Friday, 28 September 2012

First Look: Bolt Action

I ordered in Bolt Action a while back for myself and about half a dozen of the local gamers that I know I've manged to get a game in and here are my initial thoughts...


Forget about the usual I move all my stuff and shoot,assault i.e. 40K & Warmachine, and the you go I go swapover i.e. Epic, Relics. Bolt Action has a activation system that I've never come across in all my years of gaming!

You put your order dice or two types of markers, one of the chaps suggested drafts pieces as there the same size, then reach in and pull out a random dice/marker and then activate a unit of your choice.
All sounds good on paper but in the middle of a game when you really need to see your dice pulled out of the bag so that you can get a first shot against the firefly that's got you eyed up it can produce some colourful banter!

The to hit system is pretty simple its always 3+ but then you apply modifiers like long range, moving, inexperienced etc.. but if you need more than a 6 to hit then you need a 6 followed by a 6 so you have some chance if what slim of hitting the target!

Once you've hit the target you then apply a pin marker to the unit and this affects the target unit further along in the game where you need a moral check before you can perform an action with -1 to the moral for each pin marker as well as reducing the effectiveness of the shooting.

which brings me nicely on to the actual actions that you can make, so all the usual ones but you can rally where if you pass your remove D6 pin markers.

wounding the target that you've hit depends on there skill level think flames of war, so vets its a 5+ regs a 4+ and so on,

an in a nutshell that's basically it! there are special rules for different weapon types like flamethrowers and the like but most of it is common sense.


I'm yet to find a 28mm WW2 skirmish/mid level system that is easy to play and simple to pick up, this certainly fills that slot and I've had a German army painted up for quite a while so finally I get to use them!

The army list selection hasn't gone down well in the historical community and some gaming forums this is due to the unit options that some nations can take example being is a reg German unit can take two LMG's and kit the rest out with FG42 assault rifles so not really how it was but the amount of firepower that the unit can pump out is mindblowing!!

So if your not a rivet counter/anal gamer the points/torney type army lists are really nice with loads of options being available for the four nations Russian, German, British and American in the actual rule book you've got Army books being released and I'm sure these will have expanded lists and rules.


Well Warlord bought out Boltaction a while back so have there catalogue on there website but they have also been making plastic box sets for various nations so can be easy to bulk out your force, of course there are also loads of 28mm WW2 figures out there and varies on the price and quality Coops' commandos that I faced in the report below are from artizan miniatures.

Warlord have just released pre-orders for the starter set,

And for £60 you get quite a bit...

  • Full-colour 216-page hardback Bolt Action rulebook
  • 40 multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm miniatures:
  • 20 US Army infantry
  • 20 German Heer infantry
  • 1 hard plastic Ruined Farmhouse
  • 8 Bolt Action Orders Dice
I'll be doing this starter set for £51 pop an email to if you'd like one!

Warlord have also done a downloadable crib sheet downloadable-bolt-action-rules-summary

So onto the actual battle that myself & Coop's played..

So the table set up, 

My Germans laid out in "cloud" formation

 Coop's Commando's looking a lot nicer!

So the mission we decided to play was one where the army moves onto the table edge you can decide how much you want to leave in reserve, the first issue I discovered is that my pak40 wouldn't be able to move as it's a heavy anti tank gun, so I need to buy a transport for it!

so after turn one, lots of running for the building it was a smash & grab!

A German squad followed by a 2 man medic team, if you have units that are 1-2 figures then there is an additional -1 to hit.. ;)

The MG42 set up in the ruins with a good field of fire, with some weapons they have a special rule called fixed, which means they have a 90 degree arc of fire.

The table after turn two, again lots of running about and diving into cover!

As I couldn't see anything worth shooting with my MG42 I put the unit on ambush and waited for the commando's to de-bus and promptly opened up on them! The great thing about Germans is that the LMG & MMG get an additional dice for firepower so 5 shots from the buzzsaw certainly made its mark!

end of turn three, by this point my pak40 had been "de-crewed" thanks to the firefly, I was very eager to get my panzer4 on to get rid of it!! 

Meanwhile the sniper team was taking pot shots at the vickers team to great effect!

 and the MG42 was still pumping shots into the pinned commando team in the open, every time coops went to do an action with them they kept failing and just went down, great for me pants for coops!

 and the squad in the building polished them off with some awesome dice rolling!

and the panzer 4 still refused to arrive! to get reserves on the table you make a moral check at -1 and guess who forgot these guys were vets..... 

but they found the"go" stick and rolled on taking a pot shot at a half track but completely missed!

then rolled a bit further forward and took a pot shot at the firefly and still missed! the firefly and panzer4 exchanged shots for about two turns with neither of them hitting ought, so we didn't discover how to blow up armour and the like! 

 Someone mentioned that you can recrew weapons so the medic and his mate ran for it and got shot up in the process by a half track! Geneva convention... humm... ;)

and the game ended there, in the end it was 2-1 on killed units and this still classed as a draw but I was in a very healthy position but not sure what coops could have done differently? 

overall a good game and I can see myself playing this quite a bit more...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

X-Wing... Lock S Foils and commence attack pattern

Well the long wait is over....

After a quick phone call to my local shop to ask if they had landed I wandered over and picked up the starter set along with one each of the additional ships,

So I cracked open the box and was quite surprised by how muck you actually get in the main game set,  the card playing pieces are very well done and remind me of the quality that you got in the space hulk box set, nice and chunky and graphically very nice,

all the bits popped out and for those with OCD enjoy ;) loads and loads of counters for various things, I will get the baggies out at some point as if Isla got her hands on this lot then upsy daisy will be fed shield and stress tokens!

for the actual rules they look fairly simple so far but I've only had a flick, if you want to see them yourself then fantasy flight have them as a download..

which is a nice touch so you can buy a set and entice people with the free rules, The only "issues" I've seen prior to the release was the price of the individual ships, now I was swaying to agree with them but now I've seen these first hand the quality of them is fantastic and for 40 B&H (2 packets of cigarettes) you can have a awesome looking Y-Wing!

So the three models you get in the main game,

the X-Wing up close and personal

the TIE fighters,

Y-Wing from the "booster" pack

TIE advanced from the "booster" pack, 

the card contents from the Y-Wing pack, lots of stuff to use in the game including different squadrons that you can use in the game from the "green" gold squadron to the veteran's

My thoughts and impressions are very impressed so far the quality is far better than I expected of the pre-paints compared to the wiz-kids & mongoose publishing attempts 5ish years ago. The quality of the card game pieces are really good as well, and will be able to take a kicking and carry on ticking!

the only negative that I can see so far is that there is a whopping big hole in the front of the box so people can see the three ships that you get and if you want to get rid of the internal packing then your bits will fall out as the additional ships I bought won't fit into the main game box so I'll need either a bigger box or another box for the extra ships.

So all I need to do is get a game in which should be in the next week or so and then I can give a "first look" review of the game.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Chaos goes pre-order....

Well here it is....

hard and sexy!

lets hope its not a car crash of a codex like the previous one,

I'll be taking pre-orders on the new chaos stuff, with a 15% discount, 

simply email me at

and I'll sort out any queries or questions you may have,

Friday, 21 September 2012

KGN Operation Goodwood.


about this time last year I posted up...

preparing for secrets of third reich gt

which was about learning, painting and building a GT army in a whopping 8 weeks, for this year I've decided to hardcore it even more!

I'll pre-frame the situation,

Nick love Kamfgruppe Normandy and suggested that we applied to do a demo game at the Derby Wargames show, No worries I thought and after some chin scratching Operation Goodwood was chosen, mainly on the basis that we've British & Germans within our gaming club.

We got the green to go for the table and we started pooling our resources between us to get the table planned out and the terrain making machine under way, Nick has done a fantastic job on the rail depot part of the board...

plenty more pics at.. kgn-demo-board-part-1

so the rest of the board the city area of it was now down to myself and Coops and I figured no worries! (like I did about a year ago) then Nick explained how much city board there is to cover.

the train depot is a third of the board....

the penny dropped and I've gone into "work mode" and did a plan for the bits that I'm contributing to the board,

Telegraph poles - 16th sep
Large building - 18th sep
Barricades - 18th sep

Sandbags & ammo dumps - 18th sep
Medium building - 20th sep
Small building - 22nd sep
4 lots of rubble piles - 28th sep
4 lots of ruins - 28th sep
3 eBay buildings - 28th sep
so the Telegraph poles are done....

There's  more than three.... 36 in fact!

The large building is done....

and its got multi levels!

Barricades, Sand bags & ammo dumps, not quite done but not far off....

The ammo dumps haven't even been started but they'll take about 20 mins tops!

The Medium building is done.... 

The green roof is supposed to look like a copper type roof I was driving around the other day and spotted a house with green tiles and thought it looked quite good!

The small building is done... 

This was the test building for the other two and has gone quite well with Nick & Coops so I'm happy about that! 

So all I've left to sort out in a week and a half is the rubble piles, Ruins and the buildings I've got from a chap I found on ebay, 

I'll post more of these next week as I've not even started them!! 

In the mean time I've these two beasts to crack out as well! 

So well on track for the initial pre-show get all the stuff out on the board and I'll grab a few pics prior to the show!

Friday, 14 September 2012

First Look: Drop Zone Commander

We've a hot LZ!

So the most anticipated system that was previewed at Salute 2012, and the froth factor went through the roof with the gaming community...

but is it any good??


your force is split into battle groups and you activate the whole lot together doing your movement and shooting then your opponent activates one of his battlegroups and so on, so again a epic type turn sequence.

 Each model has its own to hit and is reduced by cover and the like so nothing too mental rules wise there, but what does make it interesting is that each weapon has two ranges, one for "normal" shooting and one for target units that have countermeasures, and not all units have countermeasures (mainly infantry) which puts a nice twist on to target selection!
So once you've rolled to hit you then compare your energy rating (damage) against the target armour and thats the score you need to "wound" your target if you get two above your target number you then cause 2 wounds/damage points so stuff that wounds on a 2+ has a better chance of popping models.

overall the gameplay is fairly simple and nothing too metally straining myself & Lee played a quick skirmish using the PHR and we've got the rules sussed within the first turn or two (well it was Lee as I'd forgotten my rule book!)


All the models in the actual book have been released and it does give you alot of choice with regards to what to take, If the chap over at Hawk wargames keeps on top of the supply and demand and drip feeds the masses with lots of cool toys then this is gonna be around for a while, its gonna work at lots of points quite well so a multi player per side would be a good laugh.


well unless you've been under a rock for the last 6ish months then these are a no brainer, ok so I'll even admit that on launch day the cheapest starter box set drew a sharp intake of breath (and have a forgeworld chaos titan!) and that's been the massive factor on quite a few guys including myself not going mental and buying shed loads! as well as having no idea about the rules too.

So as usual would I play it again?

yes! I just need to get rid of some of my unused stuff to fund this army and if I'm successful then I'll pick up the mega deal!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Dark Vengeance the unboxing!

So I picked my copy of the new shiney Dark Vengeance box set up and thought I’d give my initial thoughts on the contents of the box, 

The actual model construction is basically the same as the space hulk set a couple of years back so options for conversions are quite limited unless you stick the models together first then hack them as required,example of a chosen with lighting claws...

But I’ll say the quality of the models are really nice and if these are any to go by then the up and coming chaos release should be packed with goodies and plenty of eye candy,

So the actual sprues, who ever managed to get this amount of stuff on 4 sprues should go for the tetris world championship!

 and the limited Ed chapin fella,

What you actually get for the cost of the box is very impressive:
Infidel Imperial dogs –
3 Characters (including the chaplain)
10 tactical marines
5 terminators
3 raven wing
The mighty Chaos forces of liberation –
1 character
1 helbrute/dreadnought
6 chosen marines
20 cultists
If you was to buy the equivalent in normal models then you’d be looking at about £190 so value for money is really good!

So I managed to get the bit that matters out of the box stuck together... 

 The "boys"

Even Isla was impressed....

And all the usual bumf mini rule book, templates and so on, I do like that fact that you get a stat sheet for the forces in the box and the intro booklet gives me the impression of a mini-campaign with the first mission just involving the chaos forces and you’ve got to deactivate the helbrute so that you can use it later! 
All I need to do is make a decision with the colour scheme of the chaos in the box, and the Dark angels are tempting start to an imperial force or I could just paint them up as fallen or get them on Ebay and get some cash for back for more cultists!