Wednesday, 4 July 2012

XV Legion Marches again

So with 6th firmly embedded within the wargaming world, I wanted to get some bits and bobs finished off that I've had playing around for a while,

I decided to go back to the beginning and finish off some Thousand son's that I've been promising to do for a while,

I also thought of experimenting with some textured paint that I ordered in the other week,

So one Rhino finished.....

Add some textured paint,

and you get....

So I applied the first texture Stirland Mud, then added some Armageddon dust, dabbed some army painter strong tone onto the armageddon dust and then dry brushed with model colour English uniform.

Nice and simple and the textured paints are really nice, I'll be playing about with the 20mm stuff that's been completed recently and I'll pop some pictures up of them as well,

So the completed rhino, This was one of the first forge world conversion kits that I bought when I started collecting my chaos "back in the day"

The other bits that I've managed to crank out are,

so half a terminator lord and a bane knight from warmachine, I was going to use him with lighting claws or a daemon weapon depending on what mood took me,

The other was...

Now this was a rare find on the 'bay, as only 500 of these... were produced, and I'll be honest I didn't pay that much for it!

So with the 11th Legion good as done it's onto the 3rd Legion...