Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Back into the breach... Painting the Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss starter set.

I picked up the new Cyriss faction book and starter box set with the intention of selling these on however I thought I'd have a flick though the book and was very impressed with the fluff, feel and rules of the army.

As usual the quality of the book is tip top and the artwork within is superb, I'm not a mathhammer player and tend to go with the rule of cool with picking a force, however if your a rules junkie and like all that jazz then Beasts of War have done some cracking vids.

and their is plenty more on the website to wet your whistle, has been quite an eye opener for some of the units and vectors.

So after spending some time at "work" reading the book, I decided to crack open the battle box when I'd managed to escape from the GC & the searing heat of the UK (at the moment!)

This is what I was presented with when I opened the box....

2 bags of bits and no instructions! This starter set is not for the "novice" gamer with the amount of bits. However Privateer Press has done a "how to" for the box set on their website this will save you a lot of headache!, why they didn't just print instructions is beyond me!

so the two bags opened up,

the heavy vector

the 2 light vector and warcaster, place in bag add glue and shake!

I spent some time pondering how to paint these and decided to avoid the silver as I remembered how much of a pain in the ass they grey knight test model I painted, Bronze it was to be!

So after sticking and undercoating I started with tin blitz

Brassy Brass on top of that,

I then added some gunmetal and dry brushed the models, once this was done I did some extreme highlighting with just the silver with a bit of bronze,

a close up of one of the light vectors with the extreme high lights, I could have stopped here but I wanted to tone the models right down and make them less toy like and more "evil" looking

I banged some army painter strong tone and after leaving for about 7 minutes it dried like...

So onto the secondary colour after consulting my muse's Red was the one that was "suggested" as well as teal! After messing about with the red the box set is ready for basing & marking of arc's

so the usual mix of basing done, and the Cyriss are good to go!!

Overall I'm liking the paint scheme dead easy to do, but what do you guys think?


  1. Those look fantastic! I really dig those sculpts and you've done a great job on 'em!

    1. cheers fella, the models are quite differant compared to other stuff I usually collect so makes a nice change

  2. Look very good but Menoths fire will melt them away :-0 May borrow that method for the tripods come December mate

    1. yea yea yea.....

      for a really cool look on the tripods you could use a green wash for a oxide bronze

  3. Simple but effective. I like it :)

    1. I like simple, stops me over thinking ;)

  4. Those look really good; I stumbled up on this since I am looking at a Necron army for Warhammer 40,000 and Cyriss models seem to be close so could be good for inspiration. I'm liking this scheme and think I might "borrow" it for my Necrons.

    1. glad you like them, and "borrow" away thats the great thing about the internet ;)