Monday, 3 September 2012

Dark Vengeance the unboxing!

So I picked my copy of the new shiney Dark Vengeance box set up and thought I’d give my initial thoughts on the contents of the box, 

The actual model construction is basically the same as the space hulk set a couple of years back so options for conversions are quite limited unless you stick the models together first then hack them as required,example of a chosen with lighting claws...

But I’ll say the quality of the models are really nice and if these are any to go by then the up and coming chaos release should be packed with goodies and plenty of eye candy,

So the actual sprues, who ever managed to get this amount of stuff on 4 sprues should go for the tetris world championship!

 and the limited Ed chapin fella,

What you actually get for the cost of the box is very impressive:
Infidel Imperial dogs –
3 Characters (including the chaplain)
10 tactical marines
5 terminators
3 raven wing
The mighty Chaos forces of liberation –
1 character
1 helbrute/dreadnought
6 chosen marines
20 cultists
If you was to buy the equivalent in normal models then you’d be looking at about £190 so value for money is really good!

So I managed to get the bit that matters out of the box stuck together... 

 The "boys"

Even Isla was impressed....

And all the usual bumf mini rule book, templates and so on, I do like that fact that you get a stat sheet for the forces in the box and the intro booklet gives me the impression of a mini-campaign with the first mission just involving the chaos forces and you’ve got to deactivate the helbrute so that you can use it later! 
All I need to do is make a decision with the colour scheme of the chaos in the box, and the Dark angels are tempting start to an imperial force or I could just paint them up as fallen or get them on Ebay and get some cash for back for more cultists!