Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Month end update June!

Jesus how fast is this year flying by! and the really scary part is Anton Mk2 is due on the 16th September so time to start sorting out the house ready for the little pitter pater of paint brush welding mini-me!

Now I've tried to "convince" the other half to name it Typhus but doesn't understand where the name comes from and doesn't like it as it sound like typhoid, so I might get away with a middle name for it! LOL yea right!

Anyway for those who are in good old blighty will know that the traditional English summer has arrived (i.e. its either fucking scorching or shite!) and yup its scorching!! so that's slowed my painting down a bit as it gets warm in the room that I paint in and I'm too lazy to buy a fan... but maybe a trip to Argos is called for!

Anyway enough whaffling!  So I decided to get the Orc & Goblin brigade and some extra bits at the start of the month and managed the following.....

now that's a massive 75 models in 30 days!

Night Goblin unit 1 I'm thinking of adding a extra rank to take it to a unit size of 25 for both units

Second unit

6 frothing nutters!

The wolf riders that I blasted out over the last weekish

and the gravity deifying orc warriors, again I'm going to do another 6 to take these up to 25 as they only have a T-shirt save!

Now even with 4 units it still leaves me well short for the "pledge"

Bought   127

Painted   77

Difference -50!

so with fantasy 8th Ed out on the 10th July I'm hoping to get a unit of orc's with spears done, and maybe just maybe the black orc's if I can get that done then I've only the spider riders, boar boys, chariot and the lords and hero's that I've picked up over the last few weeks, 4 orc guys and a shammy.

Now the other thing I should confess to is that since reading part of Helsreach that Chris lent me I'm in love with Black Templar's! Much to Ross' disgust when I picked up the high marshal fella Helbrecht and I've already worked out in my head how I can do a really cool looking emperors champion using a double handed sword from the blood angel golden nipple marines (no idea on the name!) and the rest being made up of normal templar bits.

I'll be posting up an army list over the next couple of weeks, after sitting down with my military advisor and getting some general tips on how "normal" marines work! Well after playing pure chaos for about 4 years I'm getting excited about drop pods and all the other cool toys! But the golden question is do I go for codex space marine or codex Templars?

Answers on a post card.....