Monday, 28 March 2016

Panzerfaust - Painting the Gnomes,

A while back Rob asked me to do something with a gnome infantry unit so it would be rude of me not to splash some paint on these lovely models!

So these are just part of the gnome infantry unit, once I've my hands on another unit I'll do a what arm goes where post, 

and after a bit of gluing and what not, mainly cursing Rob for making these so fiddly but so nice!

and standing next to one of the orc commandos that would be used for the demo game,

So to paint these I decided after much pondering and asking the masses on the Panzerfaust facebook page to do them in a WW1 style for something a bit different.

To start off with I sprayed them grey and gave them a drybrush with a lighter grey and then a blue wash. 

once the ink was dry I picked out the webbing and gun, I think it was saddle brown? 

the rucksack was up next with German camo beige 

then the skin with your preferred shade I used dwarf flesh then high lighted with elf mixed in

then it was the turn of the metal, 

I gave the non uniform bits a  strong tone wash to bring the colours down, the metal and helmet was done with dark wash, 

and that's it, nothing too difficult and with the size of the models they were quite quick to paint, I'd recommend a good brush as the detail on these guys is bonkers! 

So the completed gnomes with the rest of the  stuff for the demo table,

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Panzerfaust - By Land By Sea, the orc commando raid table,

A number of months ago Myself and Lee were asked by Rob over at Hysterical to "whip" up a demo board me and Lee being batshit crazy decided to give it a crack!!

So after a quick project brief from Rob looking to see what his vision would be I drew up some examples of what could be done,

after bouncing some ideas around Lee came up with a cracking idea so we ran with that, Lee was to work on the actual table whilst I did the terrain and models, So with the inner Anton engaged I went to work!

first thing on the list was to get the models done and dusted and with some conversion work we had orc in assault boats! 

along with dwarves, gnomes and some more orcs for good measure! 

by this point the mdf suff had rocked up and the long task of getting this built was "delegated" to Salma,

an absolutely sterling job and really helped out no end, however once all the PVA was dry it was time to hit the models with some paint!

the start of the crane towers

and a test build of one of the two cargo boats 

making sure that the internals were usable 

its a tad large! 

I spent quite a while pondering on how to paint this!

the first of the crane units done, and happy with the overall look

and then there were two! 

Jo from the club knocked three of these together for me and I simply tarted them up, nothing special but gave it the edge, 

paint actually going on the models! 

the basic paint job on the cargo boats ready for weathering, this was done by spraying the boats black then panzer grey and then a light dust of halford car primer grey, the details were picked out and then sealed with a matt spray,

the tracks with their basic paint job again ready for weathering 

and the power plant nearly finished, 

the rolling stock was really easy to paint and looked great when it was finished 

three warehouses for the objective markers, 

and the cargo boats after being hit with model mates 

power house and pill boxes sorted, 

and the track is weathered up, 

So whilst I was painting like a mad man Lee was doing a sterling job on the actual table, Poo Mountain getting a face lift

woodland scenic rocks being added

just about ready for paint

the harbour water nearly sorted 

and ready for the water effect

 these were the two last bits that I needed to get finished, however myself and Lee did a mock up of the board to see if we need to finish anything off ready for the Sat 

so close to being finished! 

getting all arty farty! 

that one rare pic of me! 

So after asking on the panzerfaust face book page about banners and the like, group member Robyn knocked up some wicked banners and this really finished off the table, a huge thanks to Robyn for taking your time to get these done,

and with the day rapidly approaching I finally got round to getting the cranes finished off, 

so the table set up on the day 

The boys working hard! 

We knew the table would go down well, however we weren't expecting best construction, and its already been requested at a few other shows so keep you eyes out for it, its going on tour!