Saturday, 27 July 2013

Warlord Open day 2013

A few of us picked up tickets to the Warlord open day at Salute earlier in the year, and today we wandered over to Warlord and had a good mooch about!

I didn't know what to expect but as soon as we walked into the hall I was very impressed!

so one end of the hall, 

And Lee photobombing the other bit,

we had a good walk around to see what was about and started chatting to the mantic guys about dreadball season three and they are doing a special club league pack where the winner gets a medal that will get them free entry to a show and they can take part in the dreadball superbowl!

I then stopped to have a look at the warlord studio stand where a nice Polish chap explained about sculpting and the detail that he went into was terrific, another Polish chap the once closest to the camera was showing weathering techniques, and the lady in the back explaining about the molds that they use, all very interesting stuff.

I then spotted this...

Kris about jizzed in his pants at this point, I moaned in joy, we looked at each other and started planning the 4x4 that we could fit it on ;) Due to the fact that we were frothing I forgot to ask price & release date on this one, but I'd say about £80 (ish)

the greens that I was interested in were the us marines,

and the next sexy plastic kit....

I was mulling over what Nation to collect for bolt action next and the plastic halftrack has done it for me, Americans it is!

Mr Dallimore was also there, his painting style isn't to my taste but the man has got talent so it was good to share a few words with the man,

and just some pics of the tables that were at the open day, some real crackers on show,

Kris moaned that the berets were too red, it gave me a wonderful opportunity to call him a old git at that point!

The Perry brothers with the "usual" outstanding terrain and models!

Some dodgy bloke who was following me around...

Yea that's right Kris keep your hands in your pockets...

Blokes on camels, its gotta be a game winner!

but MMG on a cart is even cooler!

Lee & Coops actually playng a game of witchfinder general, and we managed to tag onto the back of a factory tour, so we started off in the resin room, and the process was explained, and its quite simple, now if warlord can make good quality kits in whats effectually a double garage why can't forgeworld?

a nice chap explaining more about the process and the drying times, what surprised me was that the bigger the mold the quicker it dries as the mixture warms up and also with the air tempture that also affects the cure time, so the last month or so must have been a right pain in the ass to work in!

loads of molds! the chaps showing us around said about 280 I think?

mixing the pour and the round thing is the vacuum machine that removes air bubbles,

  A look of surprise as we dived into the metal casting room

and another nice chap explaining the process and the basics of making models in metal, 


just a bit of the huge section that they've been casting up

I bumped into Sharad  and he was recruiting for the sealed knot, (right)

showing me how good the plate armour was with my able assistant Kris.

the GCN stand with a cracking looking German army, really nicely painted

superb work of the big cats, as well as the infantry and transports

We got chatting to the chaps at 4ground and this is a preview of whats going to be coming up, and according to the chap we was talking to the models will come prepainted!

So overall a cracking day, I even managed to have a chit chat with Allessio and kindly signed my Bolt Action rule book, however the rest of the guys called me a fan boy but eh I don't care at least I know which on is mine now. Only drawback on the day was the heat, with no aircon in the building and a room full of gamers it got very hot very fast!


  1. Nick Simmerson28 July 2013 at 00:40

    The Polish guy sculpting was Wojtek ;) - he talked at me lots too!!

    Pegasus Bridge is for the next battle-set (like Rourke's Drift) due just before Xmas... price likely £150 which includes Bridge, CafĂ© Gondree, Pill Boxes, MG nests as well as US Marine + German minis

    1. cracking info on the bridge, US marines? strange choice,

    2. Nick Simmerson28 July 2013 at 18:55

      I may be wrong on the US marines, I thought that's what Mr Sawyer said but I'm not overly familiar with the history itself so I'm probably wrong

    3. British glider troops surely? :)

  2. Nice pics looks like it was really interesting!

    1. yea it really was the bolt action QA was really intresting with whats coming up, well worth a visit next year if your able to get to it

  3. Thank you for such an interesting (well to fellow loonies) and insightful report. I sincerely feel that I have missed out by not going.

    1. no worries, missed out nbt at all, make sure you go next time!

  4. As the guy who built some of the boards up, the Hail Caesar, the Pike and Shot Boards, the Russian Game Board (and painted the minis) and finally (it took me 3 really long months on my own) the Normandy Board in its entirity including figures (all except Red Devils) Can I say thankyou for such a nice review, I did not get chance to take a camera round, so have snaffled some piccys, and again THANK YOU I am glad after all us guys at Warlord Did that you enjoyed it......... Hopefully see you again soon

    1. not a problem, I've been to loads of different shows and have become used to display tables and the like however I liked what I saw on the open day a good mix between gaming and demo, something thats not easly done.

  5. Awesome stuff thanx for taking the time to do all this!!

    1. pleasure, I enjoy going to shows and the like and sharing the "love"

  6. Good report on the show, thanks for sharing the pictures.

    I was manning the GCN stand and the two German armies that were on display are mine, thank you for the kind comments,

    Regards the Pegasus Bridge set, the Allied figures in there should be British Airlanding (Glider) troops.


    1. not a problem Anthony, you got any links for the people who painted the germans I'd like to see some of the techniques that they used?

  7. Hey man! Nice to see me on the bolt action table there xD Awesome coverage man!