Monday, 30 September 2013

Derby Wargames Show 2013 - Wanna buy a T-55 special price!

So with the last minute prep for the Yom Kippur board all done I wandered over to the Derby show to do my bit for the cause....

I'd only seen the T-55's/T-62's that I'd done so was quite excited to see what the whole set up would look like, and once more Nick and the boys did not disappoint!

the board was a whopping 8x12! and with 60+ tanks on the Syrian side compared to a mere 8 on the Israeli side. After a quick huddle with regards to the plan for the day (basically sorting out when we can go shopping) we cracked on and started rolling some dice.

Gentlemen start your ENGINES.......

This was a good test for Nick's modern system 3GW and though out the day lots of people paid some very nice compliments with the work that we'd put in and happily shared the "how to's" on various aspects of the board.

The "other" end, didn't really spend that much time at the IDF side as the amount of stuff to move kept me busy

 Phil's mental conversions that attracted alot of questions though out the day!

Even though the IDF only had a few tanks they certainly made each shot count ripping though the 55's at a rapid rate!

With only having two bridge layers it became a Syrian M25 quite quickly!

So at the end of day one the IDF had lost 4 Centurions compared to about 25ish T-55's, We decided to reset the board for the Sunday and test a few more of Nick's rules to see how they coped.

We also decided to set further into the board for a more into the action factor..

Lee and his usual photobomb!

When I did manage to have a wander round I found some cracking games!

talking to the chaps running this these are dawn of war pre-painted planes

A great deathstar trench run game, was busy all weekend!

A cracking 15mm game that got third place for the weekend, ended up whaffling to the chap for quite a while about various bits!

and the usual random photo's...

now this was the new fat larides chain of command board, something that I'm quite interested in and next time I spot the crew at a show will get a game in

the terrain whore inside of me spotted the corn..

All I need to do is suss out how to make it!

Warwick and the battlegroup boys on the "usual" high end table

Stumbled across a malifaux demo table, still need to give this a crack!

really nicely painted models!

Now these lot are as mental as us, evening officer dress and loads of cool props and spent most of the day drinking port!

Some 15mm loving

I really liked the look of this board, 28mm modern 80's great models and spend ages talking about the Russian kit that he's managed to get hold of,

I managed to find another Nick that I knew who was demo'ing Fanticide but wasn't getting many bites with regards to players, real shame as his board was lovely and the grass effect is spot on

28mm WW2 board very nice, awful lot of work had gone into this!

This caught my eye just for the rolling hills very precise terrain/board building

other tables in the area,

A great looking deadmans hand board

as myself and Coops was near the great escape games stand we decided to get a cheeky demo in of deadmans hand, and I must say it plays superb, coops rolling was on fire dropping 3 of my out laws by either rolling a 19 or 20 on a D20 three times in a row!

and the end of day two,

 So the swag from the weekend..

I picked up a nice print of Fett (coops now thinks I've got a problem with regards to any thing to do with bounty hunters) Formula D (thats mainly down to tabletop on geeks & Sundry youtube channel, a Fanticide army after all we all love flying monkeys! And more first bits for the Deadmans Hand/WWX table that I've got planned in my head.

Overall this year it was good, felt better than last year, not sure if it was as busy traders seemed to think that it wasn't but from the demo table it was pretty consistent with the amount of people mooching about.

But the highlight of the weekend was getting best in show for the board so all the effort that everyone had made certainly paid off, it took Phil a wile to convince me that we'd actually won as I thought he was taking the piss!

The 2013 Derby Wargames Show Best in show winning team... 

L to R, Ant, Phil, Nick, Lee & Coops