Friday, 6 September 2013

40K back into the breach with a good old rant!

I only get to play 40K once in a blue moon and when I do I like to have a bloody good game, the Angels 5th company provided me with that fix and once I'd sussed out how to use them it was great fun, however they were lacking the punch factor after all with tactical marines you can only expect so much out of them and I accepted this as I don't have death or ravenwing, The complete drop pod army is a very unique beast to try and use.


Now I'm in a bit of a dilemma really, I love my Angel's they were my first army in Space Marine when I wandered into a GW by mistake thinking it was a model shop. but with the new space marine codex going "live"tomorrow I know its gonna piss all over my chips!

The new toys that the codex is going to bring and some of the mutter from the gutter with regards to unit abilities and more importantly chapter traits I feel that GW has taken the royal piss out of the Dark Angels and it all started so well with the dark vengeance set with the usual blue boys being knocked off poster boy duty, the quality of the plastics is superb and the first two codexes were from the box which was also a smart move, however they missed a trick really the chaos codex needed the update and it was "ok" still think the helldrake is a crap looking model and this conversion is how it should have been released!

Now the trick was the fallen, it would have been a fantastic addition to the chaos codex and given some nice fluff factor to the army but it wasn't to be.

Then the Dark Angels landed, I was very excited about this codex and expected some supercool stuff and it delivered nicely re sculpts of the named guys was badly needed as they are 10+ years old now and look very dated but that didn't happen, it didn't scream of cheese like previous marine codexes namely Grey Knights, Blood Angels and Space Wolves it was actually nicely balanced and a good rounded codex. Rules for fallen would have been great but again it wasn't to happen.

Which brings me to the new marine codex, why not simply have the Dark Angels in the new Marine Codex? why bring out a book that's less than 12 months old and already been superseded by the 6th Ed update, you could argue that the deathwing & Ravenwing would take up too much space but then supplements have been released for Eldar & Tau so the same could have been done for the Angels and access would have been granted to all the funky stuff that the rest of the imperium are going to get access to (except)

So no re sculpt for any of the chaos or named guys but you actually make these... I'm no sculptor  but WTF is going on in the design dept of GW.

So the Dilemma?

I'm not going to "rage quit" that's just childish and to be honest pathetic for a grown man of 37 to throw his toys out of the pram, the dilemma is do I adapt to survive in other words do I do the "counts as" army and use the imperial fists as they are rumoured to have bolter drill or what ever other chapter has the relevant feel that would bring the Greenwing to life or be as stubborn as the Lion himself and stay pure to the chapter??