Monday, 20 July 2015

Kings of war, Kingdom of men update

So with the battlemasters torney over at the dice devils rapidly approaching I've started to make some great progress with the Kingdom of Men Army.

In the last couple of weeks I've added another unit to the army,

With the glorious weather that the UK has had over the last 3ish weeks my painting has really dropped off as I've been out and about doing various things with the GC, however finishing off these guys has given me a new lease of life and I've already started on the second Cav unit as well as the pike men.

Mantic have also sent out the PDF to the 2nd ed to the backers so I've now got an actual list that I can work from for the army, It's going to involve an allies detachment from the basilean list  as the black guard I had originally marked them as a penitents unit with the Iman being a priest to whip them into a frenzy!

So this is what I've got either painted or planned...

Penitent Mob (20) - 100
Priest - 75

Spear Phalanx horde - 200
Pike Block regiment - 135
Pike Block regiment - 135
Arquebusiers regiment - 135
Knight regiment - 195
Knight regiment - 195
Mount Sergeant regiment - 160
Mount Sergeant regiment - 160
Mounted scout troop - 100
Mounted scout troop - 100
Cannon - 85
Cannon - 85
General on winged beast -  190
The Captain - 150

so that lovely lot is 2200 point without shiney items. Assuming that this is something along the lines of the final list I've a mere 6 units to sort out so shouldn't be a problem, I just need to stop getting distracted by other stuff painting wise!

however as the army increases in size this is what the whole lot looks like so far, 

The lunchtime chit chat with some of the guys from last years battlemasters is actually becoming reality!

However question to the masses is that would you change anything on the above army list, and if so why?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Barrage 2015

So today I wandered over to the Barrage Wargaming Show over at Stafford,

I was contacted by one of the guys who organises the show asking if the club wants to be involved and asked for the Predator temple board, so who was I to say no!

I hooked up with Prodos Rob and went for it.

So I managed to snap a few pictures on a quick walk around before the demo's started kicked off!

Phil going all lardy da with the modern board and all that jazz!

A cracking looking Dust game, Lovely looking models. No idea how it plays though!! 

Nick working hard on the Macrocsom, I was have a good mooch at the new releases that are coming up and they look superb! Check out more of his stuff... its well work a look!


The guys over at clockwork goblin showing off there wares, can't wait for these guys to release there bolt action cross over rules next year


A great looking empire of the dead table, 


yep its that dropzone table again, and it looks wicked still! 



A huge 40K game with about 5K's work of models! 


WW1 chain of command table, loved the barbed wire!


Bolt action torney action! 

X wing torney action, spot the prizes... quite Ironic... 

And Kris actually working for once!

So this was the first time that I'd done this particular show and it was alright, I was busy all day running the demo's so didn't get a chance to have a good look around and see the traders up close and only part way through the day did I find out that there was a second trade type hall.

Overall it was ok, nice weather, men's tennis final properly didn't help so the punter count felt quite low to the point that some traders had up and gone by 3:00.

So loot wise my pledge of buy nothing gaming related went out the window and I picked up these guys...

as well as a Judge Dredd rule book. So that means that dredd is back on the radar!