Sunday, 21 February 2010

WINNER! Blood & Oil Gifts for Geeks Warmachine Torney

Well what a day!

Not only did the fastest painted army in the world take best painted army for the Gifts for Geeks Blood and Oil warmachine Torney, I walked away with top spot winning all three of my games and giving me highest placed faction for the Cryx!

so this is what I got...

Some nice shiney medals and a £10 gift voucher for the shop to spend which I'll probley spend on some more cryx!

I'll get some better pictures of the army done (i.e. I'll ask Stef who has a funky set up)

for those that might be intrested this was the list that I was running with:

Goreshade The Bastard
Stalker bonejack
Nightwretch bonejack
Slayer helljack
2 lots of scrap thralls
unit of Baneknights
1 Pistol wraith
1 Machine wraith

and that is my 20 point list,

Very brief Summary of the Games

Game 1:

Against Hamish with Epic Vlad a shit load of ironfang pikemen with a unit attachment and a Behmouth (huge thing with loads of guns!), Mission was no mans land and in the end I only won it my sending goreshade in against Vald and doing the killing blow, but bugger me the ironfang pikemen where hard to get rid of!!

Game 2:

Against my arch-nemisis Lee, with the caster that I hate with a passion (well I despise menoth really!) Feora, with two castigator's and a reckoner and a choir, the mission was capture and control, the machine wraith earnt its gold in this game and the free bane thralls took down the reckoner in one round of combat with some good rolls, it was close to the line when feora tried to charge goreshade but was taken out by a free strike as she left combat, so a very very close game!!

Game 3:
Well this was the battle royal against Ross with his NNM metal (un)painted Legion of everblight, the mission was kill the caster it was very bloody with bodies everywhere and fluffed dice rolls on both sides, but his caster (the name escapes me) went down to a slayer using soul gate, however only did I discover that I couldn't have activated the jack on the turn that he teleported, but if I'd known that then the trample move would have been employed and pretty much the same result would have occoured.

So apart from the minor mistake in game three, I had three cracking games and coming first was a bonus but wasn't an expected result!!