Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Dreadball Extreme Convicts Team & Zee Team

About a month ago I wandered over to the Mantic open day and picked up my copy of dreadball Extreme,

In the usual Anton fashion, It wasn;t long before I was splashing some paint on the models,

the actual models themselves are a huge improvement compared to the original dreadball models from a couple of years ago,

Even though I got two packs of of the gribbly monsters, I decided only to paint one of them as I'm not sure if I'd use all of them.

I've based the convicts on the prison uniform from guardians of the Galaxy rather than the orange that Mantic have done, just for something different,

So whilst I was in the mood I blasted out the Zee's so I could cross it of the goal list for 2014 and give me an incentive to play some dreadball in the new year,

I filled the gap on the base between the model and it looks far better than the robot team I did a while back,

The pose that did make me smile was the wound markers for the convicts, simple but effective!

so there you go folks some lovely models ready to go, All I need to do is get some extreme time in.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Bolt action Italians "complete" Company B Dovunque 35 review

Well I thought I'd sorted the mighty Italians out but in the tradition that all gamers follow I ended up "just getting a few more bits"

I was looking at the options for the beraglieri unit and you can have two LMG's per squad, however warlord only do unit blisters with one in and they don;t operate a parts service so I had a ponder and picked up a few bits from the perry's quick head swap and they were done and dusted,

so I've two LMG teams and a couple of extra guys that I could use as spotters or FAO's

so the whole lot together, Now you'd think that I'd be done at that point but no I picked up tanks wars a while back and have finally got round to reading it so now I'm planning a second platoon of armour mix in some transport for the infantry and the like and we'll be good to go!

the only issue that I've had is finding 28mm Italian WW2 trucks as they are not the most popular range on the market and found a few odds and sods kicking around,

I ordered a dovunque 35 by company b miniatures from war games command post and thought I'd do a review of the kit as £26 for a model is a gamble when your not sure on the quality.

So this is how the kit comes,

A fair few metal bits, 

 and a resin one piece body, 

As the kits comes with no instructions a quick gander on the net for pictures of the truck and I was away! 

So size wise as you expect its spot on for bolt action, a fairly simple build however is your not used to working with resin and have come straight from a GW type gaming back ground then this kit could put you off with the prep that is needed.

Looking at the rules it can be used as a tow for arty as well as a transport, a good multi use model.

I thought I'd treat myself to a new piece of Italian armour as well,

This little beauty is from Blitzkeg miniatures, and is the Semovente 90/53. Used in Africa as well as the defence of Italy which makes it perfect for my themed force,

So the truck is just as bit as the armour, mind you its classed as a tankette with a whopping 7 armour. I think I'll be hiding this well!,

So over all thoughts with the truck from Company B, price wise its a tad expensive for the best part of 30 quid including delivery however I've not found any other people that do 28mm WW2 Italian transports, Yes I could use German and even British trucks but I wanted to give the army the uniform factor and all that jazz.The actual quality of the kit isn't too bad and once its painted up should look great.

On to the Semo 90/53, the kit is great, only 3 pieces and nice and simple to stick together, quality of the casting is nice and little to no clean up was required apart from the usual resin wash, I'd buy again from Blitzkreiq without a doubt if all the armour was to the same standard.

All I need to do now is sort out a date for a game with Dave at Portal and we'll see how the mighty Italians fair on the table top, I'm hoping a lot better than this evening over at Gifts for Geeks when Paul "educated" me with his assault rife totting FJ and a wonderful quad 2cm halftrack, less said of that the better really. However it was a good game and I've pretty much got the rules down to a tee.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Dropzone Commander - shaltari done and dusted!

Way back at Derby at the end of May I picked up a dropzone army, and it's been sitting in a box ever since,

Until quite recently..

I decided to go for a more challenging scheme and using what I learnt from the hawker fleet, I went with white as the main colour and green as the secondary colour,

So the whole lot done in one fell swoop!

just a simple base and these guys are finished,

So for those people interested in the paint guide,

main body

Spray White
medium army painter wash
dry brush ivory
edge/highlight off white

Glass canopies

Black and green mix
gloss varnish

green pads

green wash, biel tan green twice over the white, and touch up any overspill with the off white

Gold bits,
dark gold
highlight with a lighter gold
army paint soft wash near the edge

I've only played one game with these guys so far taking Kris through the system, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more games in and try and suss out what I'll be looking to get next to add onto the army and increase the game size.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Warzone Legion, Brotherhood and The Pledge!

Finally I got my hands on a new rig and recovered my hard drive with all my files on including the excel files containing the pledge for the last 4 odd years!

 So before I start boring people with "stats" lets have a look at the new bits that I've done for my Warzone forces,

I picked up the black widow way back at Derby and it's been kicking around my painting area looking at me menacly, I was a bit dubious about painting the model as it's a great looking model and I didn;t want to mess it up with a naff paint job or colours!

I've not been intimated by a model for a long long time and after "manning up" as Ross would put it I went for it with Isla in tow and got the GC to help me choose colours namely the legs and help with the sponging/stippling,


The whole model was sprayed black and I started off with the legs, these where then stippled/sponged with brassy brass, then washed with green wash, then I lightly sponged/stippled the legs again.Once that was dry I then used some of the gw tech paint for the rusted brass look.

I moved onto the main body and mixed a dark grey as the initial coat, then using a combo of sponging/stippling and dry brushing built up the grey until I was happy with it, I then filled in the detail choosing blue as the alternative colour to match the rest of my army,

I gave the hull a strong tone wash and simply rehighlighted the red and its ready to go stomping around the table top! 

Whilst I was on a roll with the Legion I finished off these two chaps as well, 

When I snapped the pick the PVA was still drying on the bases, 

A Nepharite of Algeroth with his tickle stick,

Valpurgius, pointing the way to the chinese all you can eat place, 

I'm quite happy with how the skulls came out on the cloak, No idea how hes works game wise but when I knew I could pick him up at Salute way back in April I bought him "because I could"

So onto the brotherhood, 

I've had my replacement Larua for a while now and hit a wall on painting her for some reason, 

That was until I spotted the guardiani oblati, these are super sexy models and they were a real joy to paint, 

At the moment these guys have some filthy rules so carn't wait to use them on the table! 

Talking of filthy it'd be rude not to put another 5 sacred warriors into the mix! 

So onto the "Pledge"

I lost the old machine back in July, and didn't think to keep track of what I'd bought as I thought I would remember... 


Bought No idea! maybe 20 models?
Painted 58
Difference +38


Bought No idea! maybe 10 models?
Painted 23
Difference +13


Bought 107
Painted 110
Difference +3


Bought 53
Painted 97
Difference +44 

so as I rock into the final month of the year this is what the pledge looks like at the moment... 

Bought 631
Painted 919
Difference +288

I'd love to round that off to 1K for the year, 81 models in the month of December though I'm doubt it'll happen, but you never now eh!

I've also set up a face book page for the Anarchy of Anton so come on over and give me a like ;) 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Terrain-tastic, dropzone & 28mm stuff

So recently I've been on a terrain building/painting phase with the previous bits I did, I continued the theme and did all this lovely lot!

Starting with some scatter terrain for dropzone commander,

these were n gauge model railway cars and buses that I picked up off ebay, mounted on strips of plasticard and painted up in a simple scheme. Then weathered using the model mates products and add some static and they are good to go! All I need to do is slot another game in now!

Whilst looking for something within my well organised hobby room (ahem!) I found these so decided to splash some paint on them,

I plan to use them for warzone as they are not too skull heavy,

One thing that I spotted on ebay were some stone walls for a fairly reasonable price and ordered both sets that are for sale,

these were really simple to do..

I sprayed them grey
Dry brush a light grey
medium army painter ink
re-drybrush the original grey then the lighter grey
base and your done!

scale wise they are a little short for warzone, legions and WWX, for normal scaled stuff they are spot on, really nice product and I'll be picking more up at some point.

One of the "tricks" that I discovered recently was B&Q do a colour matching system and had the brainwave to get the two colours that I do me basing with done so that the terrain that I paint can match the models and look all nice and shiny!

I base in burnt umber which you can get from any craft/art shop, Mine I get from the range in Leicester, I then use english uniform over that and this has now been replaced by this.. 

note the pot at the top for a colour match, its know as rich praline 2 RN6,

then I use german cam beige as my top coat, again this has been replaced with..

this is also know as.

so rather than using your paint that costs about 2 quid a pot these were about 3.50 each and the amount of liquid that you get they'll last a fair while unless you body painting your other half!

So with the B&Q specials within arms reach you can easily do the following...

the buildings were painted the same as the walls I only rehighlighted on the some bits and left the plaster with the ink on, sponged some black on the edges and its as simple as that,

these are the third lot of warlord farmhouse buildings that I've done and I've got these down to a tee, rather than the usual recently destroyed ruins I've gone for a overgrown style as I like that look.

these will be multi functional so used for any 28mm system and combine them with the walls I've some nice bits that will fill a 4x4 easily, all I need is some hills and roads.

I was thinking of getting latex roads, do anyone have any that they can recommend or are they overpriced gash?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ze germans are coming!! The battle of the Coalville Bulge

Whilst I was on my way to the mantic open day, My vertical challanged friend Kris banged on his keyboard with his stumps and managed to come up with this lovely battle report.. 

Battle of the Coalville bulge

We had talked a lot about doing a massive game of bolt action for a while. So when Julian (one of the coalville hooligans) suggested a large scale game back in April, I jumped at the chance.
The day started early (0930ish) with the normal Tea, cake and pre-battle chat. Then it was time to sort what we would use.

The original plan was to use 19k in 3 waves, hoping for total carnage…ahem.
So the forces; classic German vs Russians in an armour heavy scrap.

We split into our separate command teams, 3 players aside. Julian Muller, James Chance and Paul Thompson as the Germans.

Myself, Ian Hill and Col MacHopper as the Russians.

Oddly, both sides ultimately came up with the same plan, using the denied flank tactic. Unfortunately, we had both pick our respective left flanks…kinda got messy…


So after sorting out 10k as an initial force, we set up, using a hidden set up that we in the Coalville Hooligans use a lot. Then the Germans set up while we went and made a brew.

After we had set up we counted up all the forces and we had over 120 order dice between us!!

We opted to try using metric rather then imperial for measurements, so the first turn was pretty much slow movement, calling in artillery/airstrike and snipers that were in range.
The Russian right flank was heavy with t34s facing the German cats, but most wasn’t in range to do anything at the moment.
The other side of the table was heavy with Russian arty, facing a lot of panzer 3s and 4s, and infantry. The Russians dropped a lot of smoke at first, mainly as range markers (sneaky…I know…).
The centre was a mix of mortars and heavy tanks facing German AT guns. Nothing was in range..

The second turn started off with the airstrikes and arty coming in..all apart from 1 German airstrike.
The left flank was starting to heat up as the T34s started to lock horns with the German cats, who were manoeuvring aggressively through the woods.
The right flank continued to be a Russian steel rain fest, Mr Hill being in his element, James adding pins like he was enjoying it.
The centre, again, was pretty much a movement thing with both sides trying to get in range!

The Germans this turn had started to pick off the Russian sniper and forward obs teams quite nicely by now, the right flank feeling the might of the cats. The Russians were feeling the pinch with several T34s now toasty.
The Russian arty still kept pounding away and by now had pretty much had most German forces on that flank pinned or hiding.
The centre sat and waved at each other…

The right flank was pretty much controlled by the Germans now, with the Russians that still survived being pinned nicely. The Germans on the left flank were now recovering and starting to dish out pins of their own, though not able to kill much.
The centre got a fatality, finally, in the form of the 88 killing a JS1…just in range.

Turn 5 was pretty much more of the same.

The game ended with a conclusive German victory, having caused almost 3 times as many casualties.


NEVER, EVER, EVER use metric over imperial with expecting to be playing for a week. ^cm movement for infantry was so painful it was embarrassing. Imperial measurements would have made for a faster game, a more realistic game.. Also, we didn’t get to use our reinforcements as there wasn’t room on the table for everything. 

Another idea we used was that every order dice pulled, we rolled 2d6 and drew that many extra dice out. A nice idea, just needs a tweak or 2.

Classic moment of the game was when James rolled snake eyes for his leadership test, which was what everyone else was pretty much rolling to hit!! He was chuffed at that…Ian wasn’t….but James was!!!

Overall a good time was had by all, no arguments as such and all agreed we will have to give it another go.

So there you have it a whopping game of bolt action, looks like it was great fun!