Friday, 19 July 2013

Messing about with model mates

For the Bolt Action board I'd "acquired" a KV2 and after a long think of what to do with it I decided to give modelmates rust effect a crack.

Nick at the club showed me what he did with a 20mm modern tank and I was very very impressed so bit the bullet and it arrived the other day,

I've had a good mooch about on you tube and was very impressed with what I saw so decided to go for it!

I painted the basic tank well basic!

All I did was brush on the rust effect no watering down, nothing fancy just banged it on.....

I was amazed on the result, the speed that it dried and the finish well its voodoo magic!

you can see on the some of the panels the brush marks which isn't a bad thing, just means you can do direction drips for funky effects

whilst I was in in the mood I wet a piece of kitchen towel and twisted it in random spots to remove some of the rust effect,

and based ready to go.

So if you've never seen modelmates or been unsure, take the leap of faith and go for it, its great stuff!!

I've some great ideas for my Dark Angel drop pods with the soot spray.