Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Son your in the Korps now

Well the month has flown by and it’s time to do an update of the blog with regards to what I’ve done in the last couple of weeks,

So I faced my deamons and put my big boy pants on and started on the final elements of the world eaters “Avon calling” list and did the 2 dreadclaws.

I was a bit dubious with regards to the sponge weathering and the appearance and re-entry effect with the airbrush. In my head I knew what I wanted to achieve however could I pull this off in reality?

Over all I’m very happy with the outcome of these dreadclaws, however lessons learnt from this one would be the sponge weathering in the lower recesses around the legs was quite tricky and I need to think of other solutions, one that has been suggested to me by the resin wizard Vince was to cut the sponge into strips and make it more pen like to get into the hard to reach places with my fingers.

Something that I’ll certainly give a crack!

So with those pair done I’ve only 3 elements of the army left with the two kharybdis already on the painting table and part way though airbrushing, however as these will be done in subsections until I put then together you won’t be getting any sexy WIP pics!

Ironically I’ll be doing the javelin last and this will lead nicely into the armoured break through list that is being assembled and nearly ready for the queue that is forming on the painting desk!

I’ve been getting a few games in since the beginning of the year and the first game of the Scars 40k Eden Campaign was against Steve and his very very nice death guard, I was thoroughly stomped into the ground losing the game 7-0! As I'm a sucker for punishment I played a second game against Jack with his Eldar and despite grouping up and hugging cover his jetbikes still went through me like a hot knife through butter! 

However I'm learning fast and discovering that stratigums make a big differance! I’m sure it'll all slot into place at some point as the campaign progresses. 

I decided to try something different and will be doing after action reports for this campaign so here is the first one! 

Now you’ll notice that in the pics above I’ve got nothing painted and I decided to do a test paint for these to suss out the overall colour scheme and work out how to paint the death korps effectively as the model count will be quite high. 

So with the test paint done and some good feedback from various sources adjustments were made with the initial model, I did the usual “Anton” and cracked out the rest of the infantry over the course of a few days. To be honest I even surprised myself with this one as I’ve not had any hardcore batch painting being done for a while due to various reasons however I can certainly feel my mojo coming back and I plan to make the most of this spur of painting energy! 

All that’s left for the initial 500 points is the medusa carriage gun and the centaur assault carrier, for these I’m looking at a WW2 british army type camo scheme that I’ll use throughout all the armour then it’ll be onto the phase taking the army to 700 points.

Soto finish off the month I fancied something nice and quick, and you carn't get much quicker than a world eater outrider unit. I managed these done over a couple of days as a quick refresh before I start on the rest of the armoured break though list that I'll be starting to get some proxy games in with,

So onto the "pledge" what have I managed?

Bought - 24
Painted - 51

Differance +27 

not a massive start but a postive one none the less, I've only gone slightly over budget as I needed to replace my craft knife I lost only to find it when the new one rocked up! 

I've a feeling that Feb might be a low paint count as the two big boy drop pods are gonna take up quite a bit of trigger time!

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

2019 - The Master Plan

New Year, New stuff!!

Well I'll be glad to see the back of 2018 to be quite frank! However 2019 is still gonna be a rough one real life wise so I'm going to make sure that I try and remain positive.

The way that I'm going to try and do this is getting my geek on!

Lets start off with the usual "hobby pledge"

Finish off the World Eaters "Avon Calling" drop assault force:
  • This is simply a case of 2 anvillus dreadclaws, 2 kharybdis assault claws and a javelin land speeder

Finish off my Adeptus Titanicus stuff:

  • That would be 2 warhounds and 6 knights (unless more cool stuff comes out!)

Finish off the Algoryn for GoA:

  • All the vehicles basically that I picked up at the end of 2017, roughly about a dozen models. 

As with all gamers its a new year new army type of thing however this one has a twist!

  • Death Korps of Kreig - Leicester All Scars have a slow grow campaign that I've signed up for so that should keep me going nicely. 

  • Solar Aux - I'm going to be attempting a buy & paint approach to these guys, now if this pays off then I can slowly build up the army in units. I can also proxy stuff and see how it works before giving reach arounds to fund this one! 

  • World Eaters Armoured Breakthough rite of war themed list - I know it doesn't fit the fluff and all that jazz however for the rule of cool and how good my command rhino and venator turned out the armoured force should look super sexy. I can also use the "claws" to zap my crazy mofo's about! 

  • Night Goblins / Moonclan/ Gloomspite Gitz: I've already a solid chunk of infantry so adding another 60 spear chaps and the new funky stuff should do! 
Yep thats right its all GW! unless something distracts me these will be my mainstay projects, And we all know that's gonna happen the question is how long can I last!

The "Pledge"

as it has now become tradition this will continue into 2019 however the first three months are going to be a test of my spending power and setting myself a budget rather than going balls deep as I usually do!

The anniversary:

The Anarchy of Anton is 10 years old this year! 


So to celebrate this fact its time for another mega build in the form of Razak the Reaver! Yep my missus bought me a Reaver titan for xmas so this will work perfectly for 30K/40K super heavy support. However with an air brush thing time round I've a feeling that it's gonna be alot easier than to brush paint like I did with Bob back in the day.

I plan on starting this in August this year so as long as I don't get distracted too much it should be a nice homage to the beginning of this blog back in the day.

Now what I would love is 4 warhounds to go with the Reaver so I can do a Mandible in 28mm scale....

Now with all this "I wanna do this and that stuff" I didn't want to leave the newest tool in my hobby life out of the master plan. So for the Prusa its going to continue the zone mortalis board and as a little "cheeky" one I've started test printing parts for a certain super heavy walker that would compliment the reaver nicely!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018 - Overview of the Year

2018, well what a year!!

Blog wise its been quite light due to various real life stuff, however the paint has continued to flow though out most of the year.

So lets start of with the "master plan"

well as I didn't do one, I didn't fail anything!

So onto the 2018 overview....

Jan -

It was a blue start to the year with the Smurfs get serious and start planning on an ACTUAL outing!

I also started getting some paint on the Algoryn for GoA that I picked up towards the end of the 2017, and as usual I went with russian green and I was very happy with the result for the amount of time that I took on these.

Feb -

The Phosphex Party get ready for a jolly down south....

a narrative doubles torney, much fun was had and lots of lessons learnt!

With the Necrons on the horizon for 40K I revisited and old friend, this time with the aid of an airbrush its made my life very very easy!

after bugging Ross for the martin basing technique they are well under way!

We also had the first show of the year, In the form of Robin

This was the second year that the show was ran, and much better than the 1st year as we had heating! I'll be looking forward to this in 2019. - I've had conformation that the Phat Cats will be running a table using This is not a test rules system. Really looking forward to that!

I also picked up Gangs of Rome at this show (System 1)

March -

With Necron fever gripping me I broke out the airbrush and went to work......

however I also decided to make a big decision and by a 3D printer, this was after a few months of debating and decided to pull the trigger!

and with star wars legions arriving soon I got it to work straight away, I picked up some STL's from Imperial terrain and was really impressed with the quality of the prints and how good they came out!

April -

Went for a bit of a jolly up north and ended up at Chillcon.

with Lee & Pete running the Blood and Plunder table, Dan, Keith and Spencer running the 30K table it was a busy day for the Phat Cats! Much fun was had and many many people joined in the demo games that we ran,

Starwars Legion hits the market running! (system two)

I go for the controversial choice of Rebs, whilst what appears to be the rest of the world goes for Imps!

So whilst I'm faffing about with legion Salute is looming and I finally get round to sorting out my sloop for the Spanish, Massive thanks to Lee & Gen for sorting out the sails eventually I plucked up the courage and finished off my sloop!

In the usual tradition I picked up a couple of new systems at Salute, the Burrows and Badgers I've already bits for so it was the updated book and Twilight I've looked at this for an awful long time so decided to take the plunge.

These pair taking me to four new systems for the year! 

May -

With the 3D printer chugging away in the back ground and necromunda gaining some speed at the Phat Cats I decided to show some terrain off, much dribbling was done and the 3D terrain makes a huge difference to the tile version of the game.

I was working slowly towards a 4x4 zone mortalis table, however I did hit a slight technical hitch with the printer that took it out of action for a fair few months! 

 June -

With the summer in full swing the painting slowed down and I continued to chop and change with different projects and chipped away at the Algryon 

July -

In a moment of madness I was a bit "bored" and decided to crack out 120 night goblins in the space of about a week, 

I managed to get these sorted out before a couple of holidays so was very very chuffed!

August -

With the batteries recharged and raring to go I hit a model that I've had kicking around for a while,

still yet to use it game wise however due to the "navy" markings I can use it for any army I like, 

After a quick lesson from Dan with how to paint white I cracked on with the world eaters and the test paint came out far better than I expected! 

and whilst I was mass painting via airbrush I did a vansaar necromunda gang for one of the guys at the club and proving that russain green looks good on everything! 

Kill team for 40K hits the market and after some pondering I went with a 4 lictor kill team that I soon discovered is absolute filth! so was quickly shelved before too many people got upset! 

The world eaters continued to gain momentum and the ranks were filling fast! 

September -

With all the infantry sorted out for the world eaters it was time to start on the fun stuff!

so the command rhino and the venator done, its just the 4 drop pods left - however I forgot that in my list is a landspeeder that I was not using at all during my games!

Adeptus Titanicus hits the market in a blaze of glory and flash backs for me with space marine being my first system, I broke out the air brush and had a great time painting these.

with some spare time one day I converted up a squad of reavers into a command type squad and they look better than the normal guys as the chain axes are bad ass!

October -

With real life getting quite interesting my painting took a massive dip and only managed to get 2 warhounds done! 

Nov -

enough said...

no models painted funnily enough!

Dec -

As the year was rapidly coming to an end I managed to find my mojo thanks to Dave suggesting that I join in a warmachine slow grow campaign, 

it started off with a quick test paint of a 2019 project that is discussed in depth on the Phosphex party episode 6!

a cheeky 40 VC for ambush alley, these were quick and dirty as the models themselves are quite poor however I'm looking forward to sourcing some others to try out.

I managed to get the printer working and found a cheeky STL online that looks like a popular transport option for the marine faction, size wise these look spot on so a couple of these for the zone mortalis board and I've an instant motor pool!

Also during the month of December I did a 25(ish) point force for warmachine so these are ready to go for the 2019 campaign, as time goes on I've stuff to add to these however the swamp bases were fun to do and it gives a different look to shat I normally go for.

2018 was a bit of a mixed bag due to a number of personal reasons which I won't go into however I do have to thank a number of people for the support that I've had throughout the year and without you guys I could be in a far worse place!

That Roll call is......

Bec, Julie, Steve, Chrissi, Kris, Mandy, Lee, Gen, Dan, Keith (both of you!), Vince, Rob, Ross, Spencer, Phil, Mick, Sharad

Thank you all for the support, some of you wouldn't even be aware of what you did, however listening to me on a number of occasion's helped massively.

This was reflected with the blog posts being dry and the painting not being to the usual body count however I'm sure that once a few personal issues are sorted out in 2019 then normal service will resume.

My chopping and changing of projects continued through out the year and I've no doubt that this will continue to happen in 2019.

so onto the score on the doors!

Bought: 528

Painted: 750

Difference +222

massive numbers this year considering whats been going on, I came so close to finishing off the world eaters and Algoryn but took my eye off the finish line and they got pushed to the side over other stuff.

However 2019 will have a master plan so that I can curb my spending and catch up with various projects that I've been meaning to finish for a while.

A huge thanks to all the readers of the blog and hope you all had a cracking 2018, and here's to a great 2019!