Friday, 18 July 2014

Warzone - Brotherhood "finished"

A couple of weeks ago I did a test paint for my brotherhood army that I picked up at Expo at the end of May,

well in true Anton fashion I've got the whole lot painted!

So your looking at 2 starter sets, a unit of Sacred warriors and a unit of Valkyries,

I've had excellent feedback with regards to the grey and red colour scheme and now that the whole army is done I'm really chuffed with them and they'll catch loads of attention at the Portal demo day on the 2nd Aug

The judicators in the different load outs that you can take in the game.

two of the four inquisitors, these were great to paint, not quite sussed them out gaming wise yet but with some more pratice I'm sure it'll click!

A close up of the Valkyries, really nice models to paint and gaming wise they are not too shabby either,

and finally the sacred warriors these nutters are superb! great sculpts and a pleasure to paint, however on the table these guys are rock solid and lift their robes up and flash the enemy before beating them to death!

all of this lot comes to about 1000 points, I'm going to have to double up the trooper units though as you can only have 4 troops in a FOC, as with Laura the Valkyries become troops.

After a bit of pondering and wanting to be able to have some variety with the brotherhood I've ordered two Crucifiers as my lord choices and with the new build your own hero PDF these can be warlords as well.

I also picked up a couple of squads of mortifcators as the rules for these are pure filth and will have Rob moaning till the cows come home!

and because it'd be wrong not to I've ordered another squad of sacred warriors with one of them destined to become a warlord again from the build your hero PDF.

So if you want to see these guys in the flesh and are around the Burton upon Trent area on the 2nd Aug myself & Lee with his fantastic looking imperial will be demoing all day.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Terrain Tutor Help for heros scenery raffle shout out.

I spend most of my "lunch" at work looking at youtube and one of my regular channels that I watch is Mel the Terrain Tutor,

Mel has a great project on the go at the moment where he's raffling off an entire table of terrain that's been made from the battlezone kit from mantic,

the work that he has done so far is superb and its for a great cause,

so have a look on his channel The Terrain Tutor and get involved!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Warzone Brotherhood paint scheme

Way back at the end of May at the Expo I picked up a significant amount of brotherhood for warzone, reasons for the new faction pick up was the new resculpts and I'm not really feeling the cybertronic.

so as a test paint I put the following unit up on the warzone facebook page,

warzone page

The feedback I got was awesome with loads of positive feedback and spotted a comment from a chap called Andy and thought I'd do him a step by step to show that anyone can achieve the above paint scheme.

So enough whaffling onto the show!

so I started with halfords grey primer, I don't normally use grey but a fellow blogger and friend uses it all the time so I figured I'd give it ago,

Start of with a wash of quickshade darktone, I went for two coats in the end. 

then vallejo london grey 70836 on the edges for a harsh highlight, it matched the grey primer, if you go a tad oot with the edging then simply put some watered down wash on the area or rub it off with your thumb whilst its wet,

Then vallejo dark red 70946 on the jumpsuit, knees pads and shoulder pads,

once that's dry hit the red areas with vallejo 70957

then a soft quickshade on the red, this helps bring the red out,

then re-highlight with the flat red, and paint the eye visor as well,

paint the gun black,

gunmetal grey vallejo 70863 on the gun, just picking out the edges I was quite rough with mine though.

dark quickshade on the gun and the gloves, pick out the symbols with ivory vallejo 70918

and that's basically it!

As I was doing the step by step I did the rest of the troopers as you can see in the back ground, these will be posted up once all the brotherhood are done.

I've also managed to get accepted onto the Prodos Crusader program so I'm aiming to get these done for the demo day at Portal Gaming in August date TBC stay tuned for more details!

Friday, 4 July 2014

30k on the cheap?

I've been pondering over 30K for a while now and I've got the opportunity with the guys over at Portal being heavily into this I'm looking to do a slow grow project with a loyalist emperors children force.

The only thing that has been preventing me from actually going whole hog on this period is the number of players in the area and the actual cost of models, however I have stumbled on a "alternative" source of models all the way from naughty china in the form of Ali express.

As a test order I ordered some mk5 tactical marines to see what they were like,

overall I'm quite impressed, as a start these guys will be a test paint scheme that I'll slot in amoungst all the other projects that I've going on the go at the moment!

Now I'm sure we've all got a certain level of morals when it comes to this kind of thing however as unit fillers then these are perfect.

Would you buy these though or pay the full price for forgeworld?

Monday, 30 June 2014

All quiet on the martian front, how to paint the humans

So it was bound to happen.....

new game, new models and some hobby time resulted in the starter set for the humans being painted.

so from this to...

to this...

so how did I get this lot painted so fast?

well here's my "how to"

start off with priming your entire army with army painter army green,

do the rucksack, webbing and gas mask pouch in German beige vallejo 70821

London grey vallejo 70836 for the roll over the top of the rucksack,

whilst the London grey is still wet on your tile bang some black into it and do the gas mask

bestial brown or flat brown 70984 for the boots and the wood bits of the gun,

pic out the metal on the gun and the flesh on the hands,

strong tone quick shade from army painter, then sit back and let the voodoo magic happen!

so on to the armour....

again army green undercoat

sponge/stipple the tank with charadon granite / German grey 70995

the do the same with gun metal grey 70863 and whilst you have it open do the tracks at the same time,

then hit the tanks with quick shade, now you'll notice the ones on the left are done with soft tone leaving a more greeny look and the ones on the right are done with strong tone making it look more olive ww2 style, I'm more leaning towards the soft tone finish as its more ww1 type paint scheme.

so some close ups of the force I've put together,

so points wise that's a mere 535 points, with a basic tri-pod coming it at 200 points you get alot of models for the humans however I've a feeling that these guys will die in droves!

I've a demo night planned at the Leicester Phats cats on the 31st July kicking off at 20:00, so if your about pop on over and give it a crack!

so how has this affected the "pledge" well its taking a kicking as expected so the scores on the doors!

bought - 113
painted - 42
difference -71 (oh dear!)

I'm awaiting on a new can of army green to continue with the humans then it'll be time to step up the pace as with the orks codex now being available I've now got storm boys and bike chaps on the way I'll be focusing on the brotherhood for warzone and I'm in the process of finishing of the behemoth for the legion

so as usual thoughts and comments are welcome,

Friday, 27 June 2014

Bolt Action Italians "finished" and trip to Portal Gaming centre

So a couple of weeks ago a couple of chaps from Portal Gaming Centre wandered over to the Phat Cats for some gaming, I managed to get a intro/demo of 2nd Ed malifaux and really enjoyed it so I'm going to pick up a crew and see if I can get some games in either at Phat cats or Portal,

so I decided to return the favour and drag Kris over with me along with the Italians to get some bolt action loving going!

now I didn't manage to take a single picture of the game as I was whaffling so much to the portal guys however I did have the upper hand over Kris' LRDG/8th Army mix,

however I did manage one picure of the gaming centre, which I was really impressed by and the hourish drive is well worth it, and if your in the Burton area its well worth a visit!

So onto the Italians, and the 1000 points is done and dusted and I'm now looking to expand to a whopping 2K!

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Martians have arrived....

 The nice UPS man delivered mt a substantial box, and as I chuckled like a child my own child piped up with the universal line "What's that?"

and my response was "Martians"

so after some help from my dark apprentice this was the pile of sprues that faced me.

an awful lot and it will kill my "pledge" for June! however Isla thought the posters were cool

and I let her choose one which did make me smile...

one of those "how do I explain that to grandma" moments awaiting to happen!

any way onto the good stuff...

the pod part of the tri-pod, cockpit sprue with assault, black dust and green gas options.

the tri part of the tri-pod, leg sprue now these are also the same for the scout version,

and the scout sprue, you could swap the two out depending how you constructed them.

the human Mk2 & Mk3 steam tank sprue, quite a nice "little" model and over all very pleased with it as these will be my main faction.

now the Internet being well the Internet the noisy ones have been moaning about the above, where one side of the tank doesn't have the same depth of lines compared to the other, personally its not a big issue for me but I'm sure the OCD's will be having a shit fit!

As I got dragged into work on Thursday when normally I would book a few hours holiday for gaming at the club I decided to take the martian front box of goodness into work and have a good mooch whilst on lunch and the like, however my other dark apprentice at work was eager to get something together and the gas armed tri-pod was done within a fairly quick time, bear in mind that Salma would be deemed as a novice as has very little hobby experience so the kits are very very well designed and very little flash were on the models.

I managed a Mk2 steamer, and went together lovely, again no problems with this and looks cracking,

so a bit of a size comparison, and the tri-pod is huge! could easily be used in a 28mm system if that floats your boat!

As I'd not read the rules fully and had no idea how to build an army, I simply used the quick start scenario that you would normally get in the starter set which consists of 2 units of infantry containing 3 stands each, 1 unit of rough riders, 1 unit of machine guns, 1 unit of Mk2's and 1 unit of Mk3's

close up of the infantry,

Machine gunners,

Rough riders, real pain in the arse to stick together!



and the tri-pod!

its bloody massive and soooo cool!!

So inbetween operation Dad duties and the like I managed to get a look at the book, and decided to snap a couple of pics,

a great double page spread, would be a superb poster,

the organisation chart is a reference only and not the hard fast rules on how you should build your army, it turns out all you need a command element and that's it! you build your force however you like! so its like unbound from 7th Ed but without the "bullshit" factor that you'll get ;)

now within the book you have three lists to choose from, the US, Martians and BEF and it appears that alien dungeon will be bring further factions/nations to the game.

and some of the suggested colour schemes that are in the book,

painting the tri-pods should be quite simple if your going for the classic metal look, I've a few ideas myself but as I'll be focusing on the humans these won't really get painted,

 So for the scale junkies out there I thought that the infantry were a tad large but standing them next to some guys that I use for grunts they look pretty much spot on.

so this is a 15mm PSC panther, yea its a sizable model comparing them both,

so the test unit painted, dead easy to paint and I'll do a further post with how to paint the tanks and infantry,

they were mainly painted by Salma as well,

all I did was explain how to do each bit and when the wash had dried then I weathered the tracks.

so keep your eye out for more on Aliens Dungeons All quiet on the Martian Front and if your interested then have a mooch on northstar's miniature's  website as they distribute for Alien Dungeon,