Monday, 18 July 2016

Barrage 2016

A couple of weeks ago myself and the GC wandered down to Stafford for Barrage,

we had a good wander around and in the usual fashion plenty of pictures were taken!

Apologises in advance to all the various clubs and individuals that put the effort into the wicked looking tables, I took no info whilst wandering around! 

with my blood and plunder pledge arriving at some point this year I've suddenly become interested in pirate stuff, could also be down to watching Black Sails! 

Isla got very excited seeing the x wing table, me thinks I need to dig my stuff out and show her how to play! 

Devils run, really nicely painted stuff

More devils run! pictures in order eh! 

a few tables to the left there was a trader selling China cast forgeworld which I thought was brave of them! 

enough money to fund an African  civil war on this table! All lovey looking stuff though mind you

Bolt action Torney

Isla was really impressed with the WW1 fort table, massive thanks to the guys on the table explaining the layout and keeping Isla interested for quite a while!!

Defiantly going to be a geek, really liked the frostgrave type table that dark ops had on show and is asking if she can have one in her room! 

bit of halo action, looks good but for some reason I'm not bothered by this system! 

The RAF lads with wings of war 

Cracking looking infinity table, 

Overall not a bad show, some nice bits and bobs tables wise. Also had the added bonus of catching up with a few people that I know so that was good.