Saturday, 4 June 2016

"Super" Edd's Hobby Project Phase four overview,

Ed's 30K hobby project is still steaming along and this is the overview of phase four.

So from the big man himself...


My Solar force is really coming together now, the overall design of the army is STUNNING! The way I'm building the force is to show the raw essence of a Pre Heresy Solar Auxilia Force.

First I built the troops and now I've finished the transports for them I can start to work on the "fun toys" up for phase 5 will be a Lightning Strike Fighter


I've been looking to building a more diverse force over phase 4 so I've added in a Triaros and Thallax. My intention is that the transport can be used by a variety of units in the future, and thinking past the goal of 2000pts the Thallax will provide a versatile unit that can adapt to different enemies as the next few pledge levels roll on. I've really enjoyed painting the Triaros but the Thallax have been quite fiddly and a little monotonous, which doesn't bode well for the other 29 that I've got to put together. I'm not sure what pledge level 5 holds as yet but I think my Magos may get a little more handy in order to deal with all those special characters that have started to appear.


I've been changing the army composition with each pledge. The joys of Shattered Legions, so much variety! I started as a very fast moving Scars/Thousand Sons force, which has slowly gone to a heavy weapons, slower force with the Scars removed for Iron Warriors. Thousand Sons will always be the core of the army so they get the lions share of the toys.

Here's my completed Thousand Sons Siege Breaker, Mortis-Contemptor and Quad Mortar Rapiers, and Iron Warriors Siege Breakers Squad.

Next up? Finalising my pledge 5 list. It could probably contain anything at this point!


Building towards bring in a Praetor and Land Raider next pledge this pledge was used to add in some heavy infantry in the form of Cataphractii Terminators, the Sergeant using a Vigil Pattern Stormshield to (hopefully) weather the attacks in challenges before striking back with his Thunderhammer.


To add to my pledge 4 I have gone for a Dreadnought with a Legion drop pod to give me some heavy support to when the Dark Angels come crashing in from above. I am finding that the bigger points allows for more drop pods to come especially on that vital first turn. The future will look for some more drop pods and air support to deal with the heavy armour racing around.


My Alpha Legion are evolving with every pledge , I have painted up around 2300pts over the course of the events , due to the expense of the units I can only field half size units, however for this month I can bring two full size tactical squads and a full unit of dark furies, probably not a game winning army but it will be hard to kill them all.
My best performing unit so far has to be the Scorpious and it is always first thing I pick closely followed by a Mortis dreadnought with twin Kheres , it is going to be even more important now as flyers appear, it's sky fire ability will be priceless!


Phase 4 was easy for me as all I had to do was re-include some of the units I dropped in phase 3 to free up points to fit the Leviathan in. I have tried to create a force that embodies the "Flesh is weak" theme with many bionic upgrades on the vets and the inclusion of 3 walkers. The force is very durable but lacks punch at range so I plan to change that in phase 5.

My phase four consisted of the following.....


 a lovely sea of purple ready to get the snot shot out of it!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Overview of May and the pleadge!

With May swiftly flying by this is what I managed to crack out over the month....

It started with a very panicky Nic from the club asking me to drop the bomb on the enforcers...

so a couple of days work and these were all sorted! I than sat back and watched the mayhem unfold.

With partizan looming I finished off the trolls for Panzerfaust

splashed some paint on some witches, and painted a unit of outcasts for the gates of Antares table the night before as you do!

So with a bag full of toys it was time to get on with the may survivor series and with board game night planned in I was running devils run so it would be rude not to have painted models!

These were a dream to paint, really good detail and 20mm so nice and chunky as playing pieces.

So with the very successful demo night out of the way I had the rare chance to goto a gaming day over at warhammer world for Ed's 30K project so I pumped out the two quad mortars for the day again finishing these off the night before!

and that was it really for the month painting wise a right mishmash of bits but that's how I like it!

So onto the pledge...

Bought 39 (gotta love show season!)
Painted 64

Difference + 25

so once again I manage to stay about the bought/painted factor, and looking at what I've done for the first 5 months of the year the chances of me hitting 1000 models painted is pretty low but then I'm not overly fussed I think this year will be finishing off projects and painting random cool shit that I can display.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Partizan 2016

A couple of weeks ago myself and Keith rocked upto Newark and dusted off the Gates of Antares table and rolled some dice and generally had a bloody good time!

In the usual Anton fashion I ran around and snapped the tables that were at the show, lots and lots of sexy eye candy around on this one, so grab a brew and have a look a the following pics,

apologises to all the clubs and individuals involved as I managed to get zero info on who did what

I was contacted by Donna of Wargames events and was looking for some witches to be painted for open combat, As Donna is the other half of Nick from warlord and as a personal favour I blasted the above out great fun to paint and came out far better than I expected! 

really clever table and some thing completely different 

The ship game won best in show I believe? 

A great looking board from a very British civil war, lots and lots of detail on this one !

The Perrys rocked up with Allessio and played some bolt action 

This really caught my eye not very often you get a fairground as terrain on a table! 

minions racing game from those lovely chaps at the RAF club, great looking game and the chap running the game looked knackered as it was buzzing all day! 

I loved this snow table, every thing was really well done, sadly I didn't get the chance to talk to the guys or play on the table, but I was very very impressed! 

and for those who know me, my favourite tank of WW2

Great escape games the Chicago way, one system that I'm looking into however I need to shift some random crap to make some space! 

I was well chuffed to see this, 

very very nice!! 

and the grin on Robs face says it all! 

I actually remembered to get some pics of the phat cats table! 

A huge pile of stuff this time round, so keep your eyes open for this appearing on the blog as I get to splash paint on them!