Friday, 29 June 2012

The Eagle has landed....

So I got the "phonecall" as was on my jolly way yesterday to pick up the 40K 6th Ed rule books that I pre-ordered.

Ohhh its soo pretty.....

Brother against Brother.... 

Having a quick flick through the hefty tomb it's well presented and seems fairly clear so far with the rules, lots of little funky bits in the book...

Allies being able to be fielded alongside your main force where they have there own force chart.

Throwing grenades (woohoo!) is back in, krak & melta bombs can be used against monsterious creatures (not sure if you could in the previous version).

Buying fortifcations as part of your army

Lots of anti-flyer weapons and more importantly fliers!

Challanges for characters i.e. Kharn goes to work

Actual Psyker rules rather than the previous dodgy version with eldar being fairly outgunned in that depertmant even though there shit hot at it!

and the list goes on!!

Once I get a good chance to read the book and play a few games I'll do my "Firstlook" and give my usual honest view on this shiney new system.

also a couple of the local chaps from the club have started doing a podcast/website blog thing go have a mooch about and marvel at Stef's painting but cuss the rest about the lack of theirs ;)

Anyway back to the real world, I'm still working towards the pledge for this month and doing quite well, I need to finish off some bits for KGN/BGK/BGN and then I should gety a huge parcel from S&S next month with a fuck load of modern russians!