Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Thoughts and musings on pre-heresy or Dam you Horus I would have let you have some if you'd asked!

So Ron's blogworld post is asking about pre-heresy stuff....

Well personally I've never been much for the pre-heresy fluff until I picked up the BL books and from there I've turned into a total fan of it, it's fleshed out the history so much and as well as great reading material gives you a differant point of view compared to the "chaos is bad" rubblish the the imperium has been pumping out for years bit like CNN

anyway I like models both the little ones....

and the big ones...

and you thought that you was gonna see some naked ladies! LOL

Any way recently with the increase in the gaming community wanting to go back to the old school there has been some small companies making bits and bobs for the "pre-heresy" look, for people like me thats fantasic as I'm a lazy gamer and don't have as much time to spend on converting as I'd like due to other hobbies and keeping the other half happy!

so this is what I've found on my google-fu days...

chapterhouse studios
These guys do a Mk2 to Mk1 rhino conversion kit, looks quite nice so once I work out how to order through them then I'll more than likely get hold of one and have a look,
Also the do the pre-heresy style shoulder pads as well as some other funky bits that would suit the look really nice!

microart studio
These chaps do some right weird and wonderful things, the "crusader" legs would fit in well with the "monk" look aka black templars or dark angels

Some little gems from these chaps, notably the "steam knight heads" and the old school looking jump packs,

now these are only what I've found however if anybody out there has found other cool little gems then throw us the link so I can have a butchers,

now you could just adapt the current marine codex so that you could have a pre-heresy style army, just drop the stuff that wouldn't be around and the jobs a good un, i.e. razorbacks, also I'd make the landspeeder fast attack choice a 0-1 to represent the chapters not having that many.

thinking of rules... there is already a copy of warhammer 30,000 out there via the guys over at Bell of Lost Souls

Now the real factor about the pre-heresy movement is would you see GW bring out conversion sets for the masses old style boltguns, torso fronts and legs all that kinda stuff, think how cool the terminators would look! the question is would they sell?? well they've some right crap on the "mail order only" part of there website so I think it'd go like hot cakes for old farts like me who'd been in the hobby for about 15ish years and seen some "intresting" lines come and go.

Also think of the rules... there is already a copy of warhammer 30,000 out there via the guys over at Bell of Lost Souls

If GW couldn't justify the production set up for this kind of conversion pack which would be fair enough as they are a business and part of the hobby is the freedom to convert to how you want, then you could always have the guys over at forgeworld do a conversion kit you've already got the red scorpions how about some generic marine torso's and the like? 

So thats my random thoughts and feelings on the pre-heresy stuff,

Cheers for your time