Friday, 9 October 2015

Panzerfáuste - Kickstarter is GO!

A while back I was talking to an old friend of mine Rob and mentioned a personal project that he was working on that caught my attention....

So after explaining what it was about I knew if this ever hit the streets I'd be on board from the get go, Time passed on by and pictures started to appear of the models that were going to be released...

yep that's right WW1/2 with a fantasy twist, the whole idea of British orcs made perfect sense, and this had me hooked from the very beginning. Then if that one image wasn't enough more and more started to appear...

But is wasn't just the orcs that floated my boat, the Gnomes and Dwarves were looking very very cool indeed!

Prior to the kickstarter going live I kept my ear to the ground with regards to any info I could get on this up and coming system and discovered that it was developed by a couple of chaps called Steve & Matt a fair few years ago with a skirmish level of gaming and a few months ago this episode of chilling wargamers appeared on my feed....

So getting my head around that I was watching Rob on the internet the amount of info that Rob gives is brilliant and a good overview of what the plans are for the future.

I found the e-zine on the website and had a read of that, and discovered a stripped down version of the skirmish rules, so go have a read.....


this only fuelled my geek fire and whilst I was waiting I was already thinking of a demo type board that I could come up with, after some brain storming with Mr Smith a trench board was decided upon and it would involve the Orcs commandos raiding the Dwarves command bunker.

However I'll be posting more on that later once I've managed to get some progress on that.

So if you've got to this point and are still reading head on over to the kickstarter page and have a mooch at what is going on, and its funded so its stretch goals all the way now!


My biggest dilemma is what faction to go for as I liked all of them! 

so in the words of the beastie boys.......

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Leicester Phat Cats Derby Wargames Show - 2015

I was planning on going to Derby as a punter with Isla, however when I decided to check out the traders and games on the website I spotted that the Leicester Phat Cats had a table booked in!

that was 16 days before the actual weekend!

so after a couple of hours of facebook messaging and the plan of attack was sorted!

So the first club night we sorted out a hardcore session with loads of guys helping out and getting stuck in! 

hot glue gun and cork bits galore!

The airbrush team, 

Kat going for the sponging technique after a 10 min masterclass from yours truly! 

the table after the first night, 

after some digging about I found some cool bits for internal odds and sods, splash of paint and these were sorted!

So we hit the table hard for the second week and smashed it out of the part, Dan knocked a few scenarios together and it was good to go!

So pics from the actual show, the lighting in the venue was good for the human eye but bad for picture taking giving it a yellow appearance,

loads of good tables for this year and loads of variety, so onto the pics, I'll apologise in advance with regards to the pictures as some are on the side and I carn't suss out how to turn them around as the edit pic function isn;t working!

Nick setting up the table,

And all ready to go!

The marines ready to secure the objective...

Lee getting very excited!

The warzone demo board,

Another shot because I can!

James getting 6mm painting lessons.... 6mm! screw that!

Brilliant Mexican board blasting out music all weekend, loved it!

Dungeon saga being demoed,

Dust warfare... with the previous stuff that happened with this system why would you bother....

Some really cool terminator stuff!

Carl doing his thing with open combat

GoA, being demo'd by the world famous Nick!

Bloody nice dropzone board as always!

So I was having a long chat with Nick and the designer? of some of the GoA models and spotted these, Nick did tell me what they were but I carn't remember! however these are the guys that I'll be collecting when they get released!

And the usual "haul" Picked up a crazy amount of stuff this time round!

I also managed to get one of the only 5 spider tanks in the world!! really chuffed with this model, very nicely done!

and its been a while since I've picked up a new non-kickstarter system, So this is the Halflings for Arcworlde, great models and had a really good deal on at the show, more on these guys and the system in the future!