Friday, 30 August 2013

The waiting game.... (yea I'm whaffling)

No not the "blue" one thank you!

Anyway I'm now getting regular updates from my kickstarters that I signed up for and I'm really liking what I'm seeing,

We'll start with the "punt" system Warzone Resurrection, I was a bit on the fence on this one but the models that are being shown are outstanding!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking, these are all over various websites but they look so cool!!

Next up is the deadzone stuff from mantic, with a home grown set of rules to try out these guys are gonna be perfect for my fireteam Fireteam rules

the question that I'm wanting to know is if this is what they are doing for deadzone what's warpath gonna bring to the table!!

Still waiting on my relic's kickstarter it finally looks like its going to be shipping in the next week, so a orcnar with saggy boobs!

With the Hinckley club that I go down to on a Sunday but sadly not on a regular basis due to work this is going to start becoming a regular system so I'm hoping to get some games in soon,

and the one that I keep forgetting about Myth, done by the chaps who did merc's this was a "bugger it" click and shoot about 5 mins before the kickstarter ended and I'm loving the models in the box set so far remind me very much of super dungeon explore,

To keep myself distracted I splashed some paint on a set of dsyopian legions objective markers, these can be used for just about any system so a useful addition to random stuff in my collection!

for the eagle eye'd readers out there you can spot my work in progress of the Japanese I'm waiting on some samurai type decals and you'll get a further update next month. I'm also going to finish of the Prussians I've got for legions as it'd be nice to have two well painted armies for demos and the like, by the time they are done I'm hoping to have some kickstarter bits in my hands but if not I'll crack on with another unit of mantic abysmal dwarves ready for the November torney at Loughbough dice devils,

The "Pledge" for August....

Bought - 19
Painted - 69
Difference + 52

a huge amount taken off the unpainted pile!!

So till next time roll well!