Friday, 8 June 2012

KGN Screening Cagny & recent happenings...

So after my little trip abroad,

I popped down the club tonight to "chill" and see what was going on, and Coops and Nick were starting a campaign from the British sector from the KGN Normandy book,

so I bought my pak 40's and my 88 so that they could be shot at by the Sherman's...

so the initial deployment from the British side,

Close up of Coop's lovely Sherman's hiding in the orchard, 

and the other troop braving the 88's

So three on the back line,  with the MMG team in the building.

and one up front, 

As the Sherman's came rolling on all of Nick covering fire did bugger all, and the foremost 88 went up quite quickly! 

The troop chugging through the orchard then spotted a bunch of mega-Nazi's and machined gunned them to death as punishment for the "tankfist" that missed! 

so the overall view, 

and this is how it finished, another 2 88's went down and the German moral broke and they fled victory to the British! 

But as that game didn't take too long they reset and Nick had another crack of stopping the advance of the Sherman's, 

three on the front row now, 

I went for a wander over to the chippy as Darrell was hungry (no idea why I was "volunteered") and then a general mooch about and came back to see the chaos that the 88's had done...

shortly after a 4th Sherman was popped and Coop's moral broke and the British fled, so one a piece!

So quite an interesting result and certainly a nice break from the norm, hopefully I'll be about when Nick gets to roll on the table with three king tigers! but we'll see.....

Since I've been away some interesting things have cropped up in the wargaming world of of them being that warhammer historical has closed down, which is a bit of a catch 22 as they produced KGN so no more support for that anymore, but they also told wargames illustrated not to publish anymore add on lists after they did the para list!

and the other being the "annual" GW price rise, once more some hefty increases on there products and since there last price rise I've bought a whopping 9 GW models and depending on how good 6th Ed is then the 40K stuff thats been relegated to the loft will be going on the 'bay if I'm not impressed!

but on a positive note Nick has done some tweaking to the KGN rules and adapted them for a more modern theatre so there are going to be Russians running around all over the place!