Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mean while back at the ranch.....

Well its been a while, I know that as Spencer reminded me earlier this week ;)

So its gonna be lengthy one!!

get you self a brew, bang on some tunes and relax.....

So I've been up to all sorts since the last update, got a few ebay bargins as I do in the form of some more plague bearers for the deamon army I'm starting to build up and a greater deamon of Nurgle.

I've always liked this model but wasn't too sure how to approach it with regards to the painting side of it however with the new inks its going to be a walk in the park,

I've finished the rest of the death guard in power armour so that takes me to a whopping 7 troop choices, and the terminators are now done giving me 15 in total, and I got the deamon prince done so its been fairly productive month!

any way on to the shiney pictures.....

Group Shot, couple of combi weapons in there for good measure,

And then onto the Deamon prince, the model has come out quite dark and I'm not too sure on the head, but I tried to make it contrasting compared to the dark wings,

So work in Progress....

Looking quite nice so far, not too sure on the actual postion of the model on the base, but that was the best I could do so I could get the chains on the base as well, mainly for transporting the model.

And I'm doing these at the same time, nice and easy I'll get em finished by the end of the month, assuming the flash games on facebook don't distract me too much along with warcraft as well!! (and the xbox!)

As the nurgle part of the chaos marine army is coming to an end, I've started looking at the Slannesh side of life, I'm thinking of a "porn" heavy army i.e. naked shit and naughty looking models! LOL

I'll start with a sorceror with the Lash, and a jump pack, now I'm thinking the raptor jump pack, the one that looks like the film rocketeer...

for that "pre-heresy" look, then I stumbled across.....


now these come in packs of 5, and you get the flamey bits to stick on the bottom so could be quite cool, THEN I found these....


now they look a little "eldarish" however the pipe bits could fit into a marine look no worries, so I've a few choices to from which is nice, compared to buying a £35 squad for one jump pack, or going ninja-stylee on ebay!

other bits and bobs that I'm going to be using for the noise marines are..

now these look fucking wicked!! I might email the bloke and ask him if he has any mis-casts that he needs rid of as 10,000,000 years in the warp you gonna look a tad "distressed"

combining these with parts of the spawn sprue and after talking with Chris on Tuesday night I've a fairly good idea how to make tenticales so that rather than the usual hands/arms holding the weapons it'll be more of a "possessed" look.

Then I started thinking about introducing a few "normal" marine squads into the army, with a little work you could use these as skattarri? the forgeworld body guard guys that appear in the books,

or bang a few of these on some standard bodies...

and use them as the seige breakers Iron Warriors, comparing the heads to..

they'd fit in quite well just need to bulk up the armour maybe using teminator should pads or something?

I was mooching about on Chris' own blog the other day and reading his thoughts and feeling on the new 'nid codex, now I've not played against them yet so I don't have any first hand experiance, but I'm already looking at what I can do to ajust my own army so that that it can have at least a fighting chance of holding my own,

nothing really "concerns" me but the actual speed of the army is quite imposing along with the fact that the mawloc can deep strike and units in reserve can come from his hole of love!

Now I have found some intresting bits within the codex which I will be remembering...

Nid's don't get bonus's for fighting with an addational combat weapon combine that with the blight grenades of the death guard or tau-tasic fire warriors defensive grenades and they attack at base stats.

Synapse has been reduced to 12" so pop off the big boys and the little critters have a chance of monging out or crazy charging your army!

You need a hive tyrant with hive commander to get one unit to outflank, drop him before the flankers have arrived, then he loses his +1 to reserves an would the flankers have to come on as normal reserves? who knows on that one??

The iniative of some of the bigger stuff is really low! and combing that with jaws of the world wolf you'll be seeing a lot of stuff coming off the table if you roll high!

Noise marine champion in a noise marine squad with a Doom siren and a power weapon with some sonic blasters make a mega shooty unit that has I5, blast them with the assualt setting on the the sonic blasters 8 shots the flamer template from the siren, then assault said unit and you'll get 12 attacks from the normal guys and 4 from the sarg.
Not bad for 165 points ok so you could take berzerkers, +1 Int & S on the charge if you don't wipe out the unit in the first round of combat then your gonna stuck there for a while!

so on to the model count!!

for the month so far we've got....

Bought                      Painted
  41                              46

so we're looking good, I've managed to avoid picking up any nid stuff as recently Dustin (the owner of Gifts for Geeks) emailed me a link for a pure death guard codex that he'd found on the net, after nearly spilling my cornflakes all over the keyboard in shock & excitement and have a quick scan of it it's a nicely balanced fan made codex nothing too stupid or shit in there so I'll be using that from time to time, with permission of course! havoc's with feel no pain might surpise some people!!

So for those that are intrested... Death-Guard-Codex-Project

Well thats enough rambling for the time being, don't be a stranger leave some comments etc..


Monday, 11 January 2010

Roll Call

After I posted the other day only did I start thinking how much of my chaos do I have painted??

Now for those who know me, I've a Thousand Sons legion that was rock hard in 4th Ed, poor old Ross I'm sorry mate for whupping your ass every game! NOT :)
However they seemed to have lost that edge in 5th Ed due to the fact that they walk everywhere and the 4+ invunerable that made them quite special well thats everyone's cover save now so that put them on the shelf for a while!

So I decided to get out the stuff that is painted only and I surprised myself! there's alot of it!

So  the whole lot...

The thousand son's....

The Death Guard.....

The Termi's

One of the Thousand son's dreadnoughts, and some deamons in the background

The other thousand son's dreadnought and the infamous spawn behind him!

My Favourite tank! I like my Vindi's!

Bit of a closer shot of the "sons"

there is two models missing though...

Typhus & the warhound, these pair are sitting in the Gifts for Geeks display cabinet, hopefully this year the noise marines will make an apperance and I can get a couple of those squads painted up!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

In the darkness evil lurks.....

Happy new year and all that mumbo jumbo,  (personally I think its over rated expensive taxi's etc.)

So It's time to come clean... I've bought some more stuff!! I managed to get it from the 2nd hand box at the FLGS so I feel that bad about it!! as I've managed to get most of it painted.

I was starting to lose the will to live after doing so many jetbikes in a short period of time it wasn't funny! so I decided to go back to the boys and continue work on the death guard I managed to find an addational 14 guys that I'd half done so they need adding to the list to be finished, I've resisted the temptation of sticking the rhino togeather I'll do that once I've painted the deamon princes.

Yup I've 2 now! the guys at the club got me the nurgle direct only version when I did my "see ya laters" speech on the last night of the club last year, I was well chuffed with it just need to sort out a 60mm base for it and I'll be splashing paint on that bad boy!! The other thing that made me smile was the yearly awards voted by the members of the club I won best painted army for my death guard so a double bonus!

Anyway I've been asked by a couple of people whats my next project and all that? well after much chin scratching I've decided to stay on the 40K and not wander over to fantasy a couple of reasons for this...

1, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed so find it confusing sometimes, I've played 3 differant versions and always get mixed up!
2, on average you need 15 models for a unit, and have about 4/5 units in your army, thats 60+ models some are less some are more! bugger to painting that many up!!
3, The club guys all do the torney circuit (well most of them anyway) and played a couple of games against them and got my ass whupped, not very enjoyable and when they come out with the sarcastic remarks I think its unsporting.

So as I was staying in the 40K system what to do? I considered lots of options including traitor guard using the forgeworld bits but them did a quick tally and that was way too much money to spend on an army!! maybe in small chunks but not like I do it and normally get most of it one go.

I thought about the up and coming 'nids and figured there would be at least 3 local armies kicking about so decided against that one, so as I don't really do "good guys" only a couple remained....

Dark Eldar - now the rumor is that they are getting a re-vamp this year.... well I won't hold my breath on that one, IF they do then yup sign me up!

Chaos Deamons - I've been told by everyone that these boys are "shit" but no one plays them and no one I know has played against them so I keep asking myself "how do you know there shit?" Now Dustin did come up with the best pro/con for them if you roll a 3+ you get your assault group turn one and the rest when ever which is a good point, but I take my risks on the table top (and sometimes with women ;) )

Deamons it's to be...  I'll pop the army list up at some point for people to give me some insperation....

but onto the little lovelys!!

the Plaguebearers and the bloodletters where from the second hand box, The Nurglings I've had for a while just never got round to finishing them....

Might pick up another 4 stands of these just to max out the troop squad

I used the same techique as I used on the death guard and I'm more than happy with em, they look better in real life to be honest...

Now these guys I used the experiance from the saim hann and too a bit of a risk..

foundation red
dry brush blood red twice
Dry brush blazing orange
red ink
devlan mud on the face

I choose the black on the horns and the other bits as I wanted them to look "evil" and bone doesn't float my boat really anyway they look like hellboy now!

So thats the start of the new project and as its a new year I'm determined to spend less and for the models to sit around unpainted and unused so the tally starts...

The  2010 Painting/Buying List.

Bought                           Painted

27                                  26

I'll be keeping this up for the reminder of the year and updating once a month as a way to keep me going!

and this lot should put me in the black ;)