Sunday, 14 July 2013

Kings of war - The naughty dwarves getting ready for battlemasters 2013

Last time I played kings of war was a long time ago whilst the rules were in beta stage, One of the local clubs ran a KOW torney last year that was very successful and I decided to enter the 2013 torney to play some games and promote the torney in the local area,

A good six(ish) months ago I managed to pick up a abysmal dwarf army on the cheap and as usual they have been sitting in a box since waiting for some TLC, and as the chaps over at coalville are now starting to pick up KOW forces I've decided to start sorting out the dwarves and now leave it as late as I did the SOTR torney a couple of years ago!

Battlemasters is November 16th so I've this lot to sort out before then,

 So in the above pic is 2 units of 20 basic troops, 2 units of 10 shooty chaps, 1 unit of 5 berzerker type guys, 1 unit of 10 elite chaps and 2 warmachines. I've also another unit of 10 shooty chaps to stick and put together, I'd had a mooch about on the mantic forum for general tips and tricks and the only thing that came up was that the shooty chaps are a pain to assemble, Personally they are not too bad but the gaps on the arms were bad enough for me to break out the green stuff to fill the gaps however if you've ever made an old school metal ravenwing landspeeder then these are a doddle!

The other thing that I wanted to do was mount the models as a unit rather than individuals if I was interested in warhammer then fair enough but personally I not into the latest version and no one I knows actually plays it!

So after popping the models off the bases I ordered a test base from warbases to see what they looked like,

I was very happy how they would look so then got enough to base the entire army and cost wise they are very reasonable,

so after a quick blast with some spray and chit chatting with my partners in crime the test model was done,

This was before the wash of army painter strong tone (devlin mud) and I was happy with the simple paint scheme as well as green/bronze combo. So with the UK in the middle of a proper summer work is very quiet and on my lunch managed to get this lot done,

but not content with 30 shooty chaps I decided to throw the elite guys into the mix for goof measure

and after the ink

a huge difference and looking quite naughty as well as short!

so I glued the models onto the unit tray and all I need to do is break out the flock which I'll do the whole army in one go and jobs a good un!

and the 1st unit of shooty chaps done,one thing that I did do was base the unit tray and the models separate as they are quite tight once they are stuck on the base.

I've got a cracking start on the dwarves so far and have done the following:

1 unit of 10 immortal guard
3 units of 10 decimators

so all thats left is:

2 units of 20 blacksouls
2 rocket launchers
1 unit of 5 berzerkers
and some character types

that lot to be done before November easily! chances of not getting some more bits to bulk out the army slim!

So if you fancy a pop at the Battlemasters for a mere £15 then pop over to the mantic forums and sign up, Battle Masters 2013