Friday, 21 September 2012

KGN Operation Goodwood.


about this time last year I posted up...

preparing for secrets of third reich gt

which was about learning, painting and building a GT army in a whopping 8 weeks, for this year I've decided to hardcore it even more!

I'll pre-frame the situation,

Nick love Kamfgruppe Normandy and suggested that we applied to do a demo game at the Derby Wargames show, No worries I thought and after some chin scratching Operation Goodwood was chosen, mainly on the basis that we've British & Germans within our gaming club.

We got the green to go for the table and we started pooling our resources between us to get the table planned out and the terrain making machine under way, Nick has done a fantastic job on the rail depot part of the board...

plenty more pics at.. kgn-demo-board-part-1

so the rest of the board the city area of it was now down to myself and Coops and I figured no worries! (like I did about a year ago) then Nick explained how much city board there is to cover.

the train depot is a third of the board....

the penny dropped and I've gone into "work mode" and did a plan for the bits that I'm contributing to the board,

Telegraph poles - 16th sep
Large building - 18th sep
Barricades - 18th sep

Sandbags & ammo dumps - 18th sep
Medium building - 20th sep
Small building - 22nd sep
4 lots of rubble piles - 28th sep
4 lots of ruins - 28th sep
3 eBay buildings - 28th sep
so the Telegraph poles are done....

There's  more than three.... 36 in fact!

The large building is done....

and its got multi levels!

Barricades, Sand bags & ammo dumps, not quite done but not far off....

The ammo dumps haven't even been started but they'll take about 20 mins tops!

The Medium building is done.... 

The green roof is supposed to look like a copper type roof I was driving around the other day and spotted a house with green tiles and thought it looked quite good!

The small building is done... 

This was the test building for the other two and has gone quite well with Nick & Coops so I'm happy about that! 

So all I've left to sort out in a week and a half is the rubble piles, Ruins and the buildings I've got from a chap I found on ebay, 

I'll post more of these next week as I've not even started them!! 

In the mean time I've these two beasts to crack out as well! 

So well on track for the initial pre-show get all the stuff out on the board and I'll grab a few pics prior to the show!