Friday, 27 October 2017

"Derby" show 2017 - or WTF was that supposed to be?

Derby the last biggie for the Leicester Phat Cats Demo team....

We popped our demo cherry with a 20mm WW2 game Operation Goodwood and since then we've enjoyed each year scooping up various awards for best in show and best participation game over the years.

As a show Derby based at Donnington was always a good crack, however this year KR Cases took over the show and it was moved to Bruntingthorpe, the travel time for myself was the same however the access to the show was tricky as its not really close to anywhere so those who rely on public transport are scupped.

Even before the show it was looking dodgy as myself and a few of the other guys were attached to Warlord running a K47 game however this wasn't included in the master plan and we were crow barred onto the end of the bolt action torney area.

However we were on the opposite end of the hall to Warlord so the point of being a "demo" game was completely lost. However in hind sight this was a blessing in disguise as we had oodles of room compared to some of the other demo guys that I saw when I wandered round on the Sunday.

 So the table with a new funky sign from Pete at the club, I'm liking the logo!

a "few" Germans from Phil, all sorts of conversions! 

The Zeus was nice painted again by Phil, the mix of parts and the factory hull type colour was well executed!

the mighty Russians painted by yours truly! 

The Objective - Capture Tiger 13

So the next lot of photos are ones that I took on the Sunday on a quick run around, apologises in advance for not getting details of the games however I was truly impressed by the amount of effort that the guys and girls had put in, 

I remember the KS for this bomber add on and in the flesh they are massive!! 

WWX going for a relaunch, didn't get the chance to chat to the guys as some rude retard was moaning about the fact that they hadn't received their FREE 2nd ed book!

yea this was an interesting one.... the Derby Worlds home grown game, retailing at 70 quid, containing models from other manufacturers, the art work as laughable and they were apparently giving copies away at the end of the show if you had a demo! 

more of a terrain reference pic, I though the way that the trees were done was really clever. 

This is not a test from the Yorkshire guys, didn't get a chance to have a go but the table looked superb! 

Now this did make me wonder...  2 massive naval games and I stood around and didn't see any interaction with the masses. should shows put a maximum limit on games? 

So onto the "haul" 

as the show was fairly quiet on the Sunday I nabbed a copy of this from Oathsworn who were opposite the demo table and ended up reading a fair bit! 

I was on a roll this weekend and picked up all manner of random bits and bobs including the new Japanese for K47 

Yea the oathsworn book convinced me to drop some money on a "demo" set so I'll look forward to getting these done over the next few weeks!

and with the ever increasing post apocalyptic table I got various odds and sods from Spectre, ansty and iron pig.

So thoughts on the show...

Traders had a good mix, however the size of the isles was way too tight and even with my agility I was having to duck and dive like I was in a dodgeball game just to get through the masses.

Demo games needed more room, couldn't get into some of them due to being so close together

New venue well its in the arse end of nowhere, its too small for the amount of traders that were in the place, and according to sources its going to be at the same place for the next two years.

Derby was one of my "goto" shows for the year however that's now in jeopardy and only if I see massive changes for 2018, more than likely I won't bother wasting my time, I'd rather spend the energy, effort and money on the Hammerhead show.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

And I'm back in the room!

2 months!

Good god best shake a leg and sort some posts out,

So what have I been upto for the last 2 months?

Well I've painted a massive K47 Army for the Derby show & Warlord open day.

Finished off Joes Cygnar WW2 themed army

I'll put up my thoughts on the Derby and Warlord open day on seperate  posts as I managed to snap some pics of both events,

And thats about it, I've been painting odds and sod here and there, So lets have a look at the last few months worth of pledges,


Bought 41
Painted 23
Differance -18


Bought 31
Painted 92
Differance +61


Bought 20
Painted 42
Differance +28

so a bit of a postive couple of months however my over all pledge is looking under threat!

2017 so far

Bought 504
Painted 448
Differance -56

56 models to break even for the year and that doesn't take into account Necromunda that goes up for pre-order on the 11th Nov, the annual trip to Crisis on the 4th Nov and any thing else that I happen to pick up.

I've no doubt I'll pick up the necromunda box set but apart from that I've not seen anything that grabs my attention so a couple of dry months won't do me any harm painting wise as I'm more than enough to keep me going!

Keep an eye for the Derby and Warlord Pics they'll be up in the next week or so.