Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Prepping for the Derby Wargames Show

So it that time of year again and the Phat Cats Demo team are putting finishing touches to the latest demo board,

This year we're helping Nick out with his modern rule set so hopefully should get a few players looking to roll some dice, As Mr Cooper is currently ploughing though some commission work I've been asked to step in and help out which I gladly accepted unit I was told what was required of me....

10 T-62's & 20 T-55's within 10 days...

at first I thought no worries, then I remembered that my daughters birthday was coming up and that would take about 3 days out of the schedule so to say that it was gonna be tight was an understatement!

So after wandering over to the Hinckley club and getting the huge pile of resin tanks as well as my airbrush I set to work with getting the models sorted, I was a little unsure on how to paint these but then found this picture on the guild forum and set to work!

Loads more fantastic pics on Tim's Blog.. imperialarmour.blogspot.co.uk

So after a couple of hours of cleaning and sticking the horde was ready for spraying,

Coops got hold of some army painter army green and after another couple of hours the base coat was done,

then came the moment that I was looking forward to but also dreading and that was airbrushing the tanks, I've not used my airbrush since I did my scourge for DZC and as I painted down stairs in the back room noise wasn't a problem as I tend to paint late into the night but now my man cave is the spare box room next to the main bedroom I don't think Nadine would see the benefit of the feathered edges that airbrushing gives for camo on a 20mm model. In fact I'd properly get smashed round the head with the compressor!

So I was restricted to daytime work which isn't a huge problem and got the models to this point...

As I was waiting on barrels for the T-55's I carried on with the T-62's and got them sorted ready for pick up on Thursday from Nick as he popped the barrels round for the T-55's,

After some more jiggery pokery I finished off the remaining T-55's and not able to do any more until Sunday and a couple of days to burn fired up GTA5 and pissed about on that for a bit!

So where are we now?

I've the remaining 7 T-55's assembled, sprayed and ready for airbrushing and have set myself a target for Wednesday to pop them round to Nicks so he can base them and all that jazz.

I've no doubt I'll be able to get the last 7 done in the next couple of days something I didn't think I'd be able to achieve when first asked.

If you are around on the 28th & 29th at the Derby show come over to A4 near the tournament tables and say hello, I'll be the one dressed as a Russian "adviser"