Monday, 12 June 2017

Preparing for 8th, The Rebirth!

Way back when I started this blog it was mainly 40K that I was posting and over time that started to whittle away and get replaced with various systems that have come and gone over the years,

However with the release of 8th Ed this coming weekend an inner fire has reignited mainly due to the social media marketing from GW, Something that I'd thought I'd never see!

As I've an extensive collection of various armies from 40K the most sensible thing would be to dust off one of those and start learning again....

But this is the Anton that we are talking about and what better way to get frothy about a new system is to purchase and paint a "patrol" type force!

Eldar or what ever they will be called in the new edition have always been an army to float my boat way back when I played space marine with my old man. 

One of my favourite unit type for the eldar is the wraithguard, so in a moment of madness I got hold of some plastic crack and simply went for it! 

As I knew that the rules would be changing and all that jazz I was tempted to only part build them and then once I'd sussed out the rules then configure the army to a strong play style, That didn't quite goto plan! 

In my mind I wanted to paint the army in the colour of the Iyanden craftworld, it fits the fluff and also has one of the hardest colours known to man. Yellow!

I also decided to try something completely different with this force and do the core colour with an airbrush. It's made a massive difference and the above force was painted in about a week!

So if your in the Leicester area and are free on the 17th pop on down the Leicester Phat cats for a day of 8th Edition and blow away some yellow dudes!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Pledge - May

Half way through 2017 already, Bloody hell best start wrapping up some random projects I've had kicking around for the first half of the year!

So what have I been up to recently?

I started a shadow war gang in the form of orks and ended up being the most expensive conversions that I've done for infantry as I hit the spellcrow website and went "shopping"

The theme of the models are latino gangsters hence the uniform colours, lots of GTA was played as "research"

Slowly I've been adding to the smurfs, however with the 8th edition ready to drop in a couple of weeks I pulled back on the painting until I could see what might be happening, as the future looks bright I banged out these guys.

shame that 30K is staying within the monster that is 7th. 

Finally I did some more random models for this is not a test, add the bits of resin terrain that I get from crooked dice the other week, I should really start on the terrain for the board!

These guys are from brother vinnies, superb models and the details is great, however with Morphus recently announcing that they are doing a fallout game it'll be interesting to see how they compare.

So onto the "Pledge"

Bought - 31
Painted -  56

Difference + 56

a stark change compared to April where picking up the models for the Derby board killed the April pledge!