Sunday, 28 February 2010

Month end update,

Well I've had a real lazy week after blasting out all that cryx in a day, also Alien verses Predator was released so you can kiss good bye to any painting!!

I've managed to finish off the nurgle rhino, once more coat of wash and some weathering on the tracks and it'll be done, just need to decide if its worth getting another 2 or 3? We'll have to see on that one?

any way WIP pics.....



After my mumblings about the pre-heresy stuff a couple of weeks ago I decided to order some bits and bobs, the first things that came through my door were these nurglest looking deamons, might use them as champions for the deamon army that is coming along in the back ground, I picked them up from scibor miniatures some nice stuff if you do dwarfs and all that jazz!

I also managed to convert the sorceror and he's ready to be undercoated and started on..

These are currently being worked on...

going to do them a really bright yellow with a equally horriblely bright second colour for the fur etc... I love painting deamons because you can throw the laws of colour circle out of the window!

and this is a little teaser of what'll be coming in the next couple of weeks!

so onto the "pledge"

this month has been a really lazy one....

Bought              Painted
22                     16

A differance of -6

So a bit more of an effort is required!! LOL 

Sunday, 21 February 2010

WINNER! Blood & Oil Gifts for Geeks Warmachine Torney

Well what a day!

Not only did the fastest painted army in the world take best painted army for the Gifts for Geeks Blood and Oil warmachine Torney, I walked away with top spot winning all three of my games and giving me highest placed faction for the Cryx!

so this is what I got...

Some nice shiney medals and a £10 gift voucher for the shop to spend which I'll probley spend on some more cryx!

I'll get some better pictures of the army done (i.e. I'll ask Stef who has a funky set up)

for those that might be intrested this was the list that I was running with:

Goreshade The Bastard
Stalker bonejack
Nightwretch bonejack
Slayer helljack
2 lots of scrap thralls
unit of Baneknights
1 Pistol wraith
1 Machine wraith

and that is my 20 point list,

Very brief Summary of the Games

Game 1:

Against Hamish with Epic Vlad a shit load of ironfang pikemen with a unit attachment and a Behmouth (huge thing with loads of guns!), Mission was no mans land and in the end I only won it my sending goreshade in against Vald and doing the killing blow, but bugger me the ironfang pikemen where hard to get rid of!!

Game 2:

Against my arch-nemisis Lee, with the caster that I hate with a passion (well I despise menoth really!) Feora, with two castigator's and a reckoner and a choir, the mission was capture and control, the machine wraith earnt its gold in this game and the free bane thralls took down the reckoner in one round of combat with some good rolls, it was close to the line when feora tried to charge goreshade but was taken out by a free strike as she left combat, so a very very close game!!

Game 3:
Well this was the battle royal against Ross with his NNM metal (un)painted Legion of everblight, the mission was kill the caster it was very bloody with bodies everywhere and fluffed dice rolls on both sides, but his caster (the name escapes me) went down to a slayer using soul gate, however only did I discover that I couldn't have activated the jack on the turn that he teleported, but if I'd known that then the trample move would have been employed and pretty much the same result would have occoured.

So apart from the minor mistake in game three, I had three cracking games and coming first was a bonus but wasn't an expected result!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

The army painting machine is green light for go!

Well I knew that I had a Mk2 warmachine torney coming up I was a tad surprised when I got told on Wednesday that its this Sunday!

So with me still reeling in shock from last nights game with Spencer which was bloody good fun, and hats off to him the bitch slap move from his warcaster was pure filth! (but really really clever!)

I've jigged my army about a bit and decided to see if I could walk in on sunday with a nicely painted force, with my weekend stacked with going out and the usual antic's so this morning I pushed the deamons and whats left of the deathguard to one side and grabbed this little lot..

Time Check: 8:20 AM

So I've 6 bane thralls, a stalker and goreshade to get done,

so with the magic morning liquid pumping through my veins (that's tea before you ask!) I decided to do the stalker and the bane thralls at the same time then work on gorshade once I'd properly woken up!

Time Check: 9:20 AM 

A mere 1 hour later I was at this point with the little monkeys...

so the metal parts of the bane thralls was done, including the brass on parts of the armour to break up the model,

the stalker which I've converted last night so I could crack on with it today, has the brass done on it, as its quite a small model souldn't be too hard to get finished,

so a quick fag and another cuppa tea I cracked on....

Time Check: 11:30 AM

And the bane thralls where ready for the wash stage same as the stalker..

However with the best laid plans something does go wrong, I'd ran out of black wash and the gryphonne sepia was looking dangerously low! so it was like a scene from lock stock when Avi comes over from New York

I need some more ink!

Whilst driving over to the local shop I then got a phone call for an invite for a pub lunch, well it'd be rude to say no, and I needed some breakfast anyway!

Time Check 3:30 PM

I'd got the first coat of ink done on the bane thralls as well as the stalker, and whilst waiting for that to dry decided to repair the bane knights as some shields and arms had come off and make a start on Goreshade

So the metal was done, as well as the brass parts of his armour,  and I'd part based him as the sand would have to dry over night but wouldn't get in the way of painting him,

Time Check: 5:00 PM 
So whilst doing Goreshade the first ink coat had dried so I gave a quick second coat and carried on with the warcaster whilst listening to relaxing drum & bass! (just for you Ross check this out! Whoomp Boom boom! ) this took me to this point with goreshade

now I went a bit arty farty on Goreshade, by putting scorpion green in the rune carvings and for the symbol on his cape as he was something thing to do the retribution I used there rune glow colours for a bit of contrast

So by the time I'd done Goreshade the second coat of ink was about dry so there good as done, just need to base them and they'll be ready to rock and roll!

So one finished stalker

and one unit of bane thralls done, so if you take out the 2ish hours that I was out for not bad for about 7 hours work.


Ok so after a stella night down the boozer with Jay & Dave and looking at pretty guns during the day then a surprise by two lots of relatives, there finially done!!

One thing that has occoured to me is that its a lot of models for 20 points!! oh well should surprise a few people ;)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Thoughts and musings on pre-heresy or Dam you Horus I would have let you have some if you'd asked!

So Ron's blogworld post is asking about pre-heresy stuff....

Well personally I've never been much for the pre-heresy fluff until I picked up the BL books and from there I've turned into a total fan of it, it's fleshed out the history so much and as well as great reading material gives you a differant point of view compared to the "chaos is bad" rubblish the the imperium has been pumping out for years bit like CNN

anyway I like models both the little ones....

and the big ones...

and you thought that you was gonna see some naked ladies! LOL

Any way recently with the increase in the gaming community wanting to go back to the old school there has been some small companies making bits and bobs for the "pre-heresy" look, for people like me thats fantasic as I'm a lazy gamer and don't have as much time to spend on converting as I'd like due to other hobbies and keeping the other half happy!

so this is what I've found on my google-fu days...

chapterhouse studios
These guys do a Mk2 to Mk1 rhino conversion kit, looks quite nice so once I work out how to order through them then I'll more than likely get hold of one and have a look,
Also the do the pre-heresy style shoulder pads as well as some other funky bits that would suit the look really nice!

microart studio
These chaps do some right weird and wonderful things, the "crusader" legs would fit in well with the "monk" look aka black templars or dark angels

Some little gems from these chaps, notably the "steam knight heads" and the old school looking jump packs,

now these are only what I've found however if anybody out there has found other cool little gems then throw us the link so I can have a butchers,

now you could just adapt the current marine codex so that you could have a pre-heresy style army, just drop the stuff that wouldn't be around and the jobs a good un, i.e. razorbacks, also I'd make the landspeeder fast attack choice a 0-1 to represent the chapters not having that many.

thinking of rules... there is already a copy of warhammer 30,000 out there via the guys over at Bell of Lost Souls

Now the real factor about the pre-heresy movement is would you see GW bring out conversion sets for the masses old style boltguns, torso fronts and legs all that kinda stuff, think how cool the terminators would look! the question is would they sell?? well they've some right crap on the "mail order only" part of there website so I think it'd go like hot cakes for old farts like me who'd been in the hobby for about 15ish years and seen some "intresting" lines come and go.

Also think of the rules... there is already a copy of warhammer 30,000 out there via the guys over at Bell of Lost Souls

If GW couldn't justify the production set up for this kind of conversion pack which would be fair enough as they are a business and part of the hobby is the freedom to convert to how you want, then you could always have the guys over at forgeworld do a conversion kit you've already got the red scorpions how about some generic marine torso's and the like? 

So thats my random thoughts and feelings on the pre-heresy stuff,

Cheers for your time

Thursday, 11 February 2010

MkII is a go!

Alrighty, So I've played two games of warmachine MkII now and starting to get to grips with the tweeks that they have put into place,

As it's the second gifts for geeks Torney in a couple of weeks I managed to come up with a nice all rounder list which I'll be tweeking in the next week or so and the bonus is that I only have to paint a few bits and bobs and the job is a good un!

So this is my 20 point Cryx list:

Goreshade the Bastard
Reaper Helljack
Nightwretch Bone Jack
Nightwretch Bone Jack
Bloat Thrall
Bane Knights - 6 man unit
Machine Wraith
Scrap Thrall x2 - give you 6 thralls

So if I decide to run with this list all I need to do is paint the bane thrall's that come free with gorshades feat, the reaper helljack and the bloat thrall so not many at all!!

so any warmachine players that would care to comment on the above?

Thursday, 4 February 2010

On the Workbench or i've had a really good idea!

Well as with all "ideas" some do tend to get lost amongst the other "ideas" that I dream up or are implated into my mind via the medium of Ross & Spencer, (normally when I've had a few cheeky shandys)

So as the death guard is rapidly closing to a finish I found myself looking around my hobby room for something to inspire me to paint or work on the next "big thing"

I didn't want to start a brand new project as I've enough rubbish and have started shifting it via ebay, with some surprising success! So I decided to flesh out the demaon army that I've been doing as a side project so I wandered over to Dustins shop on Tuesday (was just an excuse to see the guys really) and picked up some second hand flesh hounds lead by the big dog karararanabsf (or what ever his name is!)

now as I'm looking for a jump pack for the slannesh sorcerer, I've been keeping my eye out on the "bay" and the prices are a tad high and as I only want one then it seems a bit ott to get 5 then the others sit in a box somewhere, whilst mooching around the chaos section within the shop I spotted the chaos lord with jumppack, the smart dumb balance was restored and hey presto I've me jump pack!!

I'm going to be using the arm from lucius and maybe the torso, and get hold of some khorne bezerker legs for a bit more of a running pose, so I was quite happy at point it would give me something to do on my days off!!

I've mentioned in the past that I've been thinking about doing a plague tower for the death guard, and as final showpeice model for the army I've decided to go for it! and by luck or as Dustin quoted "the planets have alined for the dark gods" someone had bought in a shadowsword for second hand trade in, After the usual "what your for it" and the "what you willing to pay for it" factor I was handing over me cash for this little monkey!

I didn't really realise how big it really is! (ohh err) so as I scratched my chin and though where do I start so since this picture has been taken I've removed the fixed turret and debadged it (like a cheap corsa!) I'll put some more updates on as it comes along but I'll heading to B&Q for plumbing supplies (you'll see what I mean later on)

So not dauted by three things to do I've still got the big man to finish off and decided to start on converting the rhino, its at its basic stage so some green stuff still needed and that should be about done,

so in theory I'll have a the flesh hounds done first nice and easy like the bloodletters, work on the rhino at the same time with the green stuff, and paint the deamon prince with the rhino, 3 stands of nurglings and the two dreadnoughts. Bringing the deathguard to a close (unless I convert some bikers!)

and that leave the plague tower to play about with, I managed to get the plague bearers and greater deamon finished before the end of the month i.e. sunday so....

so another 11 plague bearers nice and simple really,

the big daddy with his big stick!

so far the "misson" to paint more than I buy stands at:

January -

Bought                                  Painted
10 Bloodletters                      10 Bloodletters
1 Herald of khorne                1 Herald of khorne
25 Plague bearers                  21 plague bearers (coops is stripping 4 for me)
1 Masque of slaneesh            14 death guard marines
4 stands of nurglings               5 stands of nurglings (the orginal ones I had)
1 great unclean one                5 chaos terminators
1 doom rider                          1 deamon prince
                                              1 greater demaon

43 models bought                   58 models painted

so a success for January, can Febuary be same???

Bought                                  Painted
7 Flesh hounds                      nought!!!
1 shadow sword
1 chaos lord (jump pack)

anyway I'm done so leave comments as always, and give me some ideas for the plague tower ;)