Monday, 31 May 2010

Misson Impossible Day Three

To quote Ross "are you a painting superhero?"

Well I might have to agree....

Now I've been told that the "reindeer" are called raptors... Na I'll continue to call them reindeer ;)

Only the skin left to do on those do good as done,

The Archers/bowmen also know as blighted archers, are done and dusted,

The samurai sword welding loonies boringly names as blighted swordsmen only need there skin doing so again good as done

The Shepard, sort out the skin and again thats done

Now this is where the plan kinda fell over I was quite happy pumping these guys out and ran out of black ink, so if it wasn't for that these would be done, but hey ho I've plently of time now so decided to crack on with the new cryx caster that was released last week...

Now all I've gotta do on this guy is the inking and I was going to go for a greeny glow effect on the groves in the shoulders as well as the weapon and the top of his thighs

Now I've had these kicking around for ages so whilst I was in "warmachine" mode painting wise I thought I'd crank these out as well!

So onto the pledge....

Thanks to Danny asking me to paint his army that has put me very much in the black, something that I wasn't expected to happen, I enjoyed doing the commission work so might try my had at it and see what happens,

Bought    Painted
    33          44

Comments welcome as always,

Cheers Anton,

Friday, 28 May 2010

Misson Impossible Day One

Well what a start!!

Apart from burning the midnight oil on Thursday night, I decided to call it a day at 3am and getting up before the parking wardens turned up I managed to get this little lot done.....

so these are the archers, I was asked to paint the cloth a dark purple, metal as normal and a light skin tone, now they look "ok" but I'm gonna base them as well as they don't feel finished to me,

And the sword welding loonies, kinda remind me on samurai so I enjoyed doing these, just got the skin to do and the jobs a good un,

So not bad for a days work!

I'm not going to be able to do anything for "day 2" as I'm at a wedding reception Saturday night and working sunday, so bank holiday Monday will be my next big session for the challange but with the two units good as done I can work on the guys with cloaks and the reindeer riders as well as the shepherd.

Misson Impossible??

Well what started off as a tongue in cheek remark has now become a personal challange....

I'll explain, Danny from the local gaming club was banging on about how he needed to get his everblight painted for the warmachine torney, but as only being fairly recently being into the hobby doesn't have that much experiance painting.

So old Mr confident here stated I'll paint your army for the right price, I then get a text from Danny earlier this week with the gold question paint my army I'll give you a warmachine pirate army.... well course I said yes so this is what I got last night when I was down the club.....

Now I know bugger all about everblight apart from that fact that they are dirty!! even worse than the cryx!!

So the list of "things" to paint....

3 blokes riding reindeer
8 blokes with bows
6 blokes with bows and long cloaks
7 blokes with samurai type swords
1 shepard (I remembered its name!)
1 bloke pointing to the pub
and two armless metal fellas

so thats 28 models that I need to bang out before the 4th June, 7 calander days from today!

so this week I'll be having an update a day to see how I'm getting along....

I feel the force is strong with me on this one!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oblit's done and dusted,

Not much to show this week as I've been so busy! but had some bloody good fun though!

How ever I did manage to finish off the converted obliterators and have made a massive leap into the unknown with possessed a 10 man squad in slannesh colours, the armour is done nice and easy like the noise marines but just the deamonic bits to sort out, Now looking at a colour wheel, its telling me either yellow or green is the contrast so I'll be faffing about with that for most of this week.

The Pledge might have taken a beating this month as I picked up a load of chaos marines for next to nothing so I'm well in the red, and with the prices for GW products going up at the end of the month I'm thinking about get some bits and bobs but I'm sure I'll pull it back next month.

Right onto the pictures, the black was a nice challange for myself as I've not painted black for years and I did it with regal blue last time, this time I've gone down the codex grey route and its come out quite nice.

The tracked part came out better than I expected with the sand and hightlighted browns to give it a weathered look, so over all I'm quite pleased with these. I'm tempted to make another 6 of these and max out the heavy support choices but then I'm tempted by converting a baal predator, but only for the side sponson support that you get with that kit compared to the normal one where its weak at the joint.

Cheers Anton,

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Monkeys with Harpoons!

Well I've had a very productive (well deserved) day off and was painting like a mad man!!

Not only did I get the noise marine Rhino done, I also managed to crank out an ogrun boarding party for my warmachine cryx army! now these bad boys have eight wounds each and have a special combo attack that they get to twat what ever they drag in with there harpoons! over all sounds good to me!

Now the only reason I decided to get a unit of these was due to stef's trollblood champions and watching the amount of damage that they can take as well as dish out I went on the hunt for the cryx version. Now I'll admit when I first saw them I was a bit humm... to the actual sculpts but as I started to paint them I grew to like them and now strangely enough I love em! loads of little detail on them that I hadn't noticed.

The whole gang, now I'm not great at doing skin heavy models so I kinda went with the flow with these chaps, and I happy with the overall look.

So the rhino, now it looks quite pink in the pictures but isn't that bright in real life,

this little lot seems to have got my painting mojo back and I'm going to be cracking on with a unit of slannesh choosen that I've put togeather, all I really need to do is jigg about the lighting claws that I've got off the space wolf sprue and put some wires onto the models and await the effects that I've ordered from armourcast and they'll be ready to slap some paint on.

I'll more than likely get the converted oblit's done and some soul hunters for the cryx that I've had for years but never done anything with!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Warmachine Banethralls

I figured its been a while since I updated and before Spencer starts giving me "that" look I'd do a quick update with whats happening in Ant-Land.....

Well I finally managed to get the bane thralls for my cryx army finished, I wanted to get these done in plenty of time for the expo torney thats happening on the 5th & 6th June rather than the last factor that the rest of the guys are currently doing, (and some very nice looking stuff I might add)

I'll be honest I struggled to get these guys done for some reason I was in the carn't be arsed to paint mood for quite a while....

But there done so here you go!

As the actual "rank and file" are pretty much all the same I've done some close ups on the unit attachment,

So the new boss man of the unit, really well detailed and lovely to paint

And the standard bearer, now this little guy makes the whole unit tough, god help who ever I play!

Close up of the top of the standard and the "attempt" at some freehand random rune type writing

And thats it!

I need to get the focus back on doing something cool so will be hitting the newly named "bus of love" aka the slannesh rhino, and with a couple of days off work that should be a good deadline for myself to try.

comments welcome as always,


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Oblit's ready to go & noise marine rhino

Just a quick update with the pre-sprayed oblits and the noise marine rhino that I've done over the last couple of days,

So the green stuff looks "ok" I've never been any good at the apart from filling! but it'll do.

I've also put the sand on parts of the tracked units to give it that dirty JCB look.

And whilst I had the "mojo" for converting I decided to get the noise marine rhino done, I banged the body together along with the spaced armour and doors and then sat there trying to decide how to "noise marine" it up? now I didn't want it covered in spikey bits so with a bit of faffing about I converted havoc launchers into huge speakers! and then wired them into the transport compartment so that it could represent a fire point and also look cool at the same time.

I then hit it with a dremal and did the usual bullet holes, and took the edges off some parts, but the quite is do I do any more or would you consider that enough?

A close up of the speaker unit, basicly a havoc launcher turned on its side with the rear plate on and the speaker on the front, I chopped the stand for it so that it fitted and the job is a good un!!

Comments welcome as always,

Cheers Anton.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Month end update April & WIP

Well that one went by fast!

so what did I manage to get done in the "hours & days" leading up to the end of the month???

Well I finished the third squad of noise marines, and then promptly went on ebay and got a shag load more bits for the "children"

and what I've done so far, I'm going to do an "assault" unit so the same heads and paint scheme to be lead by Lucuis mounted in a rhino, maybe... who knows!

After a sound kicking from Jack at warmachine a couple of weeks ago I decided to paint tartrus aka tartar sauce, well if I carn't beat him on the table at least I can show him what a fully painted army looks like ;)

he was painted using the same technique as the bane knights and the bane thralls, the washes make the painting of metals so easy now, it feels like cheating but nice guys finish last!

Whilst I was on a roll I finished off the firestorm armada escorts so there ready to get the bejesus shot out of them, well according to Ross anyway but we'll have to see on that on, hell I might even do a battle report showing my glorious win or crushing loss!!

So onto whats coming up.....

Getting ready for the steamroller torney at expo in a couple of months time I decided that tartus needed some more mates to wander around the table and ruin peoples day!

so a full bane thrall unit with the new unit attachment, I forgot how expensive it is to have full metal models!

Now I follow a chap called dave taylor over at Dave's Blog and drool over his conversion work and scratch building this guy really does have some skills and inspired me to do some that has pushed me outside my comfort zone,

and after "discussing" with Spencer various things about oblitrators from the chaos codex I decided to give them a crack, I'll happly admit that on paper they didn't really appeal to me and I don't really field that much heavy support apart from vindicators I love them combined with the lash of submission makes me smile just thinking about it!

So this is where I'm at with them so far, still got some green stuff to put on them to give them the man/machine melded togeather look, and the powerfist on the "las cannon" one needs finishing off but they are about there and so far I'm quite chuffed with them, I've not done this kind of conversion work for years!

So onto "the pledge"

I knew Salute was going to be a killer, combine that with that I managed to get some emperors child bits and bobs cheap I only just managed to finish in the green!

Bought         Painted
   29                35
So comments welcome as always thanks for you time,