Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bolt Action Board... Its finished deploy the armies!

So after a final push its finished, I was planning on taking the board over to the Coalville Club on the 27th but as it was the Warlord open day I gave myself a bit of breathing room and pondered over a few bits,

The first one was height and the lack of a hill type object and the second was putting some more generic scatter type terrain that can give infantry some cover saves but not impede the movement of armour so with that in mind I ordered some craters from Amera and as I've been sweet talked into doing a D-wars sea board I also threw a set of the islands onto the order.

Eventually when they turned up thanks to the pants courier service this is what I had gained

for a small scale game the island on the left is massive!

the other two bits nice looking sand banks, and low level cover for 15/20/28mm

So the craters that started it all, nice and simple, but whilst cutting out the islands I had a vision with regards to the massive "island" I'll use it as a hill for the bolt action board, its an unusual shape and would be interesting to play over rather than your usual wargaming hill.

I grabbed the terrain brush and covered it with the usual PVA & sand/gravel mix

After a splash of paint and static grass its good to go!

at the same time I flew through the craters as well,

In between the dodgy weather that has hit the UK I managed to get some snaps of the whole lot laid out and to say I'm pleased with the result is an understatement!

Enough waffling onto the pics!

My able assistant who got very excited with setting out the trees!

Getting down to model eye view the lines of sight are quite limited so set up for anti-tank guns and HMG's are going to be important, plenty of cover both hard and soft cover for some nice dirty close up action.

However what would you add/change if it was your table??