Monday, 18 July 2016

Barrage 2016

A couple of weeks ago myself and the GC wandered down to Stafford for Barrage,

we had a good wander around and in the usual fashion plenty of pictures were taken!

Apologises in advance to all the various clubs and individuals that put the effort into the wicked looking tables, I took no info whilst wandering around! 

with my blood and plunder pledge arriving at some point this year I've suddenly become interested in pirate stuff, could also be down to watching Black Sails! 

Isla got very excited seeing the x wing table, me thinks I need to dig my stuff out and show her how to play! 

Devils run, really nicely painted stuff

More devils run! pictures in order eh! 

a few tables to the left there was a trader selling China cast forgeworld which I thought was brave of them! 

enough money to fund an African  civil war on this table! All lovey looking stuff though mind you

Bolt action Torney

Isla was really impressed with the WW1 fort table, massive thanks to the guys on the table explaining the layout and keeping Isla interested for quite a while!!

Defiantly going to be a geek, really liked the frostgrave type table that dark ops had on show and is asking if she can have one in her room! 

bit of halo action, looks good but for some reason I'm not bothered by this system! 

The RAF lads with wings of war 

Cracking looking infinity table, 

Overall not a bad show, some nice bits and bobs tables wise. Also had the added bonus of catching up with a few people that I know so that was good.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Battlegroup South - Bovington 2016

A few months ago the Phat cats demo team were talking about going on a jolly to the Bovington show, a combination of camping, drinking, gaming and tanks sure sounded like a winner to me!

However for this show I was going to help out Lee on the panzerfaust board as I'd yet to play any games so far!

Myself and Lee got together on Thursday at the club and laid out a table with various bits that I'd pulled together and came up with a reasonable looking table.

We travelled down the next morning after faffing about in Asda getting various bits and bobs, we'd arranged to meet the rest of the guys at a brewery that was on the way to Bovington and after a bit of man shopping we carried on!

Via a brewery for supplies 

And a pub for a bite to eat

This is the first tank that we spotted about crashed the car gorping at it though! 

I stood and watched the magic of Nick's inflatable tent.... 

Meanwhile Rob and the gang had rocked up and wrestled with their tent! 

So whilst the adults were sorting the important stuff out I wandered off and found the greatest and well known tank of the 21st century! 

and its brother! 

the obligatory stand by your favourite tank picture

This was to be my "leaning post" for most of the weekend! 

So on the morning of the show, we started digging out the bits from Lee's boot and realised that I hadn't put the terrain box and mat in the boot on the Friday morning!

However with the magic of science and completely blagging it we made the following mainly down to the stuff that Rob had bought along and hey presto a 3x3 demo table! 

Oh and we decided to make up the rules for the panzer bear and wyrm tank on the day as well! 

Whilst the legend like Vince set up the stand

So what follows are random pics from the museum, starting with WW1 stuff 

I was surprised that this was designed as a troop transport! 

and I stumbled across one of my favourite tanks from my childhood, I was chuffed to find this sexy beast! 

A bit of Japanese loving

And we found the Fury tank from the film, the weathering on it was cracking ;) 

A tiring first day a crazy amount of dice were rolled!  

So the morning from the night after, We managed to drink the bar dry of cider which probley saved poor Rob, but I was wounded! 

Found this lurking outside! 

And I finally got round to taking some pics of the various tables that were at the weekend, 

The tables from the battlegroup torney 

Rob slowly dieing......

its bloody massive! Look at the Lady and small child for scale! 

Now the size of the panther was a massive surprise, much bigger than I expected! 

The old russian workhorse! 

and the business end of the panther

interesting to see the arms race in the form of barrels!  

God knows how we managed it but we snagged best demo team interaction with young gamers, a very long and dodgy sounding title! 

Overall show wise it was a good laugh and the camping and drinking was spot on, well worth a mooch for 2017!