Thursday, 27 January 2011

And onto the perry line infantry & other jazz....


I've been a tad busy at work so by the time that I've "chilled out" I've not had that much time so painting wise I've only managed to finish off the French line infantry...

Now personally I'm quite happy with the finished look, I'm still slightly confused with how many I should have but I figured 32 chaps to a unit is classed as "normal" unit in black power,

Now listening to one of my fellow super geeks, I've taken the plunge into "batch" painting and doing one colour when sitting down, now at first it was a bit tricky as me ass was going numb but after some buttock exercises whist painting I've overcome that issue ;)

so this is where they are at the moment, I'm going to be finishing off the grey & doing the flesh tonight/tomorrow hopefully, but these should be done and dusted by week, ready for the next batch which I'm still waiting for Maelstrom to deliver! 24 days since ordering...

Now I was looking on the infinity website a week or so ago and found a downloadable army builder which I've discovered that I've some new toys for my faction, this would be remotes, something that I've never had so as Spencer is going to do a Merc list and wanted some nomad remotes wanted to know if I wanted to go halves on two boxes as he was looking for certain ones, Now I was looking at nomads but with the discovery of the new traktor mul units I'd figured I'd have ago at converting the nomad remotes into these funky but filthy models.

I've only managed to do the legs and was thinking of doing something similar to the oblit's that I did a while back with tractor units and some kind of rocket launcher on top, but then I want to keep the remote look rather than a bomb defusing robot that's used by the modern engineers of today..

so this is as far as I got, now I'm planning on doing a step by step if they look ok if not then I'll just paint em,

Now I spend a fair bit of time mooching about the old net look for inspiration and seeing whats happening in the world of gaming and stumbled across this company..

the are being sold through...


now these guys are doing pre-cut 28mm cowboy buildings and also 15mm WW2 stuff and personally I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far, I'm going to see if I can "convince" my local club to pick some up and these would work really well for Malifaux or even infinity as solid buildings are needed for true line of sight.

Now as I've been playing a homegrown modern 6mm system written by one of the guys at the club, I've started looking at more alternative system and decided that some good old dog fighting is needed, now I've given wings of war a pop which is a WW1 system and whilst its good fun I fancied trying something else so I've ordered "check your 6" cy6 and what I've read on various forums it appears to be quite a good system and as I'll be using 1/285 or 1/300 aka 6mm then the average fighter is about a quid (£1) so that carn't be sniffed at!

and talking about aircraft style games I also found skykings now the actual models are not bad but the ground stuff could be useful for epic scale stuff?

Now I've actually managed to get my hands on the stormraven and have a good look, I'm actually impressed buy the first ever marine flyer and is a good idea of the detail and the engineering that GW can do IF they ever decide to do a thunderhawk... But once more Spencer is playing devils advocate and suggested that I could convert it into a chaos dread claw and really got me thinking.... and then I pushed that though to one side when I saw the price, but I "might" re-visit this idea if I start playing 40K on a regular basis I've too much on the go a the moment though aka..

The "golden Child"

now forgeworld have decided to re-release there fantasy section of the stuff that they do calling it "warhammer forge" and with the new nurgly bits they look outstanding! and will make your wallet scream at the same time, but hey thats the company that we love to hate ;)

Anyway enough of the random whaffling...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

This could be the start of something rather big.....

So in my last post I whaffled on about 28mm black powder napoleonic's, did a bloke on a horse and figured I could get the army done in 12 weeks....

Well I think I might have to amend that "target" I've managed to get the rest of the heavy cavalry unit done much to my surprise as I was just cracking on with them and actually enjoyed the change of model, i.e. rather than a marine or sci-fi type thing a normal bloke on a horse was a welcome change and they look pretty good to me.

So when I was bored one day I decided to have a crack at the cannon that I got with a job lot that I got from one of the guys at the local club, now I used this as a bit of an tester with the foot infantry that I have to do, i.e. do I really need to dip and can I paint them fairly basic but still make them look good from 6 inches and 2 foot away i.e. the right balance for a gaming army, sure I could go hardcore and make them look really nice but when you've a couple of hundred to plough though, painting stubble on the faces isn't an option!

I'm looking to get another 4 of these and it was a really nice piece to paint, just enough detail to make it intresting but not too much where it does your swede in!

So I turned to the huge pile of infantry on cardboard strips that is going to be the ultimate test of me as "local legend" i.e. the guys at the shop always comment "what army have you painted this week?" and the like which does make me smile, I suppose its all about "man-points"

So I figured rather than trying to paint about 140 models in one batch I'd break it down to a manageable 9-12 a time depending what mood I'm going to be in,

I started with 8 enough for two 40x40 bases

I'm going to base them as I go along the pva is still drying in these pictures, now I'm certain that I've not painted some of the bits in the right colours but hey looks good enough to me, I'm quite happy with how they've come out and I'll do a step by step at some point, after all I've about 132 left before my order from maelstrom games turns up and then that'll push the infantry up to around 336 so the "pledge" is going to be massacred this month, but as long as I can stay away from plastic crack (which I've said before) I'll be sound as I think I've enough to keep me going going for a good 6 months.....

Monday, 10 January 2011

Napoleonic french heavy cavaly test model aka Anton does a horse!

Before you start reading my general whaffing please note that I haven't a clue about "historical" formations, divisions, uniforms etc...

Right so after spending a while sticking some cavalry together which I must say that they are really nice as plastic kits and the dead guys that you get are really useful, so far I was quite impressed with the journey into traditional wargaming, After looking at various sources on the old internet trying to suss out what colours to paint the guys I decided to take the plunge and just go for it using the front of the perry box as a rough guide.

So as I couldn't be arsed to wait for the main part of the French to turn up from Maelstrom games I decided to undercoat the cavalry in black as I figured that most of it will be fairly dark colours so made sense to be honest, now I've never really painted horses so this is a trip into the unknown.....

so started with a bit of scorched brown

Then a wet brush of beastial brown, I ended up doing two coats as the first one was still a bit dark for my liking

then a lightish coat of vermin brown, and I started on the rider

so then once the rider was done (some quite Nice detail) and a wash with gryphone sepia, devlin mud and badab black this was the finished result, I also washed the legs of the rider after painting it white with purple

after I did all the washing I did go back over the white to make it stand out, over all I'm pretty happy with the test model once the other 13 are done these will look nice, question is what do you think??

Friday, 7 January 2011

Emperors Children, Ariadna's & the 2011 "project"

well the huge chaos army that I've been collecting for the last 4 years is slowly start to come to a end I managed to continue with the Emperors Children and finshed the choosen...

not a great deal of conversion work in fact really simple, khorne beserker legs, normal chaos marine arms and torso, metal emperors children shoulder pad, some maxmini heads (linky) and the jobs a good un! 

I also did a random squad leader at the same time not allocated to a unit within my army but I figured I might as well do him so that he doesn't feel lonely ;)

So Chaos wise all I've left now is...

Slannesh lord
Iron Warriors lord
2 nurgle dreadnoughts
1 slannesh dreadnought
1 nurgle rhino
1 tzeentch rhino
3 vindicators (1 tzeentch, 1 nurgle, 1 slannesh)
1 defiler

so not alot really considering what I've managed mainly in the last 2ish years, I'm in no rush to paint them I'll use them to break up other projects that I've got going,

I've also managed to get another batch of infinity done for my Ariadna's

so in the picture you've all specialist troops, add these to what I've already got painted...

and its a fair bit, I've only a couple of bits left now for the infinity and this lot is done then it'll be on to the arab's on bikes, at some point!

so the 2011 project....

After picking up the black powder rules I've decided to take the plunge into that era that you assocate with men with a "few extra pounds" sporting a unfasionable beard in a lovely knitted jumper, yes Anton is going Napoleonic!

with the what could be the most amount of models I've ever purchased in a single month I've a huge pile to paint now...

so the French....

4 boxes of infantry Perry Minitures
2 boxes of infantry Victrix
1 box of old guard Victrix
1 box of heavy cav Perry Minitures
1 cannon Perry Minitures
2 blisters of French Commanders Victrix

that gives me a staggering..

288 infantry + 60 old guard
14 cav
1 cannon and crew
4 commanders

totalling 367 models! thats more than half of what I bought and painted in 2010! and all for £140! so cheap!! which is actually about the same price as the transports that I need for the black templar army that I was planning on doing (4 crusaders)

now I've decided to use the army painter dip for these guys as there is no way that I'm going to get these all done before I lose the will to live, I've already questioned some of the other guys who use this down the local club and I'm confident that I'll be able to complete within 3 months assuming the queen doesn't demand too much of me but with a smile like...

its like a siren of slannesh pulling me away from the painting table, so operation "paint like a madman" will be done inbetween "play" sessions!!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Challange Ant - Grey Knight

So New year greetings and all that!

Spencer (being Spencer) decided to once more give a challenge Ant, this time it was to be a model from a army that I painted a long-long time ago when I worked at Games Workshop Leicester...

Grey Knights...

Now I did a termi squad as well as some storm troopers and I really liked the Termi's so much so they even made it into my old school guard army, but have now since gone the way of ebay a while back,

 So dead simple instructions from Spencer "paint it like you did" now it must be about 7 years since then so I dived in feet first!
Step 1 -

Undercoat Black

Step 2 -

Drybrush Boltgun metal

Step 3 - 

 Drybrush chainmail

Step 4 -

Blue ink

Step 6 -

Drybrush Mithril silver once the ink is dry, I left mine and monged in front of the box!

Step 6 -

Start on the parchment using denab stone and then use skull white as a harsh highlight,
Do the red I started with red gore and then simply highlighted/blended with blood red

Step 7 -

start on the metals,

Tin blitz for the shaft of the weapon and the ammo feed and barrels
Gold for the decorative bits

Step 8 -

Brassy brass over the tin blitz and ass some chainmail as a high light,
also add some chainmail to the gold for a high light
then ink with gryphone septia (or what ever its bloody called)

And thats that! nice and simple all you need to do is base the model and jobs a good un!

However Spencer didn't like the "blue" tinge of the armour and suggested that I take the sliver up a further level, so I broke out the mitheril silver and did a light dry brush trying to to overspill onto the detail that I'd done previously

So off to a good start for the "pledge 2011" and comments and the like welcome as always,