Friday, 17 March 2017

30K 13th Legion - The Ultramarines

New year new army any all that jazz!

For those guys that have known me for a while this is shocker number 2 for the year so far!

I had a look about in the local scene and no one does the Ultramarines, only one lad half mentioned but nothing had come of it so I decided to take the plunge with the burning of prospro set and use the Mk3 marines along with some other bits and bobs

I started with a 8 man tactical support squad armed with plasma guns, bit of a risk for gets hot but hey I play orks so I'm used to risk! 

then the meat and potato's of the army with two squads of tactical marines, I'm still to do the Sargent's so these will appear later. 

command element in the for of a couple leader guys and a master of signal because he's a dirty model and you can choose a command rhino as a transport option for the Ulramarines!

The breacher I'm undecided on might simply use him as the sarg for breachers that are on the shopping list.

I wanted to try out some allies in the form of custodes and I acquired a second unit and splashed some paint on them, I wasn't convinced with the sigmarine style gold armour so decided to go for a brass type colour. To tie these in with the Ultramarines I opted for a blue rather than a red for the top knots and on the shoulder pad.

and finally Robbie G himself, doubt he'll get much table time but I figured  what the hell! However I'm tempted by the 40K version I'd like to see the model before I drop my pennies on him though.

The usual group shot, this lot has taken me about a month so I'm happy with the overall look, 


So next lot addition's for these guys will be a 10 man assault unit, and rhino transport for the lot. I'm avoiding the forgeworld rhino as the cost will be far too much for a 35 point model! 

Any Ultramarine players wanting to give me some tips!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tactica 2017

Off to Germany I went via Warlord games and the show team, they needed a second driver for the trip and I was the lucky individual who was asked!

Selling stuff I thought it can't be that hard I thought!

so the Van was loaded over at Nottingham and off we went, the trip down to the coast was interesting as my phone died as we was using it as the sat nav and went a bit off the route but after some faffing about we found the place and eventually security escorted us to the booking in porta cabin as we were lost within the port, made it with about 10 mins to spare though!

So the crossing was a night crossing and after a full nights sleep we were back on the road.

the drive was fairly simple and the roads were superb to drive on. I did ponder whilst crossing across Belgium and Germany how on earth did the military do it whilst being shot at!

so finally go to Hamburg!

Nick trying to suss out how he wanted the trade stand I was comedy value and a hired monkey!

The queue starting to form on the Saturday morning and the stand was rammed for most of the day! Huge shout out to Seb & Kev for helping out without those guys myself & Nick would have been swamped!

so the game that was bolted onto the end of the warlord stand, these guys were a 2 man club and the table was spot on with the models looking really nice, and as a added bonus they fed us cake most of the weekend! 

So I managed a quick wander around towards the end of the first day and I snapped away as usual, apologises with regards to the guys and  girls who I didn't get a chance to note the systems down of the various tables though out the show.

A lovely freebooters fate board

Always nice to see dropzone commander, and the detail on the board was lovely! 

some better pics of the game next to the stand 

the actual venue, impressive looking building

great looking square formation set up 

some dark ages style action

fast forward to black powder era, 

A cracking African type board 

some 20mm spec ops, I think using the spectre rules? 

According to the guys from  magabotato 20mm was a up and coming scale in Germany as its normally been 28mm

this one was a hidden gem as the ship had internals that you can fight though, as I was wandering around after hours I didn't get the chance to have a look at the internals however if you have a look on the 7TV facebook page you'll find plenty of pics, genius idea executed superbly! 

battle of the bulge 15mm FoW, reminds me of the band of brothers episode when the Americans attack the German positions, one of my favourite episodes along side the medic episode. 

back into the realms of the unknown, Napoleonic type era

the African Congo type board really caught my eye and the attend to detail was spot on. 

now this was a lovely board themed on Game of Thrones, 

the ice effect as some of the best I've ever seen! 

And as an added bonus they actually sell the models!

Some saga action! 

deadmans hand, the mountain had a mine that you could get into and fight though

A great looking Malifaux board

I stumbled across worlsung, the paint jobs on these were mind blowing!

Day 2 the masses start to arrive! 

28mm desert action

a minon v's a hare, gotta be a good game! 


Check your six according to the sign, with the  forces yet to arrive!

Drop fleet commander 

lovely painted fleets 

I think this was frost grave? but the snow table looked wicked! 

Aggro, the guys running this were superb to chat to and completely bonkers, my kinda people!

GF9 - Tanks, 

I then wandered into the the history of wargaming room with various games set up from long OOP games that are no longer around, 

Warhammer quest, loved this board 

loads of old school items, would have loved to spend more time, however the clock was ticking! 


even this one caught me by surprise.... 

Paper armies! 

I wandered into a room that a group of commission painters had all the kit on display, the pictures really don't do these guys justice..... 

As I was running around before the doors opened I had the run of the place to myself! 

the display painting room

I think this was freebooters fate? 

Now into the only game that I managed to roll some dice on, however after being told about this on the Saturday night, I made a bee-line for this on the Sunday,

Magabotato - Cavemen Verses Tanks!

The history behind this one was a discussion on the forum/facebook page with regards to some models being used along side others that are a fair few years apart, this then lead to the mental idea of cavemen fighting tanks! 

these are home grown rules from the guys and they played really well, fast and simple exactly how they should be for a show. At the moment they are written in German funnily enough, however I was cheeky enough to ask for them to be translated into english so that I can get a few games in and look to see if I can run it at some shows as club type game!

you have rules for traps and the hunter became the hunted!

With the cavemen swarming all over the beast it was looking in the bag! 

The boys! 

a few pics of the actual punters of the show in one of the rooms, quite alot of people and everyone playing where they can I didn't see a single game without people giving it a crack! 

40K space hulk action. 

not sure, but a lovely looking table

now I was very impressed with this one! 

multi level dungeon type game on a turn table!

a massive WW2 set up! 

darklands models within a saga style game, again superb looking stuff! 

One of the bigger scales, I think this was 32mm? 

Battlestar galactica 

variation of the height on the asteroids was clever, over all paint job was bang on! 

28mm WW2

the river was a sheet of either wood varnished or perspex,  really good effect and nice and simple.

the next generation being taught!

So that was Tactica, great show and well worth the visit, the quality of the tables was superb and as a collective one of the best I've seen for a while, I'd like to thank the boys from Magabotato for the beer and chill on Saturday night.  

The nice thing for myself was seeing alot of the European companies that you don't get to see in the UK, lots of nice goodies to be bought and I did quite well with only picking up some mutant dudes for lead adventure company and 4 shipping crates from micro art studios.