Friday, 30 October 2009

Back to normal size models....

Ok, so the titan is done and I'm trying to resist the tempation to pick up some more forge world stuff or a new box of models as I tend to do a completey new army or system!!

I wandered down the Club last night as I'd arranged to play Ben at Privateers Press Monsterpocalypse, I'd picked up a started set and a couple of boosters and got a fairly balanced mix of stuff I could use.

I'd read the rule book on the throne (as most gamers do! Hell one guy I know even has dice to he can test load outs for various systems!) and got the general idea of what was going on,

The game itself is quite a good laugh and I ended up throwning Ben's Monster into a nuclear powerstation and watching him melt!

If you can look past the collectable factor of the game its a nice pick up and play for a break from the doom & gloom of there is only war!

Since cancelling my World of Warcraft subscription (shock horror to those that know me!) I've been on a painting-fest and managed to pump out some more death guard that I'd half started a while back,

Family shot, This is the second squad that I'd won from that ebat auction ages ago!

Who'd thought it a chaos marine with an orky weapon looks cool! 

Converted Flamer, two in this squad done very clear I might add!

The rear with his tanks of dooommm.....

Powerfist welding champion

 Detail on the banner, I've never been any good at free hand but this'll do!

Whilst waiting for the inks to dry I was having a bit of a nose around in boxes and the like and found the landraider that I'd bought for typhus, the old grey matter kicked in and it wasn't long before I was rooting through the various bits boxes that I've got.

I wanted the landraider to look nurgley how ever I didn't want it to look stupid! and my personal view on spikes is that too many look shit!

Since these pic's have been taken I've added some green stuff to it to make it look a bit more deamony but kept it quite low key as my green stuff skills are basic, I'm toying with the idea of using some razorwire that I found and putting to the left of the main las cannons kinda like an anti-infantry thing and for something differant??

Anyway I'm gonna move my car before it gets a parking ticket!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Formula for success: rise early, work hard, use washes.

Ok folks, I managed to get the Warhound done for apoco sunday, but everyone turned up so was unable to use it! 

So on to the pic's......

The flash has washed out the colours on this pic, so looks shit but its not ;)

The torso inside complete, I thought the addational bulk head would look pants but it fits in well but does obscure some of the detail which is a shame

At this point I started playing around with my camera settings.....

One of the guys from minipainters was asking me about the metals on the plasma gun, its great what matt effect the new washes give when they are dried, 





So thats that,

Incase anyone is intrested this is the "recipe" for the colours etc..

Undercoat black

Paint the edging, metal bits with tin blitz
Go over that with either Brazen brass, or Brassy brass from Game colour
Bang in a bit of chain mail to the brassy brass for a highlight,

Now for the above you don't have to worry about being too neat just bang it on!

The area that you want to do red start with the foundation red
then red gore, if you want to take it further and hight light the edges then fair enought I didn't bother myself

the fleshly bits, I used tallen flesh then dwarf flesh to highlight,

for the battledamge holes use boltgun metal

I picked out some of the metal work witth the brassy brass & chainmail added to high light to break up the large metal areas aka the legs,

wash with devlan mud, and when thats dry wash with Gryphone sepia I used about 3 pots of each on this project though so if your able to make your own washes then fair enough

Quite a simple guide but one that you get the general jist from, The only thing I would say is if you havn't used the washes alot like myself then don't panic until they are dry, there has been a few times when I thought "fuck" that looks shite, how ever it doesn't once they are all dry,

Now the only question is do I start mulling over the forgeworld website again.......

Fix bayonets and charge..... (part 2)

Alrighty So time to bring you part two of the apoco game.....

Turn 3

Team Jack,

The Skyclaws must have mis-read there maps and deepstriked way off target! (like they had rolled badly on the deep strike table?) There was some odds and sods of shooting but nothing of any intrest, it looked like it was going to be another turn of savage assault (I could see Pat warming up his pentant engine rolls out of the corner of my eye)

Marks slightly mis understood Black Templar Temi's got raped by a combo of the grey knights the Chaplin and the Librain who appeared to be on angel dust!

Then suddenly or the other side of the table I could hear the moans of Hutch as the pentant engines took out his masque of slannesh much to the delight of Pat.

But Hutch did manage to wipe out the Long fangs that has reoccupied the building with a hand full of sixes!

The sisters still managed to hold back the deamons and the lone shaper on the far right flank

Turn 4

Team Hutch

With only a couple of turns remaining the guard swarmed forward to try and contest the netural objective which was now becoming very busy, and the Predator kroot was only just out of assault range only at this point did I notice the cool conversion that Dustin (aka the boss man) had done!

The pentant engines still on a frenzy that would make Khorne Berserkers blush took down the last Venerable dreadnought, ( poor old mark was using the re-roll the damage rule and everyone was rolling the same on the re-roll!!)

With the blood still pumping through Pat he dispatches the rest of the deamons on the far right with his cannoness with what was described being armed with the sword from god? But as she was standing there gloating the Harpies come in and kick her in the balls! Commander down!!

Team Jack, The Inquisation chimera comes from no where to secure the netural objective, and the penent engines exchanged blows with the fiends of slannesh, (It turned out that Team Jack did more damage in Team Hutch turn than there own!)

At this point the troops where starting to flag with the game going on for a while, but when I asked do you want to play one more turn I've never had a quick response from the group! Looks like the netural objective would make or break the game!

Turn 5

Team Hutch, The Black Templars steam forward to counter-contest the objective, and the traitor guard not wanting to be out done pile in as well, And just for good mercenarys are in there as well ;)

Hutch's harpies that took out the Cannoness introduce themselves to some army painter green marines,

A well placed Baslisk barrage take out an entire sisters squad blowing then to kingdom come!!

Whilst that was going off the pentent engines yup there still there a tad battered but fighting away continue to tie up the fiends

Team Jack

The grey Kinghts continue there gore-fest and beat up some kroot, The last reamining wolf guard which most of us had forgotten about about takes some random shot at a deamon price that was touring the countryside,

The Librarian teleported his unot out of combat to shoot up the black templars, with the combined shooting from the sisters the squad is reduced to the chapter master and his mate Ron (the emperors champion) who goes down to one wound!!

The fiend have some outstanding hits on the pentant engines but Hutch manages to completely fuck up the damage rolls and pat is left standing there laughing in his face!!

End Of Game


The "chaos" objective is well secure at the rear of the lines

The "sisters" objective is well secure at the rear of the lines

The "sisters" secret objective which was the lone wolf was captured by the Kroot & deamons

The Netural objective in dispute by nearly at least one unit from every player!

The big gap is where the chimera would be I wasn't quick enough with the camera ;)

The "chaos" secret objective failed to be revealed but was the emperors champion on one wound!

A chaos Win 2-1 on objectives

Overall everyone had a good time, the one thing I would have done would have been to get the 2 rear objectives more towards to no mans land to make it a bit more fun rather than a 1000 points sitting there saying come and get me!

The other thing that was really weird was that we had no super heavies, no apoco formations, no fliers! even with all the infantry the game flowed nicely

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fix bayonets and charge..... (part 1)

Well it was the big Apoco game over at gifts for geeks and I'd be the ringmaster making sure that no one was going to beat each other up over a dodgy assault ;)

I'll break the overview into two posts so I don't go insane!

So in the red corner introducing the "Slighty mis-understood" Black Templars, Traitor Guard & Slannesh deamon combo

And in the blue corner the shining light of the false god (I am a chaos player after all!) consisting of Sisters of battle, Vikings in space, and grey knights/Jacks home grown chaper aka the Army painter green marines ;)

So the "bad" guys quoted a 5 min set up based on the factor that the deamon deep strike and won ;)

the battle line were drew up and the armies deployed,

The "imperial" line sisters, grey knights & marines ready for the big push

Further along the same line with some Space wolves thrown into the mix


The second gun line waiting for the masses

 And flicking over to the other side, Mercenery kroot & Guard within the city

The Mis-understoond Black Templars, pretending that they are part of a nascar team

Some of the deamons waiting for turn one to arrive

So the objectives for the game was one for each side and a netural one placed by myself, and as expected the "team" objectives where nice and deep!

The bad guys opted to defend the nurgle Mk2b landraider (well I needed to show it off)

The Good guys went for the "ahem" vindicator

and the netural was plonked into the middle of the board by myself,

So as turn one was about to kick off the Team Jack revealved there strategic asset in the form of a Disruptor Beacon (which pissed off all the deepstrikers! LOL)

Turn One

So Team Hutch started off with the Black Templar rhinos pushing forward with the air being lit up by loads of shooting and various units taking some quite heavy losses, even the long fangs in the ruins thought it was too much and buggered off much to my amusement as they had a termi wolf guard with cyclone missle launcher in there!!

But this was only the start.....

The deamons came down with there special little asset where they where able to bring more stuff on the first turn, so the void on one of the tables suddenly became chock-a-block with bad guys!

It was team Jack's turn and the Sisters sat tight in the corner holding one objective, the grey knights in the crusader with god knows who in there raced towards the netural objective,

The Sisters heavy support opened up much to marks discust and blowing up a rhino on a glancing! AP1 and all that jazz!

The Space wolves came flying forward throwing caution to the wind and some chap THROWING his thunder hammer at a rhino then getting in there and beating the shit out of them!

Now this was a subject of hot debate but fair play to Dave he'd spotted a rule and decided to use it to full advantage!!

Turn Two

Team Hutch, decided to turn up the heat the shooting went "ok" with nothing of any note kicking off, but the assult phase lived upto its name with deamons ripping the be-jesus out of the marines and only the Man like Logan and the penent engines of the sisters where stopping a complete whitewash on the left flank,

The great thing about the "secret" objectives was the lone wolf dropped and became objective number four! surrounded by deamons & Kroot this should be entertaining for the imperials.

So Team Jack kicks off in style with the wolf guard drop pod coming on behind the rear lines of the deamons, hungry for vengance for there fallen!

But not content with just the wolf guard the wolf scouts came on and decided to start blowing up anything that moved!

A greater deamon goes down to some wolf guard termi's blowing huge chunks out of it,

Logan finally goes down in combat being dispatched by the Marshal of the Black Templars

Unknown to the imperals the 2nd secret objective was nearly revealed at this point...

The Arco-nutters went steaming in against a mixture of deamons & Black Templars along with the pentent engine, which would turn out to be "rock hard" later on down the line!

Some sneaky kroot and even sneakier demaons come from now where to get shot up by the sisters, A Black Tempar dreadnought nearly goes down to the wolf scouts and it was a mixed bag in the assault with the acro-nutters & engines holding there own against quite a lot!

Turn Three

Team Hutch, The black templars decide to help out the dreadnought and go and give the scouts a good kicking, not before the leman russ variants blow the bejesus out of the wolf gaurd in power armour!

The sneaky Kroot & deamon managed to get into assualt,

and on the other side of the table the kroot & deamon jumped what was left of the wolf guard as they stood about, The mounted demons decided to give the pentant engines a good kicking, And out of no where the Black Templars first company showed up in front of the grey knights crusader and riddled it full of holes with there assault cannons with tank hunter?
The passangers managed to jump out and powered up there nemisis force weapons,

So at the end of Team Hutch turn Three, it was 2 objectives each......