Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval box step by step

I picked up a EOTBS for D-Wars a couple of weeks ago and decided to splash some paint on them and as usual I did a quick step by step,

Started with the model undercoated black, I'm still using halford car matt primer however one of the guys has recommended using grey, might have to have a look at that at a later date.

Heavy dry brush of Necron compound one of the GW dry range.

A glaze of Gulliman blue

then a light dry brush of necron compound again, Pick out the detail with brassy brass and add some silver for the highlight

paint the wood walkways in vallejo German camo beige or commando karki in laymans terms, and blast the brass & wood with agrax earthshade (the new devlin mud) I also defined the steel plate joins with a quick line of the shade.

Then I choose the contrasting colour and with a bit of a high light and a green wash the escort is done!

Its really that simple! So after a couple of nights work in between painting the doors in the house I managed to crank this lot out.

The blue steel looks really good on these and done in such a simple way that I'm starting to mess about with glazes a bit more, All I have to do is get them on the field and see if I'll live up to my usual gaming standard of nice army no idea!


  1. looked awesome on the table Ant plus I'm seriously considering investing in some prussians!

    1. Cheers fella, they did look pretty!

      Well I've a Prussian fleet you can always borrow as a try before you buy!

  2. Very nice! Lots of DW players in Hull for when you make that trip oop north ;)

    1. lol a 200 mile round trip to play a game right.... ;)

  3. I'm sure we can squeeze in at least two games! ;)