Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Crisis 2016 - The Lee and Anton roadtrip

Year three for this show and before I start the rambling and picture show, huge thanks to Lee for the logistical mastermind planning. Without him I don't think myself or Rob would have made it to Antwerp after all I would have got distracted and ended up in Amsterdam and god knows where in the old eastern block Rob would have been!

So onto the pictures!

Me and Lee raving on our way to dover

onto the train! 

god knows where in France!

We spent a few hours in Ypres and wandered around the town, last year went to the museum at Arnhem and that was quite an emotional day how ever the Menin Gate was a shocker name after name after name of lives.

This is one place I'll certainly take Isla when she grows up so that she can see how lucky we are as this generation. 

one for the Britain first mob.....

there is a museum in the town centre that's quite cheap to get into and the amount of stuff is amazing, I spent a while reading about how it all kicked off and found it really interesting, didn't take that many pictures really,  

the kit hasn't changed much in a 100 years! 

we wandered up to the top of the tower and didn't realise it but had minutes to spare before these things went off! 

great views mind you! 

newly weds eh.....

Hannah going bonkers at a cat chocolate shop! 

for Rob it all seemed normal! 

after a very relaxed and cold afternoon we hit the show ready for setting up

as this was the last outing for the board, we had some tinkering with repairs to sort out

The Panzerfaust stand good to go! 

The morning of the show, refreshed and ready to rock! 

New AVP bits, had a lengthy chat with the Prodos boys, I'm liking the sound of whats coming up! 

and onto the various tables that were around the show, lots and lots of super sexyness! 

darklands stuff is looking lovely, shame about the price and the history behind the range

the cycling game made me chuckle! 

some cracking looking jungle terrain 

the Spectre guys were at the show, shame I can't say the same about the technical that is now 15 months overdue..... 

now this was clever, a floating board! 

and more jungle stuff! 

most expensive table at the show! 

I liked the effect of the spray on the cloth and bits of clump foliage

Still tempted by Chicago way from great escape 

and more temptation with Congo

spotted some drop fleet stuff

some nice ideas for terrain, just too tight to buy stuff like this! 

I was very very tempted by the U-boat but then I saw sense and went to the bar! 

We met up with the guys from MTT and the bought tank biscuits! 

wandering back to the show to pick up the transport 

coolest looking cinema I've ever seen! 

yup that's a dropship and yes he's a wanker..... 

the only pic from the night out, great laughs with the Macrocosum, arcworlde  and MTT guys who are now know as mega potato and Catpiss man