Friday, 30 August 2013

The waiting game.... (yea I'm whaffling)

No not the "blue" one thank you!

Anyway I'm now getting regular updates from my kickstarters that I signed up for and I'm really liking what I'm seeing,

We'll start with the "punt" system Warzone Resurrection, I was a bit on the fence on this one but the models that are being shown are outstanding!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking, these are all over various websites but they look so cool!!

Next up is the deadzone stuff from mantic, with a home grown set of rules to try out these guys are gonna be perfect for my fireteam Fireteam rules

the question that I'm wanting to know is if this is what they are doing for deadzone what's warpath gonna bring to the table!!

Still waiting on my relic's kickstarter it finally looks like its going to be shipping in the next week, so a orcnar with saggy boobs!

With the Hinckley club that I go down to on a Sunday but sadly not on a regular basis due to work this is going to start becoming a regular system so I'm hoping to get some games in soon,

and the one that I keep forgetting about Myth, done by the chaps who did merc's this was a "bugger it" click and shoot about 5 mins before the kickstarter ended and I'm loving the models in the box set so far remind me very much of super dungeon explore,

To keep myself distracted I splashed some paint on a set of dsyopian legions objective markers, these can be used for just about any system so a useful addition to random stuff in my collection!

for the eagle eye'd readers out there you can spot my work in progress of the Japanese I'm waiting on some samurai type decals and you'll get a further update next month. I'm also going to finish of the Prussians I've got for legions as it'd be nice to have two well painted armies for demos and the like, by the time they are done I'm hoping to have some kickstarter bits in my hands but if not I'll crack on with another unit of mantic abysmal dwarves ready for the November torney at Loughbough dice devils,

The "Pledge" for August....

Bought - 19
Painted - 69
Difference + 52

a huge amount taken off the unpainted pile!!

So till next time roll well!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Getting ready for WWX & Warzone terrain-tastic!

So I jumped onto a couple of kickstarters back in March/April and the delivery time for the shiny goodness is due real soon!

Both are due in September but if they are delayed its no hassle I've enough bits and bobs to keep me busy in the mean time. Both companies are continuing to tease me with various pictures of the models that are in the works!

I'm sure my models are somewhere in there...

and no I choose not to spend $160 on a train although its really cool!!

So whilst waiting for my new stuff to arrive I've been reading PDF's and mulling over scenery for my own board, I'm going to start with a 4x4 then expand to 6x4 at a later date if the board gets enough use from my gaming group.

rather than planning the table like I did with the bolt action board I'm going to get creative and have some fun!

The "master plan" is to do generic type terrain to start with and then have a few bits that fit the universe that I'm playing so the mdf wild west type buildings and sci-fi buildings spending budget doesn't get out of hand as their is some great stuff out there for a reasonable price as well.

I managed to pick up some railway molds from a local modelzone before it closed down and had a play about with some different flocks and basing materials,

I had some off cuts from the tree bases that I did so simply stuck the cast rocks and splashed some paint on, so before the detailing

and after

this lot will give me enough bits for soft cover and difficult terrain for a variety of games so nice and multifunctional!

At the same time I was working on some warlord buildings for Rob a chap over in sunny Hinckley after he saw what I'd done with the bolt action board ones I got given a bag full of bits and was told to have a play. and this was the result

I'm going to leave the basing to Rob as I'm not sure what his "vision" is for his board but that shouldn't take too long.

The pledge is looking lovely for the year so far...

Bought - 462
Painted - 484
Differance - +22

its gonna take a kicking with the WWX, Warzone, All quiet on the martian front AND deadzone so I need to get ahead as much as possible but I'm going to have to be realistic and admit I might fall into the negative for the first time since starting the pledge, I'll go down painting with a brush in my hand though ;) 

At the moment I'm looking for inspiration with regards to the next thing for the board, any good suggestions out there??

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lets get ready to rumble!! Zzor dreadball ready for the League

With the Phat Cats Dreadball league starting this week and one of the requirements to have a painted team it was time to break out the ZZor bite the bullet and bang some paint on these bad boys!

not a great deal was done with these a mustard base coat, red glaze, dry brush the mustard with white added and super harsh highlight the edges, a bit of purple ink in the fleshy bits and they are good to go!

I'm sitting on the fence with these not sure if I like them but when I started to paint them I wanted them to look completely different to what I've painted previously so I did achieve that goal!

if your looking to spit tea all over your keyboard you need to check out Dan's blog ...

the coach description for myself had me in laughing for a while.....

Team:  Rico's Roaches  Coach:  Anton
Urgh!  Pass me the kettle; these bastards are swarming!  It's the Zz'or!  These skittering freaks are part of season two of Dreadball and, to be honest, I'm not sure anyone has played against them at the club!  They should be one to watch though with excellent Jacks and the hardest Guard in the game.  Moreover  Anton is the godfather of Dreadball at Phatcats and his casually brutal playing style is always entertaining to watch.  Its going to take more than a can of ant powder to get rid of this lot!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval box step by step

I picked up a EOTBS for D-Wars a couple of weeks ago and decided to splash some paint on them and as usual I did a quick step by step,

Started with the model undercoated black, I'm still using halford car matt primer however one of the guys has recommended using grey, might have to have a look at that at a later date.

Heavy dry brush of Necron compound one of the GW dry range.

A glaze of Gulliman blue

then a light dry brush of necron compound again, Pick out the detail with brassy brass and add some silver for the highlight

paint the wood walkways in vallejo German camo beige or commando karki in laymans terms, and blast the brass & wood with agrax earthshade (the new devlin mud) I also defined the steel plate joins with a quick line of the shade.

Then I choose the contrasting colour and with a bit of a high light and a green wash the escort is done!

Its really that simple! So after a couple of nights work in between painting the doors in the house I managed to crank this lot out.

The blue steel looks really good on these and done in such a simple way that I'm starting to mess about with glazes a bit more, All I have to do is get them on the field and see if I'll live up to my usual gaming standard of nice army no idea!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bolt Action Board... Its finished deploy the armies!

So after a final push its finished, I was planning on taking the board over to the Coalville Club on the 27th but as it was the Warlord open day I gave myself a bit of breathing room and pondered over a few bits,

The first one was height and the lack of a hill type object and the second was putting some more generic scatter type terrain that can give infantry some cover saves but not impede the movement of armour so with that in mind I ordered some craters from Amera and as I've been sweet talked into doing a D-wars sea board I also threw a set of the islands onto the order.

Eventually when they turned up thanks to the pants courier service this is what I had gained

for a small scale game the island on the left is massive!

the other two bits nice looking sand banks, and low level cover for 15/20/28mm

So the craters that started it all, nice and simple, but whilst cutting out the islands I had a vision with regards to the massive "island" I'll use it as a hill for the bolt action board, its an unusual shape and would be interesting to play over rather than your usual wargaming hill.

I grabbed the terrain brush and covered it with the usual PVA & sand/gravel mix

After a splash of paint and static grass its good to go!

at the same time I flew through the craters as well,

In between the dodgy weather that has hit the UK I managed to get some snaps of the whole lot laid out and to say I'm pleased with the result is an understatement!

Enough waffling onto the pics!

My able assistant who got very excited with setting out the trees!

Getting down to model eye view the lines of sight are quite limited so set up for anti-tank guns and HMG's are going to be important, plenty of cover both hard and soft cover for some nice dirty close up action.

However what would you add/change if it was your table??