Friday, 31 January 2014

WWX painted outlaws

I've  been itching to paint these guys ever since I stuck them togeather, but held back and  the last of the warzone done and dusted it was time!

I wanted a rag tag look to my outlaws this is mainly down to recently watching 3:10 to yuma and the outlaw gang fashion gave me a few ideas, If you've not seen the remake its worth watching.

For once I actually did a test model to see how the overall look would well look!

and with the feedback that I got from my muse's I continued on with the rest of the hired hands, all 19 of them!

long range hired hands, both wave one & two mixed in, not sure on the differance model wise?

another load of long ranged guys

and the combat type chaps, again wave one & two,  wave two seems to be better stats wise but more expensive of course.

and the other 5

and all 20 good to go!

I also manged to get some other odds and sods done as well, in the form of Jesse James, a couple of specialists and side kicks and underbosses,

 The bases I've stolen the idea from Matt (Mr Evil) via the facebook group for UK fans of WWX, so huge thanks to Matt for doing the hard work and coming up with the idea ;)

this is his magic recipe....

paint base a dark gold,
use the gw stuff  (nihilakh oxide) with a bit of water,
let dry, drybrush with a lighter gold.
then put down a shade for base,
spray varnish so it doesnt lift (I didn't bother with the varnish personally)
then aff the gw crackling stuff (agrellan earth)

with these boys done, the pledge is looking stupidly good for month one....

Bought -8
Painted - 92 (nearly half was the jungle terrain)

So I nearly managed a whole month without buying a model but caved in on a good deal for a firestorm armada start set.

so on to the goals for 2014.....

4x4 Jungle board - in progress....
4x4 old west/wild west exodus board - still outstanding

Finish off some projects:
Cybertronic for warzone - Done
Enforcers for deadzone - Done
Terrain for deadzone - still outstanding 
Enlightened & Outlaws for WWX - in progress....
Zee dreadball team - still outstanding
Malifaux Gremlins - still outstanding
Plague reaper for 40K escalation - still outstanding
Orks for 40K (not finish but do enough for 2K) - still outstanding
Finish off the 5th Company including the drop pods - still outstanding
Orcnar for Relics - still outstanding

New systems & Projects that I've not kickstarted:
Judge Dredd -  Have the rulebook models needed possible salute pick up?
Muskets & Tomahawks - Have the rulebook models needed possible salute pick up?
Italians for boltaction - still outstanding

so two ticked off in a single month, the WWX well on the way to being completed as well its a fantastic start to the new year, I just need to maintain the focus on the list and not get side tracked!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Jungle Table, the non jungly bits....

So whilst finding my mojo to crack on with one of my various commitments I decided to get a couple more bits done for the jungle table,

I picked up the oop forgeworld from a facebook trading page a while back and the storage shed was going cheap when I picked up my fae from northstar mini's was a tad smaller than I expected but none the less it had the cool factor so not fussed,

painting wise these were simply base colour and dry brush, the roof was washed with a soft ink to make it look a bit more straw like and that was it basically, nice and simple terrain for the jungle/woodland in fact any type of board.

After I'd done these I then was in full swing with regards to my scenery mojo and finished off the two nodding donkeys that I picked up from fenris games last year that have been sitting on my window ledge ever since,

so a nice and simple paint scheme nothing too fancy with these pair, a base colour of necron abyss? then sponge a browny black, then metal and finsih off with some brass for good measure,

the only thing I wasn't too sure on was the base, so angled the edges for a more stubble ledge and did the same at the cottage & shed,

Friday, 24 January 2014

Warzone Cybertronic resistance is futile...

I'm on a roll for this month!

I've finished of the cybertronic for warzone, these were going to be my "demo" force and even after one game with them I'm liking the play style, the paint job is fairly basic and I might finish off the bases to match the legion, but that can wait until I can find the tufts and stuff that I used.

the "vision" came from watching Pacific Rim,

much to the anoyance of nadine I stopped the dvd and rewound it a couple of times to look at the colours and suss out the paint scheme.

So there you have it easy as that and another one ticked off the list!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Deadzone terrain and faffing about with modelmates products

I decided to start on the deadzone terrain that I've been playing over for a couple of reasons...

1. Because its on the "challenge"list
2. I'm playing quite a bit of dreadzone and with two painted forces I decided to crank on with the terrain
3. After seeing a couple of vids on you tube I wanted to try out some new bits I'd picked up
4. I've been "selected" to go play test mars attacks this weekend at Mantic towers and it'd be rude not to at least have something painted!

so the vids that I've been watching are from two guys, one being templars crusade 01, the man is a machine  when it comes to painting and more of his stuff that he paints is 30K forgeworld so looks great as well! The other from Rob on voodoo ork who happens to work for Prodos Games who are doing Aliens verses Predator this coming may(ish)

Templars Crusade 01

The voodoo ork

So I did the basic colours with a white spray and some red bits to break up the barriers, with a little bit of black detail.

then it was a brown/black mix sponged on for the "battered" look that I did with all the crates last month

as the surfaces are quite flat I just simply went for it being semi gentle with how much weathering I was doing, then simply did the same again with a gunmetal colour

then I hit it with the modelmates rusty red weathering spray,

and comparing to the unsprayed barriers,

I decided to use the old aged saying when it comes to me and my wargaming "Fuck it lets do them all!"

One thing that I did learn from the initial piece was that if you sprayed only half on the barrier at an angle you could get a graduation effect only at the bottom so leaving some of the original colour at the top, once they had dried which was within minutes I get the liquid rust effect that I used on the knocked KV2 and picked out various areas,

And the whole lot together,

overall I'm really happy with how these have turned out, and when I posted them up on the containment protocol facebook page the response was tremendous and was asked for a "how to" hence this post!

So with a successful trial on these its onto the main buildings, I've sprayed these army painter grey uniform so it'll be another "humm lets give this a crack" situation!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Deadzone Enforcer Strike team zero four-two

I've managed to get the enforcers sorted for deadzone, giving me two painted forces.

After reading the fluff about the armoured suits I wanted them the look the business and appear more like special forces rather than a space marine brightly coloured target, If I ever do use these in a campaign then the call sign will be 0-42.

So onto the models!

I'm waiting for the booster that is due in wave two plus the terminator type assault suits and in the same colour scheme they should look spot on.

I got quite a bit of feedback from the facebook group so gave me alot of food for thought with regards to the highlightng of the black and the weapon colour,

The bases are done the same as the plague so urban style which makes the black stand out quite nicely.

So thats one ticked off the list for the "commitment" for 2014 and I'm only 3 weeks in!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Warzone Jungle terrain table the begining...

After doing the bolt action board my scenery building mojo has be lapse until warzone turned up and reading the fluff the jungle of Venus got my creative juices flowing again, so to put you in mood....


As this board was for my personal use I wanted to make a deceit effort and knowing that I wouldn't need to "club proof" it I so have a play about, as long as it is stored well I could do all sorts to it.

So after spotting this on ebay...

I had my inspiration and there was no way I was paying 15 quid for a single piece of terrain so off to the aquarium part of ebay I wandered over to and found all sorts of bits and bobs that took my fancy,

so after some clicking of buy it now at stupid o'clock in the morning, I awaited the bits to wing it over from Hong Kong, in the mean time I zapped an email over to warbases to see what price that they would do some laser cut MDF bases for.

As usual warbases were superb with the price and the speed that they did these for me, in the end I went for 50mm inserts to have a bit more room to play with,

before I went mental on making the scenery I had a play about with Isla with the bits that I'd already got and so I could plan visually what else it needed,

so the plan of attack was in my head and went for it with the jungle plant foliage.

I started with getting hold of some cocktail sticks and canapé sticks, the canapé sticks were a little too thick for some of the plastic plant bits,

I dug out some holes with a craft knife and started with super glue but changed to PVA after a couple as it was some of the stubs were not standing well, the PVA had the density to keep the semi upright

I even made use of the bases to give some discs some height variation, you could the same with using air drying clay.

so after about an hour I have this lot

and whilst that was drying started to pull the plants into individual pieces, making sure not to snap the bit off the bottom that will connect to the stubby bits, leaving the discs over night to dry once more me and the GC got our geek on and started making the terrain.

I made sure that there was a good mix of different plants as the jungle wouldn't be uniform.

this is the general idea, and when you've a fair few...

and the model eye view,

I was pondering over the edges as the step was quite bit so I fired up the bench grinder and has some fun,

so not too much of an angle but enough to make me happy,

Then it was simply break out the sand/grit/birdgrit mix and PVA away! one thing I did was get a old pencil and run it around the inside of where the disc will go to remove any bits of sand etc so that you don't have any issues later.

and the same for the bases

once that's dry I left mine about a day then grabbed my huge tub of raw umber and a big brush and painted the sand, on both the bases and the inserts,

Once the paint was dry I got my knife and ran it around the inside of where the discs sit as the paint was preventing a nice fit, then I hit mine with a wetbrush of English uniform followed by German camo beige WW2, Once that was dry, it was time to flock!

I started off with a dark green flock that had a bit of body to it rather than the fine stuff you get, then followed it up with some normal static grass, 2 quite contrasting shades,

after they were dry or in my case I went to work, then it was simply a process of putting the bits together and snapping a few pics for you all to see.

One of the other clumps of jungle type plant I picked up were these ferns, all I've done to them was sand/stone mix with the same three stage highlight and that left it at that these are good enough to put on the table as they are, the only thing I'm considering is giving them a blast of matt varnish to get rid of the plastic shiny look

So using Eric the enforcer as a scale marker you can see the size of the plants and how big they look along side 28mm stuff,

overall I'm happy with how these look and the Jungle table is well on the way as this was most of the work that I had to do, for the next bit will be taking some existing warmill fences and giving them some weathering for the fence for the compound that will be part of the table.

comments welcome as always,

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saga Vikings on tour...

A couple of weeks ago Rob kindly invited me over to his gaff to get a game on, the usual "what shall we play" question came up and Saga was suggested,

I've not played in well over a yea so was well up for running around and smashing skulls in with my norse men negation department.

Rob's worse than me when it comes to frothyness for certain things and his board is a work of art built by his own hands, very nicely done and good and sturdy,

So after rolling for sides a simple kill the warlord mission is choosen and we go for the set up with Rob taking the helms deep side, a load of pheasent  archers on the battlements and a unit of warriors inside the castle. Crossbowmen, warlord and three units of hearthguard split into two 6 man cav units, Which I was unaware you could actually do as I hand't really ready that bit of the rule book!

So the Vikings set up well spread out to keep Rob on his toes and simply marched up the field,

one of Robs hearthguard units went galloping off to my left flank and with some sneaking activations managed to get the drop on them and into combat, hitting on 5's was quite tough and after some backwards and forwards the hearthguard dissapearrred but to the cost of two warrior units!

meanwhile in the centre the viking heathguard and berserkers where stomping up the field towards the crossbowmen and even the levies managed to get some shots off before the heathguard got in and forced them back,Rob's second unit of Cav came rocking in the heathguard died gloriously and the berzerkers went completely mental and when the dust cleared all three units were gone!

this then left the last remaining warrior unit to go hunting down the crossbowmen and after that little scrap I had 4 guys left standing,

Rob's warlord had moved up at this point and got frothy and decided to finish off the last of the warriors dropping two but in return I managed two wounds on him and because there was no warriors near by he went down like a sack of spuds, I was quite surprised by this to be honest as I thought the warlord has wounds for some reason so we reread the rules a couple of times to work out if we were doing this right.

So with his warlord dead my bossman buggered off victorious before the guys in the castle could do him over!

to be honest I had no idea how to deal with Rob's cav and they provided to be quite difficult to get rid of, and it it wasn't for the fact that Rob got frothy about taking out some warriors he would have been laughing!

mind you it has made me think about other factions so gonna treat myself in april to a new warband, I just need to ask the usual suspects what warband they would recommend for me.