Wednesday, 2 October 2019

September round up, Slow progress

So once again its that time to have a look at to see whats been going on in the land of the Anton.

After finishing off a couple of starter bits for the world eaters recon rite of war I decided it was about time that I stepped up and actually finished of the daddy of all drop pods!

Now before you get excited these are not done "yet" however the airbrushing has been done and I'm now in the process of the detail work so you'll have to wait for the reveal.

I figured that as I'm working on the two big boys I might as well add the deathwind pods to the production line as well!!

As you could imagine these have taken up a massive amount of time so the model count this month is pretty poor however once these are done its full steam ahead with a few bits that I'm eager to get done.

So with a pretty limited amount of models being painted lets have a look at the pledge...

Painted - 12

Bought - 39

 Difference - 27

So a warlord sale and chillcon where I just happen to pass on by the Oathsworn stand and pick up "a few bits" has blown my pledge out of the water for this month.

On the positive side the year to date numbers are looking good!

Painted - 293

Bought - 381

Difference +88

So with about 12 weeks left before we flip 2019 its time to put my game face on and paint the stuff that I've got!