Monday, 2 July 2012

40K Chaos FAQ (ooohhh yea!)

So the old man has had an FAQ to bring it up to speed with 6th Ed,

Not quite the "Promised land"

So I know its been up since Saturday and I finially got round to actually printing it off and having a flick though the old book, some bits in there that doesn't make any differance to me personally but the bits that leap out are...

Psychic Powers....

Aspiring Sorcerer is a psyker, buy the shitty doombolt 10 points and replace it with a roll on one of the three tables that Chaos can use... (cue evil laugh!)

Bikers but more importantly ones with the mark of Nurgle.... T6 standard no instant death from "normal" shooting etc, add to that the bikers get hammer of wrath 1 Int 10 auto hit base strength attack on the charge and still get +1 A for the charge. But if they do get slotted by an AP 1 or 2 weapon they get a 5+ cover save for the jink then the feel no pain on (currently) a 5+

So there gonna hit like.....

the other FAQ's that I've never seen as I've not played 40K for bloody ages that caught my eye were...

Lash now needs a roll to hit, not that much of a problem as its a 2+ with the sorcerer & deamon prince but what really made smile was that the Lash can now effect a unit more than once in the same turn.... throw in the allies rules and you've suddenly got three Lash's kicking about and if you want to be really naughty you can cast it on jump troops and just bounce them into dangerous terrain and force tests on them!

I've also had a quick flick though the Daemon FAQ and The big guys with Daemonic flight is now classed as Flying monstrous creatures! enough said on that little gem!

No doubt the chaos codex will be jigged about with the so called release that I've been told many many times is just round the corner but I'll just wait till you carn't order it on the GW website it'll be all over BOLS and then give it 4ish weeks and we'll be good to go!

intrestenly enough BOLS have a nice post about the sub-humans in the rule book fluff and this has given me an idea that involves jungle fighters and beastmen as cultist's/guard allies.

There the ones that I've spotted any others that are kicking round?