Monday, 2 September 2013

Partizan 2013 - splash and dash within an hour!

So I had a choice family christening or partizan.....

In the time honoured tradition of Anton I did both!

So I was at Partizan at 09:30 thanks to the warp drive A46 with only one speed camera its a great road! I'd worked out I had 1 hour to get my geek on before jumping back into the flying skip Mk2 and jumping into a suit for the Family do.

Normally I'd be filling up my blog post with 30+ pictures but as time was tight today I snapped a few that caught my eye as I bezzed around partizan like a whirlwind so apologies for the lack of usual "press" pictures.

The main mission was to pick up some bits and bobs that I'd had my eye on and see them in person, I'll reveal my supermarket sweep geek shopping laters lets get onto the visual porn!

The first table I thought "ooohhh..." at was this huge desert board really nicely done and yet to actually kick off as I was that early in!




Then this caught my eye really nice centre pieces no use for gaming but for terrain it would be fantastic!

From the same chap, quite cool again a display type piece

Then I saw this beauty!

such a simple idea very well executed, well done to the guys who did this board cracking work!
A lovely looking shield wall and alot of models on the table!


And once more I found myself gawping at the deadman's hand board, the 4Ground buildings are truely superb!

So what haul did I manage to get within an hour??

I picked up two of these...

and one of these...

This is for my WWX/warzone/generic 28mm board I've got planned, so keep an out out for a first look and getting these bad boys painted!

Rulebook wise I nabbed....

now this was on a recommendation of a couple of guys I know, so I figured why not its been a while since I've picked up a completely random system, and I also spotted this at the northstar stand...

Now with this one Coop's had shown some intrest and as I've tried to lean various systems onto him for a while I thought it was about time I returned the favour! I'll have a good mooch at these rules and then hit the perry site for the models.

and as I'd spent an awful long time pondering over this system I decided to "treat" myself and got the rules, cards, MDF counters & Desperado gang for a mere £44 thats cheaper than 3 centurions, a whole new system for less than a unit in 40K, its a no brainer!

I'm looking forward to plating all of these systems and once I've had a couple of games I'll post my thoughts up and to prove I made the christening....