Anton manner it was Russian inspired... 

The snag that I had was how to achieve the clean lines, and that inspired me to sign up for the airbrush course earlier in the year. However its taken me this long to get my ass into gear and actually attempt the model,

so I started with a base coat of grey and used some painters masking tape and cut it up into random shapes.

Once I'd done that I blasted it with some red,

and did a rinse and repeat on the masking,

I blasted it with some black,

I whipped off the masking tape and was actually surprised it worked! I'd basically blagged the masking and some how pulled it off!

some blue on the underside and detail of the metal bits,

A quick blast of soft tone and some decals added give it that finishing touch,

Overall I'm really happy with the finish on this model and the colours tie in with the rest of the army nicely, All I've got to do now is wait for the rules for tank war type battles and hopefully I can field these bad boys in squadrons of three!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Macrocosm - The Malignancy

A month of so ago one of the guys that work for tor gaming started putting up pictures of a model line that he was going to produce as a sideline business/hobby.

The models themselves interested me as rather than CAD designed stuff that is dominating the market place at the moment these guys are "traditional" sculpted which gives the models a different feel when you look and paint them, they don't feel as "clean" as the CAD stuff but that's the pull towards to them for me.

The other thing that appealed to me was that the rules are free to download and that's always a winner for me!

so go check out the stuff on the website, Chris & Andy have just released a faction called the Digger Corp which looks a little like an old range from back in the day ;)

So anyway onto the bits that I've painted up..

I started off with a test model as I was a bit unsure of how to do these guys,

so with that sorted, I blasted though the rest of the guys in no time at all!

The only issue I've got now is trying to get a game in, and as this is a brand new game and the range is quite new I'm going to struggle to find an opponent, So I'm going to go down the usual Anton route and pick up the other faction so I can intro people into the system and see if I can get some people interested.

The other thing that has got me thinking is the terrain that would be used for this kind of world, and I'm thinking of using the deadzone stuff that I've got up in the attic.

As usual C&C welcome and more importantly do you play this system and what do you think to it?

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Post Salute recovery & How to paint aliens for AVP

So after a mammoth painting month for salute I decided to have a bit of a chill from painting as you'll see from the pledge later at the bottom of the pledge,

So I managed to crack out 110 alien models and this was my technique...

So I recommend putting a good film on and have that in the back ground whilst you do the construction, and ironically I went through Aliens, AVP, AVP2 and debbie does dallas ;)

 Spray the model black,

Dry brush necron compound

Also batch paint this will save you oodles of time!

Simple give the models a wash of dark tone and if you not happy with the tone then wash it again!

Base how you see fit and away you go!!

On the infants I used gloss varnish on the heads to give a bit of difference

So the whole lot in all its glory...

The Predators that I used for the salute table were kindly painted for me by a chap over at the Dice Devils and what a superb job he did!

So onto the "pledge"

Bought - 30
painted - 80
Difference + 50

I'll painted for the back of Feb and most of April was Aliens, I was surprised that I wasn't sick to death of them though by the end I just wanted to paint a different colour!

So whats on the table?

well I picked up a starter set for Macrocosm for the Malignancy faction ( )

so that's currently being done for the May pledge for the survivor series, The other thing that is on my table is a Mortan warband for godslayer.