Friday, 29 June 2012

The Eagle has landed....

So I got the "phonecall" as was on my jolly way yesterday to pick up the 40K 6th Ed rule books that I pre-ordered.

Ohhh its soo pretty.....

Brother against Brother.... 

Having a quick flick through the hefty tomb it's well presented and seems fairly clear so far with the rules, lots of little funky bits in the book...

Allies being able to be fielded alongside your main force where they have there own force chart.

Throwing grenades (woohoo!) is back in, krak & melta bombs can be used against monsterious creatures (not sure if you could in the previous version).

Buying fortifcations as part of your army

Lots of anti-flyer weapons and more importantly fliers!

Challanges for characters i.e. Kharn goes to work

Actual Psyker rules rather than the previous dodgy version with eldar being fairly outgunned in that depertmant even though there shit hot at it!

and the list goes on!!

Once I get a good chance to read the book and play a few games I'll do my "Firstlook" and give my usual honest view on this shiney new system.

also a couple of the local chaps from the club have started doing a podcast/website blog thing go have a mooch about and marvel at Stef's painting but cuss the rest about the lack of theirs ;)

Anyway back to the real world, I'm still working towards the pledge for this month and doing quite well, I need to finish off some bits for KGN/BGK/BGN and then I should gety a huge parcel from S&S next month with a fuck load of modern russians!


Monday, 25 June 2012

Relic's... Ohh thats shiney!

Yup its "another" system that I've been drawn into, I'll be honest I've been looking at relics for quite a while and only until the recent indigogo campaign its been projected into the limelight with the forth faction being funded very successfully,

so with stuff like this coming out... 

I've a feeling that Relic's will be flavour of the month amoungst a few people, I'll be doing a "first look" once I can get a game in against Mr Cooper, but in the mean time I managed to get the Orcnar models painted up, I threw the "rules" out of the window for these and decided to mix and match colours from the circle of death...

So with the circle firmly in my mind and with no idea of the fluff factor of the Orcnar, I went to work!

So the whole lot togeather, a right mish-mas of colour!! 

Beorn (rock guy) and Niwian (Dancing carrot) These are the commander type models,

Gryann (devils) a unit that can scream at stuff?

Unmann (orcy things) combat type dudes that hit things?

Eotan Rifan (big thing) Weird thing about this that its come out looking blue on the  picture but its actually purple in real life!

Docga (dogs) and fast moving muching doggies,

As you can tell I know bugger all about the acutal models and the like, so once I get a chance to actually read though the book and suss out what each one does then hopefully it'll make more sense!!

for more info on the game etc have a look at Tor Gaming's website.. Linky Link

And the starter deals have also gone up today along with some nice new shiney dice!! pre-order

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pre-release goodies!

So a company called Games workshop have put there pre-order up on there website...

And as part of my growning range for GC Supplies I'm going to be doing these at £38 a piece, So if your after one email myself on

and we'll discuss postage etc...

I'm kinda hoping that this system re-ignites my 40K fire as its a system that I hold dear to my heart I still remember the smell of the cardboard when I opened the 2nd Ed box back in the day!

And it also gives me an excuse to dust of the chaos boys and do some painting on that stuff as well!

But no it doesn't end there KGN might be dead but long live Battlegroup!!

So its the eastern front which will make Coops a very happy man!! as for me I'd better get ordering those tigers and all the other cool toys that the Germans used! Not due for release till September though and if the quality is as good as the original KGN book then £30 is a bargain!

so don't delay order today! Yes you can have my bank details! Unless your Natwest....

Add to the fact that Collassas for warmachine is due to land fairly shortly its gonna be an interesting month for the PP V's GW fanboys.....

Friday, 22 June 2012

20mm Moderns, Anton's lost his mind!!

With the recent frothyness of KGN which will be flicking over to a new system called Battlegroup Kursk written by the same chap funnily enough, My obsession with 20mm (1/72) scale models continues to grow,

But why modern I hear you ask?

Well Nick the Infidel, has hashed togeather a modern twist of the KGN rules and is looking to try these out, so I added the following bit to a recent order for my web/ebay store..

so 3 T-55's, 3 T-72's and a hind, I'll start with a look at the T-55 kit...


Not sure why Blogger is still putting some pictures on the side?? any way box cover

Onto the pic's of the sprues,

So you get two of these, 

Upper & lower hull, I likes the detail on the bottom of the tank, a nice change compared to normal wargaming kits, 

Rubber type tracks I saw these and got flash backs from when I was a kid and the amount of hassle that these are!

turret sprue and odds and sods. 

Dozer blade and mine thingy


So I'd managed not to lose my mind with the tracks, but the straightness of the top I didn't like so did some faffing around to give the tracks a bit of slack,  

 So in true Anton fashion I put all three togeather and this was the end result, 

I only put the one mine plough on to represent the unit commander, over all the quaility of the kit is really good and cheers to Coops to the advice that trumpter kits are nice,

I'm currently working my way through the T-72's so once there done I'll put them up, so you can see the differance.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Road trip to Portal Gaming Club to look at Relics...

In as rare turn of events I had a Saturday off work and managed to "negotiate" a geek day with my better half, and with Cooper in tow we chugged up to Portal for there Saturday club...

After finding some where to park we wandered over and the Saturday club is above a toyshop, quite fitting really!! 

Some of the tables,

Dave guarding the tuckshop! 

Models in there cabinets, the pictures don't do the models justice some very nice painting going on!

So a lovely looking death guard army

Empire of the dead holy order, 

Malifaux crew,

D-wars fleet

15mm Grunts (now I've been looking at this for ages, and I'm gonna do some looking about as this does tickle my fancy!)

Another malifaux crew

Good old warmachine

Flames of war stug company

conversions I think?

A really nice looking menoth army

Another Maulifaux crew

Tables from a differant view, 

Part of the reason of going over to Portal was to have a look at Relics, I've been keeping my eye on this system for a while and with the recent indigogo success I've a feeling that this will become more popular, so Ian "demo-machine" was taking one of there local lads through a game, and it turns out that I knew him!! There was a bit of a do I know you factor running though my head but my memory did catch up and it was nice to catch up with him! 

So after talking through the very basics we set up the Brit's against the fairy things! 

I was given the marksman & the rifle chaps, with the company Sargent major behind them shouting as they do! 

 So the marksman in the tower..

after a couple of turns the fairy things hit my flank after rolling one of coopers units and it was fix bayonets time!

by some chance we managed to win the game and as you do as you start rolling though the turns I forgot to take pictures! but Ian was quite sporting and "re-rolled" some dice so that stuff took wounds, but over all thoughts on the system are pretty good, I'm ordering the actual rule book with some odds and sods that look "cool" as I always do to add to a starter army that I won on ebay a couple of weeks ago.

So onto the Pledge...

Bought - 6
Painted - 0!!

shocking I know... however the Germans are chugging along nicely and with the 6 orcnar that I got shouldn't take too long to blast out so I'll be back on track no problems!

I did have an interesting chat with Coops on the way home though and even though I've breaking even painting wise I'm not actually reducing the amount of unpainted stuff so I'm going to try and get some 40K done soon(ish) as 6th Ed is looking good for 3/4 weeks time.

Friday, 8 June 2012

KGN Screening Cagny & recent happenings...

So after my little trip abroad,

I popped down the club tonight to "chill" and see what was going on, and Coops and Nick were starting a campaign from the British sector from the KGN Normandy book,

so I bought my pak 40's and my 88 so that they could be shot at by the Sherman's...

so the initial deployment from the British side,

Close up of Coop's lovely Sherman's hiding in the orchard, 

and the other troop braving the 88's

So three on the back line,  with the MMG team in the building.

and one up front, 

As the Sherman's came rolling on all of Nick covering fire did bugger all, and the foremost 88 went up quite quickly! 

The troop chugging through the orchard then spotted a bunch of mega-Nazi's and machined gunned them to death as punishment for the "tankfist" that missed! 

so the overall view, 

and this is how it finished, another 2 88's went down and the German moral broke and they fled victory to the British! 

But as that game didn't take too long they reset and Nick had another crack of stopping the advance of the Sherman's, 

three on the front row now, 

I went for a wander over to the chippy as Darrell was hungry (no idea why I was "volunteered") and then a general mooch about and came back to see the chaos that the 88's had done...

shortly after a 4th Sherman was popped and Coop's moral broke and the British fled, so one a piece!

So quite an interesting result and certainly a nice break from the norm, hopefully I'll be about when Nick gets to roll on the table with three king tigers! but we'll see.....

Since I've been away some interesting things have cropped up in the wargaming world of of them being that warhammer historical has closed down, which is a bit of a catch 22 as they produced KGN so no more support for that anymore, but they also told wargames illustrated not to publish anymore add on lists after they did the para list!

and the other being the "annual" GW price rise, once more some hefty increases on there products and since there last price rise I've bought a whopping 9 GW models and depending on how good 6th Ed is then the 40K stuff thats been relegated to the loft will be going on the 'bay if I'm not impressed!

but on a positive note Nick has done some tweaking to the KGN rules and adapted them for a more modern theatre so there are going to be Russians running around all over the place!