Monday, 31 August 2015

Whats Anton been up to & The Pledge!

Yet another month flies by and its time for a pledge update as well as what I've been up to.

over the last 6 weeks its been summer holidays in the UK so I've been on dad duty for most of it and didn't get much painting time as I would usually get,

so since I finished the KOW KOM scouts off I've done some robots for Judge Dredd

These were the ones that I varnished and they went frosty, the only thing that I could suss out why they went wrong was due to applying the varnish too thick? 

I've a few robot type models to splash some paint on for Judge Dredd so hopefully once I've done my KOW KOM army I can work on something that's not 20 man units!

Other bits I've been doing is some lizardmen for age of sigmar, I've played a couple of games and I'm not in the love it or hate it camp, so as the system unfolds I'll decide later down the line if push comes to shove I can use the lizardmen for dragon rampart when that hits the high street.

So I've done a 10 man unit to start off with, and as time progresses I'll slowly add more to this force as it going to be a side line slow burner project I'll use it as a treat to distract me from the hardcore projects that no doubt will crop up in the new year.

I demo for Prodos and Tor Gaming and recently both have had an injection of additional staff to get the Crusaders/Rangers out into the community and demoing games more.

I do a fair few bit for Prodos when I can however I'm not been overly active on the relics front until recently when I was back over at black dragon and the demo night went down a storm, so I'm going to be spending a fair bit of time over there over the next couple of months and I've decided to use this opportunity to splash some paint on the Nuem that I've had kicking about since Jan!

I'll also tie this in with the relics painting pledge that is on the facebook page so it gives me an incentive to get the Nuem painted up, however as I'll be tackling the "machines" next I'm still pondering how to do them so any suggestions are welcome!

So onto the "Pledge"

Bought - 19
Painted - 35
Difference + 16

So somehow I've managed to finish in the black!

Only one slight problem though for September with only a 10 odd days until Battle masters I've a fair bit of work to do so going to be busting out the hardcore painting!

However this will give me a + 36 within 12 days of month which means I'll be well on track add to the fact that I'm trying to cut back on my "spending" I'll be making massive in roads to my unpainted stuff that I've had for a while!

So as I'm never one to kick back and relax this is a clue of whats coming next for the Anarchy

Friday, 21 August 2015

Kings of War, Kingdom of Men - Send in the scouts!

Up to now most of the KOM army has been fairly "normal" with no real fantasy type element within it,

So when thinking about the scouts I decided to do something a little different...

 blokes on flying carpets, its a surefire winner!

the actual base is the size of 5 cav models I'm sure I'll get away with these guys though

the carpets were printed off from images that I found on the new, shrank down by Kris and I had no idea how to do it, stuck down on some plastic card that was bent and that was it simple as that!

so all that's really left for the arabs is a unit of cav, a unit of pikemen, some heroes and that should be that lot done!

with Battlemasters in 20ish days it should be a walk in the park based on previous projects that I've had to knuckle down and focus on.

Once this is out of the way though I'll have finally get a chance to play some AVP as well as start on the Nuem for relics that I picked up at the beginning of the year!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Mordhiem campaign Leicester Phat Cats

So what's been going on in the world of Anton?

Well the Phat Cats Mordhiem campaign is well underway with turn two being played amongst the masses, as I'm running the campaign I thought it would be rude not to have a painted warband, and rather than buying stuff that I'd only use for a couple of months I went digging though the mass of stuff I've got and dusted off the lizardmen and splashed some paint on them

The complete warband, 

Skink henchmen with javelins 

and another 3 man unit 

the priest and great crest

The totem warrior with his boys

I'm only allowed 4 saurus warriors, and as soon as I get some more gold I'm getting some more of these chaps!

So I managed to snap some action shots during the first two sessions that have been ran so far, 


The whole idea of this campaign was down to the necromunda campaign that Keith ran earlier in the year, and following on from this Gorkamorka is planned for towards the end of the year.

For the next round towards the end of this month I'm planning on showcasing the warbands that are being used within the campaign,

Friday, 7 August 2015

July Pledge,

And yet another month fly by!

so what have I managed to crank out this month?

Well the KOM KOW army is coming along nicely and I've sorted out the pikemen unit that I converted a while back,

I managed to plough though these in hardly any time at all and compared to the cav that I've been painting recently these have been completed very quickly!

After some discussion on the mantic facebook page the question of enemy units being able to charge the pike unit cropped up so I put the unit on a reverse slope and arranged the pikemen so that they didn't cause to much of an issue, 

so with a bit of luck it appears that I've managed to pull it off, time will tell when I play some full on games,

Gaming wise Ben over at Dice Devils ran a cracking Batman game the other day, 

Initial impressions were very good and I'd like to get some more games under my belt before actually giving my views on this system.

I've also managed to get games of Judge Dredd over at Naga, and painted some robots that I picked up, 

however the spray varnish wiped out the work

so it was back in the detol and start again! 

I was lent an ape gang as we went dinosaur hunting 

I got my ass handed to me, however it was a cracking game and again want to get some games in before giving a first look,

So onto the Pledge,

I survived the Scar's and completed the mantic madness challenge once again,

Bought 20
Painted 46
Difference +26

so another stonking month and I'm managing to "control" my habit to some extent, so for the next month I'll be working on some scouts and normal cav for the KOW KOM army, then depending how burnt out I get on that stuff I've another unit of pikemen to sort out and finally move onto the cool stuff for the finish line, It's gonna be a tight one me thinks!

To break up the Arab bits I'm painting up lizardmen for age of sigmar and dragon rampart and might splash some paint on some T-55's that I picked up from battlefront a while back.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Evil Bear Wargames, Bear Tactical Hardsuit

A chap that I've know for far too long has done that one thing that we all dream of and released his own system along with a unique range,


so OSC is coming soon, and if the first lot of miniatures is anything to go by this will be one to watch, I've lifted the description of the game from Matt's website,

Oscar Sierra Charlie

Where Modern Warfare Meets Worlds Beyond

Oscar Sierra Charlie puts you straight in the front line in gripping battles. This is combat at the cutting edge; individual and squad-level action, desperate missions to capture key objectives, with victory going to best tactical mind.

OSC’s mechanics are deliberately streamlined for fast-paced tactical play. Straightforward stat lines are augmented by a plethora of skills, options and tactics. At its heart a player-driven rules system, no two games of OSC will be the same. Your troops will stand and fight at your command – their fate and that of the mission is in wholly in your hands!

The game world of Oscar Sierra Charlie is one of gritty modern warfare at its core. But it is also far more. Revolutionary scientific experimentation has opened a Pandora’s Box of trans-dimensional travel; the so-called ‘Endless Earths’.

Across hundreds of alternate Earths, in hundreds of alternate timelines, elite strike teams and expeditions explore, observe and, where necessary intervene. But they are far from alone. Humanity has discovered many facsimiles of itself, scattered across dimensions. But even more explosively, it has encountered other sentient beings; lifeforms of unknowable abilities and motives. As the eyes of humanity open to the limitless possibilities afforded by the Endless Earths, the fate of our entire reality may hang in the balance…

Late last week the first models went up for order and I'd be rude not to support a fellow hobbyist so I threw some paypal at the screen and these bad boys rocked up...

very funky packages, dead useful as well for various tokens for all sorts of systems!

a badly taken picture of the raw product 

nice and easy to stick together, crisp castings and with a little work you can easily convert these guys. 

I splashed some paint on one of them and everything looks brilliant in Russian green! 

size of the hardsuit next to a popular spaceman...

Overall very pleased with my purchase and a multitude of uses for various systems that I dabble in, so if this wets your whistle then wander to Matt's website splash some cash and get some cool toys!