Friday, 29 January 2016

January round up - Off to a flying start!

And in a blink its gone!

so this month I saw the launch of the Survivor series, the phat cats monthly challenge, as well as the mantic challenge, In the usual Anton fashion these were completed in the usual timely manner!

So the Scars challenge was some Emperors Children for 30K

these also nicely tied into the "Super" Edd's 2016 hobby challenge which I'm wandering over to warhammer world on Sunday to have a look at the armies that the guys have painted that I'm really looking forward to and I'll be taking loads of pics and get these up in a series of articles,

so with that one in the bag, it wasn't long before the mantic challenge was sorted, and I went a tad OTT with doing all the deadzone forge father bits that I had...

so a great start to the month and certainly go the momentum flowing!

So on to the phat cats challenge it was a single model, this was going to be a hard one as we've some very very talented individuals at the club, but rather than trying to paint a single model to a stupidly good standard I simply enjoyed myself and did an avatars or war lizardman and for good measure 9 guys to go with him,

not too sure where I'm going with these guys, the initial idea was for dragon rampart, might use them for AoS depending if I can squeeze it into my gaming calender.

so other projects that are running at the moment is 15mm war and empire, myself and a few of the old farts at the club went into a kickstarter back in 2014 and I've been starting to work my way though the models that have been sitting in a box for god knows how long,

so including what I did last month this will be a nice distraction from all the other stuff that I've got on the go! 

 and the final bits that I did in January was some orc commandos for panzerfaust,

these will be for the panzerfaust board for hammerhead at the begining of march that myself and Lee are working on, its gonna be a tight build but I plan on getting this one sorted and just to add on the pressure we've got a club board for hammerhead for Gates of Antares where I need to bash some bromites out for that one!

So onto the Pledge...

Bought - 2
Painted - 84
Differance + 82

a very good start to the year and my attempt to have a dry month worked resonably well, I've avoided most of the shiney kickstarters that are floating around at the moment so thats a result!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Panzerfa├║st - The Snail breading shed,

I popped over to Rob's mid -December to drop off the snail house that I did and was handed the snail shed,

once again designed and built by the same chap who did the previous buildings, the detail on the model is superb and really well cast! 

I also got a set of the walls as well, previously when Rob mentioned that he'd sorted out a set of walls I wasn't overly bothered until I actually saw them and the snail shells within the brick work was brilliant! 

It took me a while to decide on how to paint the shed as I wanted it to look different from the previous buildings that I've done and after a but of a brain storming session with the guys and girls on the Panzerfaust facebook page of of the ladies suggested a mixed brick look so rather than thinking about it too much I just went for it!  

So after the initial colours were put down I gave it a wash and then a really light dry brush to bring the colours together, then it was onto the walls, I started off with a grey and after some feedback from a few different individuals I copied the shed multi brick effect onto the walls,

such a massive difference and looks so much better! 

so that's the terrain for panzerfaust all done so far so as and when Rob decided to commission more hopefully I'll get the chance to splash some paint on his terrain, I've been getting good feedback so it's good to know that I hit the nail on the head for the over all look!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Hitting the pile of unpainted stuff! - Deadzone Forge fathers

I've decided to try and actually get some of my previous stuff that I picked up via the first Mantic KS for deadzone sorted out before the next lot hits and whilst ruminging though a random box I found the forge fathers,

Now these were "free" unlocks as the KS went through its various stretch goals and I bought a dreadnought thing as a add on for the rule of cool factor!

So it started off with this as the initial pledge on the mantic madness monthly painting compo...

and a week or so later they were sorted! 

So I figured I might as well finish off the other odds and sods with the suit guys, 

and managed to crack them out in no time at all, 

so I decided to round them off with the miner looking chaps, 

The initial models painted in the blue was for a bit of a change and I simply carried the colour though out the rest of the army, the warpath KS pledge manager is no up and I'm tempted to add some more odd and sods but when I ask myself will I really use them, the sensible side of me tells me to calm down I've enough to sort out and the Anton side of me is telling me to go for it!

However I'm trying to have a dry month and see how far I can go without adding more to the unpainted pile that is slowly taking over the geek room!

As its near the end of the month I'm doing stupidly well and have bought 2 models to add onto existing armies!

However that doesn't mean I've been sitting on the PS4 for most of the month! I've painted a crazy amount of models where I've completed all my monthly goals, I'll explain more about that in the month end summary!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Master plan 2016

New year new army and all that jazz!

So whats the plan for the new year -

The pledge is keeping me ploughing though the model count quite nicely and hitting the magic 1K last year gave me a real boost to start focusing rather than chopping and changing projects which I seem to be doing quite recently.

so what are these projects that I'm going to be working on?

Well The phat cats have managed to get a table at hammerhead in March and Phil wanted to run a game of Gates of Antares which gives me an incentive to finish off the bromites and also the table will be a desert style so that we can use it for the gorkamorka campaign that we've planned for the club in the next few months,

For Salute we've been asked to do a modern game in 15mm so we are just sorting ourselves out for that so watch this space on that one!

As a brucey bonus we have been approached by another company asking us to do a demo table for them so we've a meeting to discuss the breif and decide if we can pull off what they propose.

Throw in some panzerfaust for good measure and the demo team are going to be busy boys!

The hobby goal list I didn't really do anything on the list apart from the KOW army, so I'm not actually going to bother with a goal list as I'm quite bad when it comes to the butterfly effect and constantly chopping and changing so I can't plan two months ahead never mind 12 months ahead!

New systems -

Rather than looking for new systems I'm going to try something different this time round and that would be playing games that I've painted models for but not actually got my teeth into!

however kickstarter continued to be the bane of my wallet for 2015 and moving into 2016 I'm going to put the "ooohhhhh" factor on hold as much as possible and rather then going balls deep I'll be alot more picky,

so what kickstarters am I waiting for...

AVP - waiting on wave three stuff, enough said on that!
Merc's recon - only one year over due!
V-commando's - only 3 months over due
Open combat - only 6 months over due
Myth - due in *cough* July 
Specture technical - 5 months over due
Deadzone 2nd ed - due Jan
Devils run - due feb
Warpath - due Sep
Panzerfaust - due Sep

I'm sure that lot should keep me busy!!

I'll go into more detail with regards to projects and revel these as I actually decide what to do with them!

so what are you plans for the new year?